Frances’s 9/11: Another Pretext For More War and A 21st Century Crusade?

Rohnert Park, CA
November 15, 2015

by Rich Scheck


Just when the possibility for peace in Syria was being negotiated by diplomats in
Vienna, the Friday the 13th tragedy unfolded in Paris undermining hope for progress.

The only thing we can be certain of as a result of what happened is that we will see
more war, more reliance on the use of military forces and more of our kids being sent
to kill the enemy—even when there is substantial evidence that we ourselves helped
create, fund and arm the terrorists.

The extremely well-planned attacks have all the classic hallmarks of a false flag event
that is used as a pretext for war and to provide cover for the real political agenda. That
becomes more likely now that we learn of simultaneous “drills” being conducted in Paris
on the same day and that CIA Director Brennan recently met with his French counterpart.

If true, the Big Question remains: how do we stop/slow/reverse this deadly process?  What can we do to at least constrain the “momentum of modernism” unleashed by technology and tyrants bent on establishing their dark vision of the future.

One thing we can do is expose the plans for imperial conquest by writing about and analyzing these events to awaken public awareness and outrage against their evil leaders.

Then, instead of agonizing, we can organize to fight these arsonists posing as firemen
who light the fires of discord so they can claim hero status for “keeping us safe!”

The real terrorists perpetrate the ultimate political scam with the innocent being targeted
for victimhood as either collateral damage or recruits to battle the evil-doers.

For those believing the Pope’s leadership provides the most hope for dealing with the
current calamities, I urge you to digest the following article:
Paris Terror Attacks: Executed To Lock Down Climate Summit Conference

Is the Vatican being used to promote a 21st Century Crusade with the goal of forming
a Global Government to replace the United Nations? Is the high-minded plan to deal
with climate change and pollution a cover for a more secret effort styled by many as
the New World Order? Was the Friday the 13th attack a false flag event to justify NATO’s
long-planned invasion of Syria to confront Russia by finally putting boots on the ground?

Watch what happens, and then decide for yourself where the truth lies.

I sense that the Huxwellian surveillance/entertainment State that emerged out of our
“winning” the last Cold War will now morph into Cold War II. The plan is to create
order out of chaos. It will be a Hunger Games-like milieu of staged terror, endless wars,
TPP crony Capitalism, Agenda 2030 Sustainability restrictions on our freedoms with
entertainment to distract us while we are socialized to embrace the State (Big Brother)
where Western “values” provide the only standard of acceptable behavior.

We will see the creation of a scientific dictatorship, a dystopian police state prefigured in
movies and works of fiction. Future citizens will be made to accept forced vaccinations,
travel restrictions, gun confiscation, a cashless society, a culling of the population and other drastic measures to insure the success of this ambitious plan to keep us safe and compliant.

Long ago, President Bush let slip the C-word in the context of the 2001 attacks on New York and Washington. By calling for a new Crusade to deal with the crisis, he evoked powerful ancient memories involving the Clash of Civilizations, fighting between Christians and Muslims, and the Book of Revelations’ prophecies.

As events continue to spiral out of control, it is difficult to escape the conclusion that we will now be engaged in a 21st Century version of that endeavor … … … and that the Long War spoken of by Cheney and others is a very long war indeed!


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