‘National Security’ Invoked by Navy to Wage Electronic Warfare on Olympic Peninsula

No, we don’t think so!

Forever the Bogus Reason Given by the U.S. Military to Justify the Environmental Damage It Inflicts

State of the Nation


Artist rendering of two EA-18G Growlers flying over the Colonel Bob Wilderness is located in the southwest corner of Olympic National Forest in the state of Washington.

How many times will the U.S. Federal Government fraudulently invoke ‘national security’ in order to justify the destruction of the environment?

There is no better example of the invocation of ‘National Security’ by the U.S. Government in order to justify their unrivaled environmental destruction than nuclear weapons testing. Up to this very day the USA is still experiencing the profound negative effects caused by those misguided nuclear tests throughout the Southwest.

NUCLEAR WEAPON ‘TESTING’: Curse of the Post Modern Era

Of course, the detonations of atomic bombs were performed in areas that were “out of sight, out of mind”.  Much of the nuclear weapons testing was conducted in the most remote areas of New Mexico, Nevada and California.  In this way the American people were mostly oblivious to the nuclear radiation that was inevitably released into the atmosphere, which then contaminated the ambient environment in all 50 states.

Fast forward to 2015.  The U.S. Navy now wants to conduct another type of testing in the vast and pristine wilderness known as Olympic National Forest and State Park.  Again, the type of destruction to the environment will occur under the radar.  Just like the unseen damage that resulted from the nuclear weapons testing in New Mexico, how can the Navy possibly assure the residents of Olympic Peninsula that there will be no harmful consequences from their electronic warfare testing?

The fact is that they can’t.
Which is exactly why they
are now predictably invok-
ing ‘National Security’.

Really, how clueless do they
think we are?
Just how many times is the

Navy going to try this ruse
on us?!
And these guys are supposed
to be the best and the brightest.

Really, can the Navy provide accurate environmental impact statements and human health assessments, which truthfully reflect the adverse effects of such extremely powerful and pervasive electromagnetic frequencies that will be disseminated throughout this electronic warfare range?  In all likelihood they have quite deliberately avoided conducting such costly and time-consuming scientific research studies, particularly in light of the expected negative [overwhelmingly so] results.

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 10.37.55 AM
For the uninitiated it’s extremely important to understand the mindset of those who run the U.S. Military.  They are essentially war-making businessmen whose business produces an immense amount of death and destruction … around the entire world.  Wherever they aim their weaponry, there is one thing which will always occur — massive amounts of death and destruction, especially environmental destruction.

That’s just what they do!  And the Navy has proven itself to be particularly proficient at carrying out their missions, regardless of how much ‘collateral damage’ is done to the surrounding environment.  Does anyone really believe the U.S. Armed Forces ever takes into consideration the delicate ecological balance which might be upset after they drop their payload of bombs?!

VIDEO: Navy Responds to Citizen’s Environmental Concerns 

Therefore, when watching the preceding Vimeo video, it’s crucial to be aware of the context in which the Navy reps work.  Their business simply does not permit them to see the environment, and the numerous war zones across the planet attest to this fact.  Were one to visit any one of the countless rural battlefields and/or urban battlegrounds, they would see nothing but utter devastation.  Here’s just one example in Syria:


Looks like that environment has been pretty much destroyed, yes?

What’s the point?

When dealing with the U.S. military, it’s important to understand that their public affairs officers are simply frontmen for their business of war-making.  They are educated and trained, mentored and schooled to be expert salespeople of their latest and greatest weaponry or war venture.  In the current case their enterprise is intent on transforming parts of Olympic Peninsula into an electromagnetic warfare range.  They will say and do anything in order to carry out that mission.


“The first casualty of war is truth”

Special Message to the Residents of Washington State

The real war here is not being waged against the enemies of America.  It’s being waged against the American people and its environment.

Olympic Peninsula: Crucial Site of an Historic Battle to Protect America’s Natural Heritage

At the risk of sounding redundant: “The real war here is not being waged against the enemies of America. It’s being waged against the American people and its environment.”

Until the people of Washington State wake up to this grim reality, their valiant efforts will only take them so far.  Certainly the unmitigated disaster area known as the Hanford Site (aka the Hanford Nuclear Reservation) on the Columbia River ought to serve as a wakeup call to every Washingtonian.  That unprecedented environmental catastrophe is also the product of the aforementioned nuclear weapons testing.  And yet, it sits there getting worse by the day as it poses “a clear and present danger” to every resident of the state.

Feds Criminally Neglect Hanford Nuclear Disaster Superfund Site

Therefore, it can be asserted with absolute certainty that it is the U.S. Navy which poses the greatest threat to ‘national security’.   By destroying the most precious things that the United States of America possesses — her people and animals, national forests and parks — the U.S. Military essentially commits a crime against the citizenry and their property. While this willful act of destruction may not be construed as a war crime, it’s a very serious crime nevertheless.

“No entity under the sun has the right or lawful authority to arrogate power unto itself to harm or injure, sicken or infect, paralyze or kill the people of this nation.  Not only is such conduct by the state [or military] a serious breach of the social contract, it represents a profound violation of the public trust … thereby severing the inviolable bond between the citizenry and the government.”
(Source: SOTN Editor’s Note)

Where the “National Security State” Now Reigns Supreme

The only reason why the good folks in Washington State are even in the position of havingnatsec to protect their hearth and home, community and environment from the government is because of the inexorable advancement of the “National Security State”.  Any nation that places the highly misguided priorities of the “National Security State” above the rights and needs of the citizenry is eventually doomed to fail.

Has the USA morphed into a full-blown ‘National Security State’?

This is precisely why the citizen’s initiative in Washington State to prevent this electronic warfare range from happening is so essential.  There is perhaps no place in the USA like the Olympic Peninsula, where folks have domiciled themselves because of the awe-inspiring beauty of the virginal forests.  Wittingly or unwittingly these caretakers have congregated over decades in order to act as unappointed stewards of one of the most magnificent displays of Mother Nature in the world.

Therefore, the stage has now been set for another epic battle between “The Caretakers and the Takers”.  The outcome of this particular war is highly consequential because of what is at truly stake.  A victory by the Navy will set a most dangerous precedent.  It will trigger an open season on every other national forest and park across the country. Such a result is completely unacceptable and ought to be prevented at all costs.  Which is exactly why a grassroots-driven national movement is now required.  Only the resolve of raw, organically grown people power will stop the Navy’s aerial juggernaut from flying over the pristine Olympic wonderland.

The Final War of the Iron Age: The Caretakers versus the Takers

“The Song of the Emerald Forest”

The virgin forests of Olympic Peninsula are as worthy as any of America’s natural wonders to fight for.  Not only are they the last parcel of the great American frontier located as they are at the furthest western point of the continental United States, they also represent an historic standoff between “the Caretakers and Takers”.

This ongoing war has been exquisitely rendered by Olivia de Lucca’s short story titled “The Song of the Emerald Forest”.  One citizen advocate who lives on the peninsula offered this perspective:

Her wonderful children’s story—told by a poignant voice from the Animal Kingdom—is a story about the current battle to save the ancient forests of Olympic Peninsula. Written for adults as well as children, this story is based in fact, as the actual drama is unfolding right now.

Will the Emerald Forest be lost forever?
Or will the “Will of The People” be heard in time to thwart the war-makers evil plan?

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 11.56.28 AM

“Once upon a time there was a beautiful valley that was so green and lush and thick with trees, it was known as the Emerald Forest. A family of owls lived there, high in the treetops. As Guardians of the Emerald Forest, they watched over all the creatures of the woods. From high on their perches, they kept their eyes on the rivers and the streams, the bugs and the bears, the birds and the bees, the butterflies and the trees ….”
(Source: The Song Of The Emerald Forest)

As this prescient drama clearly indicates, the present battle cannot be won by just a few environmental activists or health advocates.  Nor can it be won by us tree-huggin’ ex-hippies and beret-wearing beatniks.  This war needs everyone on the battlefield whether that is on the ground in the Olympic National Park or in cyberspace pecking away on the Internet.  In other words every social media platform ought to be utilized to win this war; Facebook and Twitter, Instagram and YouTube need to be operating at full tilt — 24/7 — in the theater of cyberwar.


There has never been a greater necessity in the history of the American environmental movement for everyone to unify around one cause.  Every demographic needs to be represented in full force on behalf of the initiative to protect the Olympic Peninsula.  That includes Generation X, Y & Z as well as the Millennials. If they aren’t already, the Indigo and Crystal Children also need to be standing at the ready.

The following video ought to serve as a primer (and great training aid) for what should be occurring whenever the venue presents itself.  At this point the Navy only seems to understand in-your-face, truth-telling protests where We the People take no prisoners.

Raucous protesters shout down Navy presentation on war games

This type of fierce, no-nonsense public rebuttal to the steady stream of misinformation, disinformation and false information disseminated by the Navy needs to be standard operating procedure (known as an SOP in naval parlance).  Only in this manner will the movement prevail because the overseers of this military enterprise will likely wake up one day and realize that it’s simply not worth the fight.  They have enough wars to fight — all around the globe — and certainly don’t need to be battling with their own in the homeland.

This people-power strategy is absolutely essential from this point forward, if there is to be success.  The only thing that can weaken such a movement is the fear and apprehension generated by false memes like National Security’.  Nobody ever wants to get in the way of ensuring national security when it is a legitimate concern, yes?  Except that this proposed naval exercise in electronic warfare has got nothing to do with real national security.  Wethinks the admirals and the generals have cried wolf one time too many!

Also, don’t forget to tell ’em to save their BS propaganda for the enemy — the real enemies; that is.

State of the Nation
November 21, 2015

Author’s Note

Like we said, this is a war.  A war on consciousness.  So it’s best to treat it as such.  And, take the counsel of those who have excelled on this particular kind of battlefield.  As follows:

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 7.18.57 AM


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