Question Of The Year: Has WWIII Already Begun?

Rohnert Park, CA
November 5, 2015

         Has WWIII Already Begun?

by Rich Scheck

World War III is imminent! Military forces have been dispatched; chess moves have been made; massive drills are being conducted; millions of displaced persons are virtually invading Europe; peace conferences are being held; and the calls for escalation can be heard across the land.

As Thea Paneth wrote in the essay below, all the criteria for another world war are being met under current conditions. If 9/11 constituted “The New Pearl Harbor” that the Neocons lusted for in order to establish Pax Americana, the shooting down of the Russian airplane over the Sinai last week may be the equivalent for that powerful nation:
Is This War World III?

This means the potential for a full-scale global conflagration is increasing.  Many of us
feel that Martin Luther King was right: the US is the greatest purveyor of violence on the planet today.  More than 50 years after the civil rights leader uttered those words during the Vietnam era, America is still running wild across the globe with military forces deployed in well over a 100 countries with hundreds of foreign bases.

That combined with prolonged wars in Afghanistan and Iraq plus additional “kinetic
action” in Syria and drone strikes in Yemen, Pakistan and North Africa, means we are
fighting many wars……none of which have been declared by Congress.
Putting U.S. Forces Onto Sovereign Syrian Territory, Is An act Of War

President Putin stated at the UN last month: “do you know what you have done?”
It was a rhetorical question directed at the West inviting us to take responsibility for the
death and destruction we have imposed on a vast swath of the Earth.

Rhetorical or otherwise, the answer is clearly no! The neocon lite foreign policy of Obama
and Kerry is only slightly less aggressive than the hawkish yammerings of the Republican
presidential candidates Lindsey Graham and Hillary Clinton. It rivals the mindless interventions of the previous Bush Administration that spawned ISIS and set the stage for much of the chaos we see play out every day.

The proxy war unfolding in Syria is far more complicated and dangerous than the proxy
wars in Ukraine, the South China Sea and North Africa, although those are complicated, too.

So my answer to the author of the above essay is “not quite yet!” WWIII has not quite begun! But with a weak UN similar to the previously inadequate League of Nations prior to WWII, the “gathering storm” now confronting the planet is potentially far more treacherous than what Churchill foresaw in the years prior to the conflict that swept the globe more than 70 years ago.
Is This War World III?

As events continue to swirl out of control, the prospects for peace remain dim. What
combination of sane thinking will emerge to deter the forces of chaos now gaining greater
dominance remains to be seen.

The efforts by Pope Francis to introduce compassion, love and spirituality into the
conversation may well be misguided by focusing on the controversial manmade
global warming agenda rather than on stopping war and nuclear proliferation.

Be that as it may, at least someone is attempting to promote a different, more
elevated approach to the future than the raw use of force to solve serious problems.

The world watches in dread as military forces are deployed, rhetoric is escalated, and massive drills are undertaken while the efforts at peaceful resolution in Vienna and elsewhere are timid compared to the rising threat level.

Opposing powers are facing off at all the major trigger points. Push may very well give way
to shove with who knows what tragic consequences in its wake.

These proxy wars are reminiscent of Spain in the 1930’s that served as a prelude to WWII.
Hopefully we will have a different result and diplomacy will win out in the end!


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