Will the 70th Shemitah Super Jubilee live up to its many predictions?

La Costa, CA
September 7, 2015

Shemitah: 70th Super Jubilee!

by Rich Scheck

We are just a few days away from an interesting historical event.
Pivotal Time Window For September’s Super Shemitah: 9/13/15 thru 9/23/15

The preceding article explains what may happen this month as the
patterns of time kick in triggering global effects that most folks are
still unaware of.

With the world in so much turmoil, the arrival of the Pope to
speak at the UN about Climate Change, world governance
and the need for helping the poor combined with many other
issues like war in Syria and Ukraine and the fourth blood moon in
the last 18 months lay the foundation for a planetary drama of
potentially biblical proportions.

Is this another example of Y2K and 2012 Mayan Calendar
hyping? Or do the dynamics of deep religious and spiritual
patterns entail the unfolding of prophetic events that will
transform our world for centuries to come?

We will soon see whether September will live up to its current billing as a month of tremendous change or fizzle out as just another doom and gloom projection from the false Cassandras.

Whatever happens, the coming days will provide ample opportunity for presidential candidates to address the issues associated with Shemitah and make it part of their campaigns.

Since countless millions of voters believe in the truth of this conversation, it will not be surprising to see it adopted by at least some of those who desire to lead the nation in the years ahead.

This will inevitably happen if the Pope initiates a debt forgiveness
plan as part of the Jubilee. Think Bernie Sanders as being for it
and all the Republicans except maybe Mr. Huckabee being against it.

For those who find this kind of discussion too insubstantial,
many prominent economists like Martin Armstrong, Gerald
Celente, Max Keiser, Paul Craig Roberts and Katherine
Austin Fitts among others are pointing to this September as
an exceptionally volatile month.

Here is one observer who states boldly that we are past the
tipping point and have entered dangerous financial territory.

So hold onto your hat: the days ahead will provide a rough
ride irrespective of what the Pope has to say, the position of
the moons or the cycles of life unleashed by Shemitah!


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