Is America Ready For A Trump/Ventura Ticket?

Ventura, CA
August 17, 2015

Shifting Political Alignments

by Rich Scheck


Today’s announcement by Jesse Ventura that he is giving Donald Trump a qualified
endorsement for President is good news for those who have long advocated the need
for a new political party…..and hopefully good news for the nation.

Ventura’s comments including his willingness to serve as Trump’s VP are baby-steps
along the continuum of shifting political alignments in contemporary America.

The Perot candidacy in 1992 followed by that of Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012 demonstrated
the deep disaffection among millions of voters for the two established parties, especially
among Libertarians and paleo-conservatives who morphed into The Tea Party.

Paralleling that phenomena, the left saw Ralph Nader run in 2000 and 2004 and now has “Socialist” Bernie Sanders surging among disgruntled Democrats.

Ventura is an excellent bridge between these two blocks as he demonstrated during his victorious run for Governor of Minnesota as an Independent in 1998.

With Hillary Clinton mired in perpetual scandal and Jeb Bush saddled with the immense family baggage of his father and brother—especially the failed Iraq War that has led to the rise of ISIS—the planned coronation of those two and the likely triumph of the first woman in the White House—are suddenly looking far less probable every day.

The country’s problems are the most serious in generations and Ventura makes clear
that Trump would provide merely a temporary band-aid in addressing them. But we
have to start somewhere in order to shake up this corrupt system and move the
country back to its rich traditions of liberty and prosperity.

Although far from a perfect fit, a Trump/Ventura alliance may well constitute the best
formula Nader predicted would be “Unstoppable” in his recent book of that name.

The November, 2016 election is still more than 14 months away. As things now stand,
a Trump/Ventura ticket will likely achieve the shift away from the two moribund political
parties and hopefully see the return to American greatness.

Jessie Ventura Endorses Donald Trump, Wants To Be His Running Mate

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