Proposing a trillion dollar nuclear arsenal upgrade only serves the perpetual war economy

Thousand Oaks, CA
August 6, 2015

A Trillion Dollars For New Nukes?

by Rich Scheck

The proposed spending of nearly ONE TRILLION DOLLARS over the next 30 years
to “modernize” America’s nuclear arsenal represents an immensely serious issue!
Cost of Upgrading US Nukes Estimated at $963 Billion


This potential expenditure of vast resources is symbolic of the distortion of our
political priorities, indicative of the hyped danger from external threats and ultimately,
the triumph of the national security state.

Anyone seeking to comprehend what President Eisenhower meant by the
military-industrial complex need go no further than to reflect on this likely
investment of significant sums of our precious tax money.

Those comfortable with the allocation of so much cash for “defense” are usually
the same ones advocating austerity regarding social needs and domestic spending.

But this is ultimately a bi-partisan matter: despite the exaggerated protestations of vulnerability from the Neo-cons who are eager for more weaponry, you will rarely hear more than a peep from those associated with promoting more livingry like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren or Hillary Clinton against such wasteful programs.

As a Senator and as Secretary of State, Ms. Clinton was as hawkish as most of those in the Republican Party. Her foreign policy views are barely distinguishable from all
their presidential candidates who are clamoring to undermine the Iran nuclear agreement
and who exhibit a high level of hypocrisy when it comes to nuclear weapons and
compliance with the NPT which requires reduction of arsenals.

The final irony of this Trillion dollar boondoggle is that it comes from the Administration
of the Nobel Peace Prize winner, President Obama, who got that prestigious award
for advocating the opposite of what he is now promoting.

The modern era presents a unique set of dramatic challenges to humanity’s future.
The long litany of these urgent threats includes nuclear weaponry and their use.  Only the permanent removal of all nuclear weapons from the arsenals of those nations that possess them can allay the fears of future generations.

That our country is abdicating its leadership role on the global stage by setting such
a poor example on this issue is very sad.

The question remains: what combination of forces and enlightened advocacy can stop
this madness and insure a more promising future for ourselves and our children?

N. B.: Today is the 70th Anniversary of Hiroshima.

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