Neil Young Bangs Starbucks For Monsanto Connection

Neil Young reveals ‘Rock Starbucks’ video – watch

The track condemning the coffee shops will appear on his new album ‘The Monsanto Years’

Neil Young reveals 'Rock Starbucks' video – watch

Photo: Pooneh Ghana/NME

Neil Young has revealed the full video for his new track ‘Rock Starbucks’. Watch the video below.

‘Rock Starbucks’ is reportedly set to be included on Young’s next album, a concept album called ‘The Monsanto Years’. Young is reportedly making the album with Willie Nelson’s sons Lukas and Micah, with whom he played a surprise show in San Luis Obispo, California earlier this year.

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The track criticises the coffee company for its alleged involvement with agrochemical company Monsanto and its use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and isn’t the first public statement Young has made against Starbucks, after he called for fans to boycott the store in 2014.

A law was passed in Vermont in 2014 that requires food producers to label all food containing GMOs by July 2016, apart from dairy products, meat, alcohol and food served in restaurants. Monsanto are among the companies fighting the new regulation.

Young will release a documentary film about the making of the record alongside the LP. A screening of a “work in progress” version of the unfinished documentary was aired last month in New York, with Young prefacing the event by saying “No auto tune or vocal booths were used, and no ears were harmed in the making of this record”.

The record, which features protest songs against controversial agricultural company Monsanto, will be released on June 16.

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