U.S. Perpetual War Policy Demands Immediate Rethinking

Newport Beach, CA
August 23, 2015

The War Epidemic and The Need
for Radical Wisdom

by Rich Scheck

Professor James Petras has penned a powerful article outlining the
extent of the epidemic of war surging across the planet.

Recent comments by some pundits that we have entered a period of
relative peace deeply miss the mark as they underestimate the amount
of killing going on virtually everywhere one looks.

As the global economy continues to implode, currency and trade wars
inevitably morph into shooting wars as Gerald Celente has solemnly
warned us for years.

Once again the casualties are mostly the innocent who get caught up in the dreadful maneuverings of those nations with imperial designs.

The young, the weak and the old are forced to flee while their fathers and brothers are recruited for battle and the likelihood of death.

A dark shadow has descended across the Earth echoing the worst portents of biblical prophecy and various predictions of The End Times.

New, spiritually empowered leadership embracing the Divine Feminine and
expressing the wisdom of Ascended Masters from different faiths are needed
in abundance to stave off the certain destruction that is just ahead unless
a new approach to governing is quickly adopted.


The antidote to the War Epidemic is the Peace Epidemic: the paradigm
shift away from reliance on weaponry to solve disputes and the push for
livingry as the banner of sanity upon which to build a New World Order.

We have come to a unique moment in history, a tipping point for which it
will be difficult (or maybe even impossible) for anyone to avoid. That point
will be defined in large part by the need for justice as described brilliantly
in an essay by Robert Abele.

How to achieve justice while preserving liberty in the face of the rapidly
deteriorating political and economic order is the task at hand for all those
striving to contribute to a better future.

It is a daunting challenge but one we must face with radical wisdom and
apocalyptic courage as Byron Belitsos informed us several years ago.

The Age of Imperial Wars

Ending Government Rule of the Elites, by the Elites, for the Elites

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