Climate change, global warming, sustainability … and Agenda 21

Westlake Village, CA
July 28, 2015

It’s Colder Than You Think!

by Rich Scheck


Like so much else these days, the story about Global Warming
(climate change) is suspicious.

Reports over the years that the scientists promoting the theory
manipulated the data to support their position surface from time
to time, undermining the confidence many have with the idea.

That did not stop Pope Francis from coming forward with his bold
encyclical grounded in the acceptance of man made climate change.

Now the USHCN has issued a report that contradicts the claims of
environmentalists who favor the global warming theory.

The really sad thing about all this — in addition to what appears to be outright fraud by many scientists and government officials — is that true believers are ready to embrace the Papal approach of creating a world authority (government) capable of enforcing mandates to ensure SUSTAINABILITY.

However well-intentioned these folks are, there is a great likelihood
that the doctrines of climate change, global warming and sustainability
are really a cover to impose a New World Order along the lines of
Agenda 21 that will be used to deprive people of their rights rather
than protect them from a non-existing problem.

Everyone should be concerned about saving the environment: how
tragic that some are willing to use that positive goal to implement
their own plans to control the planet and its 7 billion people.

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