Antonin Scalia Murdered By Obama, Claims Conspiracy Theories

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Patrick Frye

Was U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia murdered by Obama, as some conspiracy theories claim? Social media can generate the wildest of ideas, but Alex Jones says his “gut” is telling him that Scalia was assassinated. Scalia’s cause of death is officially “natural causes,” but some agree with Jones on this matter.

In addition, Ann Coulter believes the “only reason these craven coward Republicans in Washington” would refuse to confirm an Obama nominee is because they would be afraid that doing so could help Donald Trump. At the same time, Edward Snowden believes if the GOP refuses Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, then that act could hand the 2016 election to the Democrats, whether it be Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton.

Whatever the circumstances of Scalia’s death, whether natural causes or murder, Coulter is emphatic that the Democrats not be given the ability to choose the next U.S. Supreme Court Justice to fill the vacancy.

“[Obama’s] got, like, ten months left in office. No, no, no, no, no. Oh, no. And especially Scalia,” she told Breitbart News Radio.

Alex Jones was also pretty emphatic in stating his belief that Obama killed and murdered Antonin Scalia.

“My friends, it’s Saturday night, this is an emergency transmission,” Jones said via a Facebook video. “The question is, was Antonin Scalia murdered? And the answer to that is, has the Bill of Rights and Constitution been murdered? Has it been reported that members of the Supreme Court have been blackmailed? Yes, it has.”

Outrageous interview by Ted Nugent with Alex Jones
Alex Jones is the host of the radio talk show Infowars. [Photo by Getty Images Europe]

The Infowars radio host was not alone in making this allegation. On Twitter, the news was still fresh when some jumped to the conclusion that Obama murdered Scalia before his time in the White House was over.

Jones believes if his Scalia conspiracy theory is true, then this must mean that progressive and liberal groups are going to “drop the hammer.”

“When they kill somebody, they say, ‘it appears to be natural causes, nothing to see,’ ” he said. “And I wish it was natural cause, but man, my gut tells me no. And if this is an assassination, this signifies that they are dropping the hammer.”

The reason that conspiracy theories can thrive is because not much is known yet about Antonin Scalia’s cause of death. The San Antonio Express-News was first to report on the Supreme Court Justice’s death, and they say he died of natural causes at a luxury ranch in Texas.

Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara told ABC News Scalia’s autopsy was not needed and officially the cause of death was a heart attack. Guevara said she talked to Scalia’s doctor and the Justice had felt sick earlier in the week. On Friday evening, Scalia told everyone he felt ill, so he went to his bedroom early. After Scalia missed both breakfast and lunch Saturday, he was found unresponsive in his room.

Ann Coulter circa February 2012
[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

Ann Coulter has not said anything related to this particular Scalia conspiracy theory, but she does claim it’s no conspiracy that liberal groups intend on using Scalia’s death to further their agenda for the United States.

“The Court was, as it should be, kind of a boring institution for nearly 200 years,” Coulter explained. “And then, the Left figured out that — not by any Constitutional framework, but simply by the fact that the Supreme Court gets the last word, they decide cases — liberals realized, ‘Oh, shoot, we can’t get Americans to agree with our crazy ideas, but hey, I bet we could get five Justices to agree!’ ”

The only reason Coulter believes the Republicans will fight Obama on Scalia’s replacement is because they know if they “screw us over one more time, on something as big as this, Trump gets another ten million voters right there.” Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have already vetted suggestions such as Sri Srinivasan, but recently Trump has only stated that Scalia’s death is a setback for the country.

While many are calling for the Republican Party to fight Obama, some believe this strategy would backfire in the end. For example, Edward Snowden claims doing so would cause more Democratic voters to turn up during the 2016 elections.

What do you think about Alex Jones’ conspiracy theories about Antonin Scalia’s “murder”? Do you agree with Ann Coulter that the GOP should fight?


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