Was the Waco TX biker massacre perpetrated by the ATF?

The Waco Massacre: Peaceful bikers rode into a killing field

By Brooks Agnew

I was thinking of riding my Honda Shadow 1100  to Twin Peaks today to have some wings and enjoy the sports on TV on this gorgeous Memorial Day Weekend.  The sun was shining, and the temperature was a perfect 82 degrees.  I rode by the mall, with only moderate traffic and saw a couple of other bikers out doing the same thing I was doing; riding with no particular place to go.

I was riding alone and was not with any other bikers, but we always exchange the extended two-fingered peace sign as we pass one another on the roads winding through the countryside and through the cities of America.

As I made the turn onto the frontage road along the busiest shopping center in town, I noticed two police vehicles in the parking lot.  One was a cruiser with black wheels and the new, aggressive paint scheme.  The other was a black SUV with a light bar on top.  I rolled through the parking lot in a Pavlovian state of mind, thinking about the delicious wings they serve and the beautiful and cheerful servers they have with this biker-friendly franchise.

Then I remembered Waco.  A wave of trepidation swept through me.  I looked around for snipers on the rooftops, and other police vehicles that might be parked nearby at the ready.  I saw two more, parked with their driver side doors facing eachother.  Then, I looked over to the mall side of the parking lot, and I noticed an elevated police observation tower than had been raised up with its blacked out windows.

I never actually stopped my bike.  I decided that this looked too dangerous, even though I have a perfectly clean record, including no traffic citations for more than 10 years.  I thought about those 9 bikers, shot in the head and neck with police assault rifles for doing nothing but the same thing I was thinking about doing; having some wings with other bikers who were out enjoying the beautiful weather.  Were there scuffles at biker places where I have stopped for great food before?  Sure.  Nothing ever happened that was serious.  Bikes and beer can sometimes get out of hand, but friends don’t let it last long.  They all ride away and let it go like water under the bridge.  After all, there are far too many 4-wheel threats out there for bikers to be fighting amongst themselves very long.

But Waco changed that for every biker in America.  Every Wednesday evening, hundreds of riders come to our local Twin Peaks because they cater to our market.  We are mostly working professionals, lawyers, dentists, engineers and school teachers who like to ride motorcycles as clubs or groups of friends.  But this time, when 170 bikers rode to the Twin Peaks at a major shopping center in Waco, just as they have done twice a month for 18 years, police snipers were already in position.  SWAT members were geared up and ready for a killing. Even a fully equipped MRAP troop carrier was parked in the adjacent parking lot.



It turns out that the ATF claimed they had an anonymous tip that the dreaded Black Widow biker gang—you remember those scoundrels from the Clint Eastwood movie Every Which Way but Loose—was going to arrive looking for trouble.  It’s too bad Clyde wasn’t around to throw those guys in the used French fry oil tank.  The ATF was there with their Federal guidance to make sure that justice was swift and absolute.

No shots were fired by anyone inside the restaurant.  No shots were fired by anyone at the police.   When bikers decided to leave the restaurant and enter the parking lot, the police began shooting full-auto equipped M-16’s into the crowd.  Patrons began diving under tables and screaming for their lives.  Little waitresses dropped their trays and ran with terror in their eyes behind the chef’s counter.  A twice decorated Viet Nam War veteran was shot in the head and neck, although he was a highly respected pacifist, was unarmed and not involved in any of the scuffle inside the Twin Peaks establishment.  Eight more US citizens were gunned down in cold blood.    More than 500 rounds were fired by police, hitting cars, buildings, and injuring other innocent bystanders who happened to look like bikers.  Two shots took seven of the nine people assassinated in the parking lot; one in the neck and one in the head fired by expert police marksmen.

Within an hour, the police press statement belched lies about “criminal biker gangs,” dealing drugs and other things that never happened; not once in the 18 years bikers have been meeting peacefully at the Waco Twin Peaks restaurant.  The police spokesman first mentioned hundreds of weapons confiscated, including chains that connected wallets to belt loops.  Then they changed it to dozens.  Then, the facts showed there were fewer than ten, and one was still holstered by a licensed concealed carry American, who had undergone an extensive background check and was found to be spotless.  His bond was placed at an unreasonable $1 million.  Of the 170 bikers arrested for being at the wrong place at the wrong time, less than a third had any criminal record.  Three of them had drafted a new piece of legislation about biker safety, and have since been awarded by the City Counsel for safety awareness.  Of course, they couldn’t be there to accept the award, because they were in jail.

To this moment, no waitresses, cooks, or patrons have been interviewed by the press.  Witness intimidation is in full force making sure no one says anything about what really happened.  All surveillance video has been classified and is currently being edited by law enforcement professionals to make sure no officers are charged with murder.  This was clearly a premeditated, Federal  assault designed to kill first, and arrest the survivors.

It has been an infuriating eight days, and nothing has been said by the new Attorney General about unarmed citizens gunned down at a Sunday lunch in broad daylight by more than 18 armed policemen, militarized by a new Federal plan.  14 police officers have been placed on administrative leave, their lives changed forever by following orders to shoot Americans in the head.  They died while screaming and waving their arms at the police to please stop shooting.  There have been no protests and no demonstrations anywhere.  Again, the Federal criminal perpetrators have massacred civilians in Waco, Texas.  Remember the Branch Davidians burned alive on live national television by Federal troops while then attorney general Janet Reno watched the news at home? America sits idly by and says nothing as our police, sworn to protect and to serve, have been turned into cold-blooded assassins.

Meanwhile, a million bikers went to Washington DC this Memorial weekend to show support for the fallen troops who were sent to God knows where to kill other people in other countries to advance the agendas of God knows who.  I ride my bike today alone.  As my wheels turn, the wind blows the tears from my face as I think about all those dads, sons, mothers and daughters who died on the battlefield trying to free people oppressed by tyrannical governments. I am cold inside.  I think of our own government shooting those free and innocent Americans dead on a Sunday morning in Texas.  The world awaits the volumes of propaganda that will come forth about how bikers are a threat to peace and security.

I write this story from my heart, because silence is consent.  The killing will stop when we have the courage to change what this president has done to our country.  God has blessed America, but I am afraid He is turning is face away from what we have become.  May the sleeping giant awaken before it is too late.

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