Obama Sheds Crocodile Tears While He Shreds The Constitution

Tears of a Dictator: Obama Cries to Push Gun Control

Obama cry


President Obama just delivered the most stomach-churning press conference in presidential history, complete with histrionics, human props, impassioned pleas for togetherness, and simultaneous indictments of the National Rifle Association, Congress, Republicans, American voters, and the Constitution.

And, of course, he cried.

The tears will be the subject of a thousand media masturbation sessions today, but they shouldn’t come as a surprise: Obama is emotionally manipulative, and his entire gun control push is based on the pathetic, Piers Morgan-esque strategy of standing on the graves of victims of violence.

Obama cares, you see. And you don’t. That’s why you’re not backing his play. We know he cares, in spite of the fact that he didn’t use his original House majority and Senate veto-proof majority to push gun control. We know he cares, in spite of the fact that murder rates are up in virtually every major American city. We know he cares because he has tears.

And The Messiah’s tears will heal cancer, stop global warming, and prevent gun violence. If you wanted The Messiah not to cry, you’d simply give him what he wants.

Obama repeatedly complained that Americans who opposed his foolhardy and unconstitutional broad gun confiscation agenda, or any of his myriad foolhardy executive actions of today, simply don’t care enough about dead children. This is the same man who was willing to shut down the government to ensure that women would have taxpayer dollars to murder their own children in the womb. Most obviously, though, he blamed everyone but criminals and terrorists for gun violence. He blamed the NRA. He blamed Republicans. He blamed politicians who “want to win elections” – which is a way of blaming voters.

He lied about current federal policy, over and over again – he stated that you could purchase a gun online without a background check, for example. He explained that he would fight suicide, caused apparently by guns, although suicide has escalated radically under Obama’s watch.

Obama said that Republicans wanted those on the terror watch list to have guns for no reason, even though there is such a thing as due process in the United States. Of course, he also shrugged off the Second Amendment as something “on paper” and said that since we restrict First Amendment and Fourth Amendment rights, we should certainly do so with Second Amendment rights. He said that the Second Amendment was like shouting fire in a crowded theater, which is not only bad law, but bad logic. He bragged that he taught Constitutional Law – which, as anyone who has attended law school knows, has nothing to do with the Constitution.

And then, most ridiculously, he compared gun control to giving women the right to vote and ending slavery. Except that disarming black people and women has always been a goal for those who hate black people and women.


But no matter: the tears are all that count. They are the tears of an angel.

We have a childish president. He cries because he does not get his way; he cries because he thinks he can convince us to support him through his tears; he cries because he knows that the media will provide him an oral colon cleanse so long as he shows he truly wants something.

Obama’s tears aren’t crocodile tears. They’re far more dangerous. They’re the tears of a man with nothing left to lose, and a year left to squeeze every last drop out of his waning power.


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