Impeachment Should Be DOA

“The involvement of the Vice President’s son with Burisma
undermined the Obama Administration’s anti-corruption
message in Ukraine.”

— Edward C. Chow, Senior Associate
Center For Strategic And International Studies

By Patrick J. McShay

One day into this impeachment inquiry and the only thing we know for certain is that Trump was interested in getting to the bottom of the corruption in Ukraine prior to the 2016 election; and regarding the role played by Joe Biden and his son Hunter, the Democrats appear to have no interest in that at all.

We also know the people working for Trump on the Ukraine desk, including the ambassador, were all Obama holdovers who weren’t at all interested in digging into the Obama-era crimes in Ukraine. Rudy Giuliani has accused the Ambassador of interfering in their investigation.

Giuliani says he got involved because the president didn’t trust the FBI, the DOJ or the State Department to look into it. I don’t blame him!

Those holdovers were also not at all interested in looking at serious conflicts of interest and possible criminal activity involving the Bidens, and they were actively involved in suppressing and blocking evidence of corrupt practices of the Bidens and others.

Much has been said about the firing of the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine as being unfair and done based on false claims, but in a report from M. Dowling from, the ambassador is described as an anti-Trumper, and he concludes:

“No one in Washington mentions her ties to corrupt Soros groups, her aggressive interference in Ukraine affairs or her disparaging comments about the Trump Administration.”

No one bothered to mention that in the hearing today! I wonder why?

The Democrats are trying to make the case that Trump only investigated Ukraine and the Bidens to hurt Joe Biden politically. Just about every Democrat in their questioning of the 2 witnesses accused the President of looking into the Biden’s corruption as a way of hurting him politically.

The truth is much more complex and sorted. Israel Shamir for recently interviewed prominent Ukrainian politicians such as former member of parliament Oleg Tsarev, a member of the opposition now living in Crimea who revealed that top Democrats in the Obama Administration were plundering Ukraine which was led by John Kerry and Joe Biden.

As a matter of fact, John Kerry’s stepson Chris Heinz and Hunter Biden were business partners until they went their separate ways when Hunter was appointed to Burisma’s board.

The notion that Trump investigated Ukraine corruption that involved Biden to hurt him politically is just laughable!

Tsarev claims that, as proconsul in Ukraine, Biden was involved in a number of corrupt schemes including authorizing a transfer of $3 billion to be transferred to the post-coup government when it was promptly stolen. Tsarev claims that Biden “took a big share of the spoils”.

Before the coup, the Ukrainian people enjoyed extremely low energy prices, but post-coup under Obama’s handpicked new president Poroshenko, energy prices soared because according to Tsarev, Burisma officials were forced to pay extortion to the corrupt Poroshenko.

Weren’t we told that the reason for the coup in the first place was because of the corruption under Yanukovych? So we traded one corrupt leader, who wouldn’t work with us for a corrupt leader who would. Sadly, that’s a typical example of how American foreign policy works!

The quality of our foreign policy will always depend on the honesty of our diplomats.

Tsarev believes that Burisma’s owner at the time, Mykola Zlochevsky, named Hunter Biden and Poland’s former president to be placed on the board to moderate Poroshenko’s demands but it didn’t help.

At the time Hunter Biden was placed on the board in April 2014, Burisma was under investigation by Britain’s “Serious Fraud Office”, who were investigating a money-laundering operation at Burisma and had frozen $23 million of their assets, but Ukrainian prosecutors refused to cooperate and the funds were eventually released.

Poroshenko instructed his Prosecutor Victor Shokin to look into wrongdoing at Burisma, who found that paying foreigners $50k to $150k a month to be on their board violated Ukrainian tax law.

It was around this time during Shokin’s investigation into Burisma that Joe Biden ordered Poroshenko to fire Shokin and stop the investigation. Shokin has said that at the time he was fired he was trying to set up an interview with Hunter Biden. Tsarev said that Zlochevsky paid Biden millions of dollars for that call.

It was also revealed in the call that Trump wanted to know if the new President Zelensky was onboard with his ongoing investigation into Ukrainian corruption under corrupt President Poroshenko involving Obama officials, including the Bidens.

So how did we get here?

Don’t forget it was the Obama administration under the Neo-Con Victoria Nuland, Obama’s Undersecretary of State who, along with the EU, organized violent opposition groups in Ukraine to overthrow the duly elected president Viktor Yanukovych.

There was no Russian invasion in Ukraine, the invasion was an operation of the Obama cabal and their wrecking crew of thugs and neo-Nazi groups.

Obama and his wrecking crew not only involved themselves in Ukrainian politics but famously installed the corrupt Poroshenko over the objections of the EU and many inside of Ukraine.

The aforementioned Victoria Nuland was caught in a phone recording with the US Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, during which they discussed who they wanted to install as president. When Pyatt expressed concern about the EU having a problem with their plans, Nuland breaks in and angrily replies, “Fuck the EU!”

Hmm… Nuland nuance or Obama arrogance? The media couldn’t care less! The compliant media refused to report anything negative about Obama and the double standard is palpable and infuriating!

I wonder if Ambassador Taylor was at all concerned that comrade Nuland was conspiring to interfere in Ukrainian politics by choosing Ukraine’s next president?

I wish someone had asked him.

In Ambassador Taylor’s biased testimony, he said he was concerned that the Ukrainian people would not like some statements Trump made but seemed completely unaware of the corruption surrounding him. What makes this dope think the president cares what he thinks? His job is to carry out to the policies of the President, not whine when he disagrees with the policy.

If Ambassador Taylor wants to make policy, I would prefer he did it the old-fashioned way and run for office, not usurp presidential authority from his cubicle!

The corruption with Burisma and the Bidens is just the tip of the iceberg in Ukraine. I believe this action was taken out of Democrat fear that more corruption would be uncovered by Rudy Giuliani, which is why you will never see him in a televised hearing.

Stay tuned…

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