Jesse and Tulsi: The Cure For What’s Ailing Us!

Palo Alto Ca
November 30, 2015

by Rich Scheck

The solution is at hand, folks: two politicians who are willing to speak truth to power and who clearly understand that it is time to stop these criminal wars!

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FILE - In this Dec. 27, 2014 file photo, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii speaks in Ahmadabad, India. In an unusual alliance, Gabbard and Rep. Austin Scott, R-Ga., have teamed up to urge the Obama administration to stop trying to overthrow Syrian President Bashar Assad and focus all its efforts on destroying Islamic State militants. (AP Photo/Ajit Solanki, File)


Jesse Ventura and Tulsi Gabbard have both been quite public in their statements condemning the excesses of the national security state.

See for yourself in these two articles: and

Let’s finally say no to the two-party criminal duopoly and throw the bums out! Jesse says he will decide by March whether to run third party. Please do it, Mr. V and recruit Congresswoman Gabbard as your running mate.

Together you can challenge the entrenched Washington consensus and begin the rejuvenation of the American Republic

Unless and until that happens, the litany of other important issues that confront us as a polity will be ignored or underfunded.

We never got the peace dividend we were promised because we never got peace. Instead we have wars started by our own operatives or allies so there is always a fire to put out somewhere around the globe and the military-industrial complex thrives.

We can and must do better. Rather than boycott the upcoming election as many are
considering—instead of agonizing about the lousy “lesser of two evil” choices thrown up
to us again by the Republicrats and Demoplicans—instead of doing nothing and losing yourself in the miasma of entertainment, please find a way to get these two decent public figures into the White House!

We really do have a choice, even if it takes hard work and lots of hurdles to overcome.

Relying on big government to get the job done rather than doing it ourselves is a forfeiture
of our inalienable rights and personal liberty.

Organize instead of agonize: Send Jesse and Tulsi to Washington to clean out the District
of Criminals and make America really great again!

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