The Level of Disrespect for the Deceased Justice Antonin is Unprecedented

The Huffington Post Headlines Below Exemplifies the Extraordinary Moral Decay of American Society

State of the Nation


They (Obama White House and MSM) are behaving like a carnival barker on the day after the death of a Supreme Court Justice irreverently pushing their joint political agenda. Never has the nation seen such an obsessive-compulsive institutional response to the death of an elder statesman. The liberal media has reacted to the suspicious death of Justice Scalia with so much vitriol and contempt one wonders to what extent they contributed to it.

Of course the tempo of this highly inappropriate response was first set by their ‘fearless’ leader.  The ultra-liberal crowd has never been so empowered as they have been during the reign of his highness King Obama.  What follows is perhaps the most disrespectful acknowledgment of an untimely death  of a sitting SCOTUS jurist ever rendered.  The following video has to be watched to be believed, so stunning is the dishonor, so graphic is the boldness and so sad if the utter lack of proper respect.

Now the country ought to understand the degree to which the body politic has sunk into a morass of moral depravity and cultural degeneracy.  Truly, the United States of America has become a nation given over to the most narcissistic and sociopathic leaders in modern history.

In the scholarly texts and treatises of Eastern philosophy and religion there are vivid descriptions of the end of the current era.  It is said that the leaders will be those whose minds have been taken over by every type of drug.  It is repeatedly emphasized that this particular phenomenon will actually accelerate the self-destruction of society.  Because the leaders have become so deluded and self absorbed, the people who they rule will suffer accordingly.

And so they have.

State of the Nation
February 15, 2016

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