Biden: The Establishment Choice For President!?!

Rincon Valley, CA
February 10, 2016

by Rich Scheck

With Election 2016 in disarray because the two so-called anti-establishment
candidates are doing so well, the folks who really run things are looking
around for someone who will support their plans for global hegemony.

And they have an excellent puppet—I mean candidate—in the person
of VP Joe Biden. He is clearly on-board the neo-con/globalist plan for more
war in Ukraine and Syria as well as the rest of their agenda.

With Turkey and Saudi Arabia poised to comply with the NATO designed
plan to oust Assad by invading Syria and neutralizing Russia’s success
there, Biden’s quiet comments condoning such efforts are easily missed
by the pundits and the public.

Kissinger’s recent trip to Moscow may have been to inform Mr. Putin of the
Obama Administration’s plan to de-fang Hillary with more leaks and FBI
threats of an indictment while making it clear that Bernie is a non-starter
for the big boys.

On the Republican side, Trump’s candidacy is fracturing the Party and
making it really hard for them to have an acceptable candidate come

With Kerry and Bloomberg as possible replacements if Biden puts his
foot in his mouth too often, those that really rule the roost have no intention
of allowing any upstarts to upset their plans for a TPP dominated world
of centralized finance and power.

Biden can be their man after a brokered convention on the Democratic side
and the likely end to the Republican Party if Donald keeps stirring the pot.

This seemingly far-out scenario is only one of many that might unfold in the
chaotic days ahead in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election.

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