Does the Syrian Civil War escalation put Iran nuke deal in jeopardy?

La Costa, CA
September 11, 2015

Expanding War In Syria Will Undermine Iran Nuke Deal

by Rich Scheck

As I have recently predicted, the expanding war in Syria will serve to undermine
the P5+1 deal with Iran far more than a Congressional vote against it.

The presence of more Russian military forces along with the increase in Iranian
troops to back the Assad regime portends great danger for all involved as this
proxy war has the potential to morph into world war.

In Major Humiliation For Obama, Iran Sends Soldiers To Support Russian Troops In Syria

With the refugee crisis providing the latest opportunity for the Western Alliance to intervene in Syria, the continued destabilization of that country has picked up momentum with more fighting likely.

Turkey’s incursion into northern Iraq to take on the Kurds in the name of attacking ISIS a few days ago demonstrates what many said would happen back in 2003 when President Bush launched his “shock and awe” attack on Saddam Hussein.

The geopolitics of Syria's Civil War are complex and ever-changing.

The geopolitics of Syria’s Civil War are complex and ever-changing.

Former VP Dick Cheney is rarely correct with his facts or conclusions but his
prediction for a Long War seems to becoming true.

The entire region is now even more in turmoil than when Bush left office. President
Obama did not miss a neo-con beat in extending much of the failed approach of
his predecessor in relying on humanitarian intervention and the Arab Spring in
Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Sudan, Yemen and other nations of the Middle East
and North Africa with disastrous results.

With the presidential election now reflecting the strength of the Israel lobby in
opposing the Iran nuclear deal despite their apparent defeat in the Senate, the
AIPAC/Abelson/neo-con forces can take heart: with today’s headlines showing
Iran actively participating in Syria’s fighting, they will not need a false flag or any
other event to achieve their goal of taking on the mullahs.

What ever emerges out of the congressional fight with Obama and the presidential
election a year from now, the greater likelihood is that the tragedy of Syria’s
expanding war and the role of Iran in it, will provide all the excuses necessary for
Europe and other US allies to walk away from the Plan of Action compact they
labored so hard to create .

Instead of increased trade with Iran and the prospect for resolving the long
simmering dispute with its leaders, the world will see more war, more turmoil,
more refugees and less hope for peace in the months ahead.

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