Will The Trump Brand Prevail In 2016?

Larkspur, CA
November 19, 2015

by Rich Scheck


A careful reading of this lengthy interview of Trump by Yahoo News makes
it clear why it is very likely The Donald will prevail in 2016.
Donald Trump has big plans for ‘radical Islamic’ terrorists, 2016 and ‘that communist’ Bernie Sanders

In his terms, he is a Winner. He plays hard, he plays within the rules and
he plays to win. I am convinced now more than ever that he will.

I tend towards the bleeding heart liberal side of the spectrum which Trump
would style political correctness. But I have respect for his boldness, courage,
directness and willingness to stir the pot.

In the face of the current surge of violence and sweep of dramatic change
all across the planet, Trump offers to the countless disaffected voters enough
stability and familiarity to cling to during these tumultuous times.

Does he have all the answers? No! Does he have any answers? Maybe not.
Is his approach towards ISIS the correct one? I doubt it but it is the same as
ALL the other candidates so it is not really a factor in that part of the discussion.

Can he beat Hillary? Of course he can………partly because he will do exactly what
he said Sanders should have done and attack her over those e-mails as well
as her poor leadership as Secretary of State.

Will he win the nomination and then capture the White House? Read what the
man has to say in his interview and decide for yourself!

And if he does, remember to be nice! ☺☺

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