NSA SPYING Triggers Greatest International Crisis Of New Millennium

The NSA spying scandal has proven to be the cow that never stops giving. The treasure trove of classified documents and state secrets provided by Edward Snowden is as staggering in its content as it is overwhelming in its volume.

Hopefully, Edward Snowden sleeps very peacefully at night knowing that he performed the greatest act of heroism in US history — bar none. What this extremely courageous young man has done is freed the world of a hidden tyranny that is being used with greater and greater effect to subvert the will of the people across the planet.

Especially in the USA has this release of NSA-acquired information forever altered the public discourse on state spying and its many nefarious satellite programs. Most of these clandestine programs will never see the light of day; however, their lifeblood has been choked off at least temporarily.

The true horror of such a generously funded, institutionalized approach to spying on the citizenry is that it can be used against them at any time … and often is. Once the surreptitiously taken information/data/records are entered into the Prism database, they are their forever. Then, depending on who’s in power, or who wants to be in power, the most private and confidential information can be used against those who stand in the way.

Herein lies the real downside of this Pandora’s Box. It is practically impossible to prevent those in power from abusing any kind of spying program. Therefore, whoever has access to its secrets will have to resist the temptation to avoid using the data for less than noble purposes. The current state of affairs surrounding the Obama Administration clearly demonstrates that this is an extremely unrealistic expectation.

The Current Diplomatic Crisis Reflects A Complete Lack Of Trust

Nations near and far, large and small, now harbor a profound distrust of the US Federal Government. The ongoing NSA spying has caused rifts in international relations not seen since World War II. Likewise, some diplomatic channels have been effectively shut down for the foreseeable future. And it’s not getting any better; it’s getting worse.

Why is this the case?

Because the USA continues to cling to its right to spy on anybody, anywhere, anytime. Yes, it has unlawfully arrogated power unto itself to conduct such unethical and illegal activity.  This in turn has emboldened the NSA to justify and continue this ill-conceived enterprise. Which is exactly what it really is — an ENTERPRISE — an in business.

Truly, the PRISM program is all about maintaining Anglo-American ascendancy throughout worldwide commerce and global finance. Possessing current, privileged information in this regard guarantees this position of superiority. After all, it’s why the sun never set on the British Empire … just as it never sets on the 21st century’s version known as the American Empire.  


However, there is one very significant reason why this imposed planetary predicament will no longer work for the US/UK spymasters. With the rapid and efficient dissemination of information via the internet, the secrets are getting our faster and more broadly.  Likewise, the man on the street is getting angrier with each and every revelation about such an offensive and unlawful invasion of privacy.

For instance everyone now knows that German Prime Minister Angela Merkel‘s personal cell phone was tapped for years. How does that play out with all the ultra secret conversations which have taken place on that phone number?! Are the other heads of state happy with Merkel that she knew all the time and yet still carried on highly sensitive conversations on a bugged line? Are the German people themselves okay with this dubious behavior on the part of their leader?

This very same dynamic is playing out all around the globe. Everyone is now aware that highly confidential and/or secret information can not be delivered safely on the internet, by way of telecommunication or even via written correspondence. NSA (and CIA) spying is now so pervasive and entrenched around the world that one wonders if even a carrier pigeon would make it to its destination unscathed.

The two driving forces behind this international crisis are:

I. USA arrogance and audacity in its continued justification of such unlawful and immoral behavior

II. International outrage and determination to be liberated from the US-controlled data-mining conducted by the NSA, CIA, DIA, DHS and FBI.

These two co-factors will serve to be the undoing of the NSA stranglehold on the internet, as well as other far more secret intelligence-gathering systems. Many sovereign nations have already taken extremely aggressive steps to break free from this totalitarian form of information acquisition.  Though it has been very quietly and insidiously put into place, the community of nations has thoroughly rejected it as a wholly unacceptable and flagrant intrusion.

Some of the more offended countries have strengthened their new economic unions and financial pacts which serve to immunize themselves against the many anticipated acts of retribution which usually begin with some form of Anglo-American sponsored economic backlash and financial terrorism. Iran serves as a perfect example of what might be in store for those who are intent on “leaving the reservation” for good.

Is the world stage being set up for something big, as in real BIG?!

The worldwide mainstream media is the most controlled entity under the sun. Nothing happens in this domain except with the approval of the true controllers of information. Therefore, the very revelation of this NSA spying scandal begs the question: Why now and to what end?

The answer to this question will provide a glimpse into the real purpose behind the revelations surrounding this engineered scandal. Of course, at the end of the day, the $64,000 question that must be asked is “Cui bono?

Only by surveying the planetary battlefield at the very end of this saga will anyone be able to arrive at a firm conclusion. In the meantime, we are careful not to utter or write a single word that we wouldn’t be upset if it wound up on the front page of the New York Times — THEIR newspaper of record.

State of the Nation 2013
November 12, 2013


Author’s Note:
The most serious and dangerous issue surrounding the NSA spying regime
is that it is ripe for abuse, misuse and especially political use.  After all, it
is a Total Information Awareness (TIA) platform which they seek to build.
When this is the case, how benign can their intentions be?
How easy is it for sensitive, data-mined information to be used against
perfectly innocent people for political purposes.
Just as J. Edgar Hoover used his access to FBI files to smear or persecute
or prosecute anyone he or his collaborators wanted to, the PRISM Program
is likewise vulnerable to the very same abuse.
All totalitarian states, whether they are fascist or communist in orientation,
thrive on the networks of personal and business information/data which
the NSA is now creating and maintaining.

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