Illegal Alien Crimes Take Spotlight Again, Obama Continues To Enable Them


‘If Obama had courage of his convictions,’ he’d ‘look in eyes’ of those who lost loved ones

Bob Unruh

Joined by relatives of the victims of crimes by illegal aliens, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, lectured the Obama administration Tuesday about its immigration policy and sanctuary cities.

At a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing focused on the White House failure to enforce immigration law, Cruz confronted Sarah Saldana, director of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“I will note in your opening statement here, you said after listening to the victims’ families, you were so sorry for their losses. And yet the Obama administration keeps doing it,” Cruz said.

“When I asked you how many murderers were released yesterday, you don’t know. There is a reason the American people are upset. If President Obama had the courage of his convictions, he would come and look in the eyes of these men and women who have lost their sons, their daughters, their mothers, their sisters, their brothers, and the administration would stop releasing murderers and rapists.”

Cruz said the Obama administration simply refuses to follow the law, and he noted Saldana’s answer in an earlier congressional hearing, when she said “Amen” to the idea that federal law should force local jurisdictions to follow federal standards for releasing or detaining illegal aliens.

Then, the next day, she reversed her position.

At the hearing Tuesday, she denied that anyone pressured her to change, and said she was simply emphasizing that “clarity” in the law is important.

Cruz recited statistics revealing that of the 88,000 criminal illegal aliens released into the public in 2013, 193 were murderers and 426 were convicted of sexual assault.

“There are too many politicians in Washington that talk a good game but don’t act. If you want to honor Josh [Wilkerson], if you want to honor Kate Steinle, start enforcing the law and stop releasing murderers, and rapists, and drunk drivers,” said Cruz, citing two victims of crimes by illegals.

“I don’t want to hear from the Obama administration they’re sorry while they continue to do the exact same thing because what we know – more people will be murdered, more people will be raped, more people will be killed by drunk drivers because this administration refuses to enforce the law.”

Also speaking at the hearing was Laura Wilkerson, whose son, Josh, of Pearland, Texas, was attacked by an illegal alien.

“This was our family’s 9/11 terrorist attack by a foreign invader, whether you want to recognize it or whether you do not,” she said. “Americans are dying daily at the hands of criminals that we don’t even know are here. … You’re either for Americans, or you’re not.”

Susan Oliver, wife of late Deputy Sheriff Danny Oliver of Garden Valley, California, added: “I hope that my husband’s death won’t be in vain. I hope that I can be here to make a difference. My life is forever changed and saddened. Please help put policy in place to make sure that criminal immigrants who are in this country illegally are never allowed to dictate the life of a true humanitarian, like my husband Deputy Danny Oliver.”

And they were joined by Jim Steinle, father of Kathryn Steinle of Pleasanton, California, who was shot and killed at a tourist spot while walking beside her father. The attacker was an illegal alien who had been in custody but was released.

“Unfortunately due to disjointed laws, and basic incompetence on many levels, the U.S. has suffered a self-inflicted wound in the murder of our daughter by the hand of a person that should have never been on the streets of this country,” he said.

WND reported earlier this month that the federal government confirmed some 1,800 illegals released by “sanctuary cities” in 2014 were accused of 7,500 new crimes.

Television and action movie actor Chuck Norris, an exclusive WND columnist, also has weighed in. He recently wrote about the Steinle killing: “Whether one believes the gun was accidentally discharged or not, a seven-time convicted felon and illegal immigrant who had been deported five times was set free by U.S. officials to run the streets of San Francisco.”

He continued, “So, do you know who intentionally made it easier for that seven-time convicted felon and five-time deported illegal to roam the streets of San Francisco? None other than the residing occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C.”

He said the Center for Immigration Studies explains the federal government continues to ignore cities where officials themselves are ignoring federal law.

He wrote: “The CIS explains, ‘Although federal law requires the cooperation, the Department of Justice has never sued or taken any measure, including denying federal funds, against a jurisdiction. On the contrary, the present administration has made it difficult for the states and localities which choose to aid in enforcing immigration laws. Federal law was labeled voluntary by the administration in a November 2014 policy memorandum signed by the Homeland Security Secretary.’”


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