We The People, 9/11 and The Election of 2016

San Rafael, CA
November 21, 2015

by Rich Scheck

Every four years, politicians who aspire to reach the White House have
the opportunity to connect with We The People to capture our attention
and legitimize their ambitions.

They must do so by resonating on a deep level with a broad spectrum of
opinion as they articulate fundamental principles while being sufficiently
unique to distinguish themselves from their competitors.

This year is no different but it is marked by an unusually high concern
for national security because of the rise of ISIS.

The ongoing wars since the 9/11 attacks have drained our treasury,
strained our military resources, and put our reputation for world leadership
under exceptional challenges.

Yet for many of us, the issue of 9/11 itself remains central to a complete
understanding of what ails our nation today and what needs to be done
now in the best interest of We The People.

If in fact 9/11 was a false flag event engineered to provide a pretext for war,
then virtually everything associated with it—-from The Patriot Act to NSA
spying to humanitarian interventions to the NDAA provision for indefinite
military detentions to full spectrum dominance and to the war against
ISIS—should be re-evaluated and arguably discarded.

In the 14 years since the attacks in New York and Washington, a great deal
of research has been done by those unwilling to accept the official narrative.
Much of that is of high quality as well as being apolitical in that it focuses on
a search for the “truth” rather than to mindlessly blame the Democrats or the

Recent bipartisan efforts by members of both the House and Senate are taking
on new urgency because of the escalating terrorism by ISIS. To the extent that
the original 9/11 attack by Al Qaeda and the new attacks by ISIS are the product
of Western intelligence agencies designed to bolster a New World Order smacking
of American hegemony and the military industrial complex, then a far different
response to the perceived threat is required than merely “bombing the bastards
back to the Stone Age!”

“Shock and Awe” made for good TV and public relations for selling the Iraq War
against Saddam Hussein. And styling Gadaffi as a tyrant who justified our
efforts at regime change in Libya was great for selling the public on ousting him.
But creating two failed states and launching new attacks against Assad in
Syria has seen the rise of ISIS at enormous cost.

Two years ago, Walter Jones (Rep N. C) and Steven Lynch (Dem Mass) proposed
HR428 which was designed to release the 28 redacted pages from the Joint
Congressional Inquiry into 9/11. That report has been classified by President Bush
as well as by President Obama.

These Congressmen and their 20 cosponsors have pushed for release of the
report in the name of transparency and informing the public regarding aspects
of the attack that have remained hidden and which implicate foreign governments.

To the extent that Saudi Arabia appears to be one of the named sponsors and
to the extent that ISIS is a direct extension of the Wahhabist ideology that
fuels that monarchy, the relevance of those 28 pages takes on new urgency for
those wanting to take effective action in fighting terrorism.

One of the people working behind the scenes for release of the 9/11 Report is
former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel. Gravel is uniquely qualified both morally
and politically to speak on this matter since he was the individual who read the
Pentagon Papers into the Congressional Record in 1973 in the context of the
Watergate Scandal.

That noble act was instrumental in informing We The People about the Viet Nam
War and criminal acts by the Nixon Administration that led to his impeachment,
as well as an end to that long war.

Who will be the Mike Gravel of 2016? Who will read the 28 pages into the
Congressional Record? Which presidential candidate will be moved to serve
We The People and divulge the truth of what really happened in 2001?

Gravel claims that 9/11 is the “cornerstone of runaway government!” Yet,
ironically, he has endorsed Bernie Sanders for president rather than Rand Paul
who back in June held a press conference calling for release of the Report. That
means that Gravel prefers a New Deal type approach for dealing with the economic
woes of our nation that Sanders promotes rather than a Libertarian one which is
central to Senator Paul’s views.

That’s fine and well within the realm of legitimate political discourse. But if Gravel
wants to be fully consistent with his stated belief that investigating 9/11 is central
to dealing with ISIS, ending the excesses of the national security state and having
a coherent foreign policy, then he should forthwith call up his colleague and urge
Sanders to get on board with releasing the Report.

In my opinion, that is the best way to serve We The People, speak truth to power
and start the restoration of the American Republic. Anything less than that is
too timid for dealing with the current crisis and confronting the dark forces of
tyranny who have usurped power here at home and are imposing a New World
Order abroad.

Donald Trump hinted at this when he challenged the record of Jeb’s brother for
not keeping us safe, but his remarks fell far short of what Gravel, the LaRouche
team and others are proposing. As the article below claims, according to former
Bush CIA Director, George Tenet, Bush and Cheney did not keep us safe and
conspired to hide their complicity.

We The People must find our collective voice either with a presidential candidate
as our champion or in some other form if future 9/11s are to be prevented and some
measure of peace established for our progeny.


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