Orbital HAARP Weaponry: USAF Redeploys X-37B In Gross Violation of WMD Treaty

Has the USAF redeployed HAARP weaponry which was previously banned as a weapon of mass destruction?

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If true, this alarming development changes the entire global geopolitcal chessboard.

Not only is the deployment of the Orbital HAARP X-37B in contravention of the international treaty known as the Environmental Modification Convention(ENMOD), it also reflects a level of extreme desperation on the part of the NWO globalist cabal.


USAF redeploys X-37B climate chaos, earthquake and tsunami inducing orbital HAARP weapon


X37-B orbital HAARP

The US Air Force is preparing to execute a “climate chaos” event to facilitate the Vatican UN “Climate Change” New World Order agenda.  The USAF Space Command redeployed their weather modifying and earthquake inducing Orbital HAARP called the X-37Baboard an Atlas 5 rocket on May 20, 2015.

The AFSPC5  mission is highly classified.  The X-37B previous mission was tracked  in real time at http://www.n2yo.com/?s=39025. The X-37B  OTV 4 (USA 261) mission can be tracked in real time at http://www.n2yo.com/satellite/?s=40651.   You can keep track of the X-37B Orbital HAARP as it is positioned in an orbit over a target and causes climate chaos or induces a catastrophic earthquake and tsunami using its weather manipulation and earthquake inducing X-Band laser beaming technology.

The USAF developed the X-37B as an orbiting HAARP weapon system. Because of its capabilities in causing both widespread and localized destruction by either manipulating the weather and causing climate change or inducing earthquakes and tsunamis, the X-37B is classified as a weapon of mass destruction (WMD), banned by international treaty “Environmental Modification Convention(ENMOD)”.

The X-37B was developed by the USAF to replace the Alaska land based HAARP and achieve the goal of Prompt Global Strike – a United States military effort to develop a system that can deliver a precision-guided conventional weapon airstrike anywhere in the world within one hour, in a similar manner to a nuclear ICBM.  The X-37B can be precision-guided and deliver an airstrike anywhere in the world from orbit.  

How is the X-37B an Orbital HAARP weapon system? The X and B of the X-37B stands for X-Band. X-band is a segment of the microwave radio region of the electromagnetic spectrum. X-band is used in radar applications including continuous-wave, pulsed, single-polarization, dual-polarization, synthetic aperture radar, and phased arrays (HAARP).  The orbiting X-37B is outfitted with an Active directional X-band beaming Phased Array, making it a Star Wars weapon. Phased arrays creates a very narrow beam, aimed electronically, to precisely and rapidly scan, or focus energy, on the ionosphere (and steer the jet stream or create and steer hurricanes and tornadoes) or on land (and trigger an earthquake) or at sea (and trigger an earthquake induced tsunami). The 37 refers to the scintillation index at X-band (m = 0:37).

The orbiting X-37B X-band phased array antenna consists of thousands of antennae driven by transmit/receive (T/R) modules. T/R modules are multi-functional circuits that can transmit, receive, and amplify signals. While in orbit the unmanned X-37B can be precision-guided remotely by the United States military to any part of the Globe and positioned to heat up the ionosphere above a target area and create “climate chaos” (both widespread or localized extreme weather conditions) or bombard the Earth below with either X-band microwave energy or tungsten kinetic energy projectiles and trigger an earthquake and or tsunami.

US Patent 4686605 A provides us with concrete evidence and a scientifically proven correlation between seismic activity and the ionosphere, through the control of RF (Radio Frequencies) artificially induced force fields, which HAARP was designed and built to do. HAARP patents gives concrete and irrefutable evidence that they were built not only for ionosphere heating weather modification (simulate/fake climate change) but to induce earthquakes and tsunamis by transmitting earthquake inducing radio frequencies into the ground or ocean and cause changes in the earth’s magnetic field.

US Patent 4686605 A claims states “the earth’s natural magnetic field could be significantly altered in a controlled manner by plasma beta effects … The earth’s magnetic field could be decreased or disrupted at appropriate altitudes to modify or eliminate the magnetic field”

“the present invention can be formed to simulate and/or perform the same functions as performed by the detonation of a “heave” type nuclear device without actually having to detonate such a device.” Heave defined as “lift or haul (a heavy thing such as the earth crust) with great effort” or “to move up and down as one of the six degrees of freedom”  US Patent 4686605 A is stating that the invention/technology can simulate and/or perform the same functions as performed by the detonation of a nuclear bomb, by generating destructive heaving/seismic waves.

An earthquake is defined as “a sudden release of energy in the earth’s crust or upper mantle, usually caused by movement along a fault plane or by volcanic activity and resulting in the generation of seismic waves which can be destructive” A tsunami is defined as “a long high sea wave caused by an earthquake, submarine landslide, or other disturbance.

Before the X-37B was built they induced earthquakes and tsunamis by beaming the earthquake frequency (2.5 hz) into the ionosphere from ground-based HAARP Alaska or the US Navy sea-based HAARP, SBX-1,  and the ionosphere deflected the very narrow beam to a preselected target on the earth’s surface or ocean floor.  With the X-37B now in orbit they can beam the narrow beam earthquake inducing radio frequencies from directly over the target (Haiti, Japan, Iran, waters off Puerto Rico or California, Yellowstone National Park, New Madrid fault line).

Earthquakes identical in-depth and magnitude, on the same fault are only caused by induced frequency linear projection – HAARP beaming.  A synchronized orbiting satellite can generate concentrated frequency projections targeting specific points on the earth’s surface below.  The signature of a HAARP-induced earthquake are earthquakes at 10 km depth and with no fore shocks.  The earthquake inducing radio frequency was determined to be 2.5hz  but since scientists around the World can now detect and identify a HAARP induced earthquake by that frequency the United States is now using sustained propagations of between 2.0 and 3.0.


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