Trump makes overtures about investigating 9/11 when elected President

Trump promises full investigation of 9/11 if made President

And guess what? The guys who did 9/11 are sweating blood — because they know the game is up if Trump gets into the White House.

By Syed A.R. Zaidi

One of them’s dead . . . the others are still at large

Trump and Sanders are both “antiestablishment” candidates. What might either deliver?

Sanders is a politician. He is far less idealistic than he is taken to be, a well-known occupational disease. Except for an initial (not incidentally anti-Republican) anti-Iraq-war vote, he has been consistently pro-war. He used to speak of Palestinian rights, but now insists on the right of Israel to “defend” itself against bottle rockets with genocide. The wars for the Ziocon empire would continue with Sanders. After his surprising last-minute treachery gutting the Audit the Fed bill of which he himself was the Senate sponsor, what can he really be trusted with? And the rest of what he is promising, a legislative agenda, is not up to him to deliver. He would never be able to do it, even if he wanted to.

Ryan Dawson gives a good account of Sanders’ consistent support for globalist adventures, Zionism and the military-industrial complex. (See here)

Trump is not a politician. The best way to understand him is first of all to see him as a sincere nationalist who sees that his nation has been undermined and taken over from within. Most Americans feel they have been screwed. They have. Trump can point out some of the real causes, but Americans have been so brainwashed that most of the truth is beyond them. Trump feeds their anger by taking the official lies at face value and playing up their contradictions. He is definitely flirting with fascism, determined that a globalist sleeper like Cruz who threatens to make the whole Middle East glow in the dark will not outdo him with the red meat.

There is no way that Trump does not know far more about 9/11 than what the rest of us can already gather from investigators such as Chris Bollyn, that it was a Jewish operation with shabbos goys. Trump doesn’t have to get into all that just now. It’s enough to show the obvious, that America was attacked on Bush’s watch.

It is nasty of Trump to dwell on the guilt of the Muslim couple accused of the San Bernardino massacre when he certainly knows they were innocent and were murdered in a false flag operation. But that is how the game is played.

So what is the game? You cannot restore America’s greatness without breaking the power of the Jews who control every aspect of it — politics, media, education, arms industry, and most of all finance. Trump challenges the Masters of Discourse by using their discourse at face value. So when Trump says that it is within the right of America to keep lists of Muslims and to spy on mosques that are a source of anti-American criminality, that is justified, given what he have been taught.

It takes just a slight adjustment from that — substitute “Jew” for “Muslim,” mutatis mutandis — to seeing the Neocons hanged.

Trump is threatening the whole globalist order.

All it will take is an independent official inquiry into 9/11.

Richard Gage of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth says that the Trump campaign is the only one that has acknowledged receipt of their materials.

According to Gage, Trump is the only presidential candidate or major public figure who has written the Truther group a custom letter after being sent their DVDs and literature. Trump’s campaign, Gage said, thanked the members of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth for their “continued support.”

“Thank you for your book and DVDs,” read the email, which Gage forwarded to me. “Our advisors will investigate the claims made by the architects and engineers more thoroughly and draw their own conclusions from there. We appreciate your continued support. Sincerely, The Trump Campaign.”

Gage and his group were thunder-struck.

“Someone actually acknowledged we took the time to send them something and said they would look at it,” Gage said. “That’s historic at this level of politics, a presidential candidate.”

Trump’s campaign did not respond to a request for comment.

When Trump made his comment that the entry of Muslims should be blocked “until we figure out what the hell is going on,” the level of violence against Muslims did not suddenly increase from the millions who have been slaughtered in Neocon wars. So why did three enemies of mankind, who do have those deaths on their ledger, suddenly pop out with denunciations of Trump’s anti-Muslim “hate”?

Because Cheney, Murdoch and Netanyahu know that if Trump gets to be president, they have had it.

And there are a lot more worried cockroaches trembling in the dark. Kevin Barrett has a go here at unraveling what is troubling leading Neocon William Kristol — and Jeb and Cheney — about the Trump candidacy.


Syed A.R. Zaidi is an academic historian and political analyst with a special interest in the politics of world power. He lives in New Delhi.


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