The Emerging Scientific Dictatorship Continues To Overwhelm In The New Millenniium

The New Millennium and the Emerging Scientific Dictatorship

by Rich Scheck

Thousand Oaks, CA
May 14, 2015


Full spectrum dominance and hegemonic control remain the goals of the globalists who back agreements like the TPP, Agenda 21 and even the AIIB.  Near the top of the small list of those people pulling the puppet strings of political leaders of almost all persuasions is David Rockefeller:

Did Kerry and Putin sign off on forgoing WWIII this week in Sochi in favor of a saner global agenda?

Are China and the US going through the motions of being antagonists in the South China Sea to appease the hawks like Rubio and McCain while conspiring at the top to finalize a new financial architecture for the 21st Century?

With the Pope pushing for Sustainability, Palestinian statehood and a Jubilee year for the poor, the thrust to find the correct formula to stave off global collapse accelerates.

In the US, the up-coming presidential election provides a tremendous opportunity to get beyond the kind of secrecy and manipulation of the public we are seeing with the limited-hangout from Seymour Hersh regarding the raid in Pakistan 4 years ago that supposedly killed bin Ladin and the call for release by former Senator Bob Graham of the 28 page report about 9/11.  But with the Saudi’s committing atrocities in Yemen, the Ukrainian Nazis clamoring for more Russian blood, continuing turmoil throughout the entire Middle East along with the rise of a powerful Russia-China alliance (BRICS,  AIIB, SCO, etc.), the fragility of the world situation and the tribal instincts of countless millions makes any plans for a unipolar world…much less one answering to the rule of law…dubious at best.

How strange it has all become:  seeing a Russian general cross himself in Red Square during the celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the end of WWII contrasts strongly with the decadence of the Kardashian clan with all its scandals and now transgender Bruce Jenner capturing so much attention here in America.

Perhaps Jeb Bush would feel more comfortable with his call for Christian values running for president in the former Soviet Union.  Instead he continues to take advantage of the campaign finance laws to amass a huge fortune for his eventual run for the White House while being unable to give a clear answer to a simple question about his brother’s responsibility for lying us into war with Iraq.

The Huxwellian World of 2015 grows stronger every day.  Jade Helm 15 combined with the call for a cashless society; more NSA spying and abuse of technology to restrict our freedoms; the rise of an oligarchial class that dominates public policy in the spirit of 1984; “free-trade” agreements designed to benefit a few multinational corporations while undermining national sovereignty; these are just some of the indications of dramatic upheaval 15 years into the new millennium.



Ike’s Farewell Address warning was nothing less than the promise of the scientific dictatorship now emerging out of the national security state created by the globalists and technological elite.

Along with the Secret Space Program that has lead to a breakaway civilization (see the movie Elysium), the scenario of the future for the great mass of humanity remains Hobbesian:  life will be ruled by the State (Leviathan) as well as being nasty and brutish!

Can the better angels of our nature rise above this chaos and elevate our spirits towards a better way?  Is there some form of heavenly intervention pending to save us from this travail? 

Perhaps:  but time seems to be running out and the need for positive action remains more urgent than ever.

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