Hidden Truths About Jewish History and Zionism

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The last sentence of this genetic study describes three alleles that link the Polish Roma gypsies with Ashkenazi Jews.  Romani linguistics are rooted in India and Iran, the same region where the ancient Aryans originated.  This evidence is further cemented by the Hindu Star of Goloka, a six-pointed hexagram in the same geometry as the Star of David, and a mention of the House of David as having been scattered as seed is made on the stone.


(Note:  The swastika is also a Hindu symbol, albeit somewhat offset for use in the 20th Century by Nazi Germany.)

Some peripheral data;


One would presume that if the Bible story was correct and that King David was the ruler of a vast and powerful Jewish kingdom, the letters on this jar would be in his native language – Hebrew, but they’re not.  These are letters from the proto-Canaanite alphabet.  In addition, King David is described in the Bible as having married a Canaanite woman, Bathsheba, after he sent her husband off to war to be killed due to his desire for her.  Such an action is expressly (almost verbatim) prohibited by the 10 Commandments in the law against coveting and would not be taken well by the majority of a Jewish/Hebrew population.

Zionists have used the argument that there is no letter P in Arabic, which is true; however, the ancient Canaanites did not speak Arabic.  They spoke Phoenician, the first written language in the area.  The names of the letters are nearly identical, including the letter ‘pey’ which equates to the letter P as in Palestine.


The modern nations of the Middle East were artificially created out of the Sykes-Picot Agreement at the end of World War I.  Ancient Canaan encompassed Palestine, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and portions of the Sinai, ergo Palestinians are native to the area as opposed to Jews who are not.  The nearest origination point for Jews would be Mesopotamia and what is now modern-day Iran and Iraq, where the Jews calling themselves Mizrahim are from.  Sephardic Jews originated in the Iberian Penninsula and Ashkenazim hail from Central and Eastern Europe as well as Russia.  Haredi Judaism is a matter of Orthodoxy and can be from anywhere.

In 1933, ‘Rabbi’ Stephen Wise of the Zionist Federation organized a global economic boycott of Germany that pissed off Hitler to no end, creating an atmosphere of anti-Jewish sentiment among patriotic Germans that finally resulted in the  Krystallnacht pogrom.  Later in 1933, the same Zionist Federation approached the Nazi government with a proposal to send all the German Jews (along with their wealth) to the then-nascent Zionist state of Palestine.  Other alternative homelands were offered such as Curacao, Madagascar, Uganda and Manchuria – all refused due to the Zionists’ insistence that Palestine was their ancestral and ancient home.  This eventually led to the deaths of thousands of good Jews in the camps from typhus, TB, and numerous other ailments related to living in close quarters with no proper sanitation.

The auto-ignition temperature of hydrogen cyanide is 1,004 degrees F.  The temperature of a coke-fired brick furnace is a minimum of 1,500 degrees F.  Neither Dario Gabbai (who had a brief acting career in Hollywood after the war), the Venezia brothers (who all miraculously survived), Yankel Wierncke (who wrote a completely debunked account of Treblinka) or any of the other alleged witnesses reported bodies exploding upon cremation and there was no photographic evidence from Allied surveillance planes of damage to the crematoria chimneys at any of the so-called death camps.

Something that should be investigated further are the Polish and Hungarian Jewish refugees who ended up in the Shanghai and Hong Kong ghettos during the war, since those were the only ports who accepted people without a passport.  Ms. Laura Margolis was in charge of distributing aid to the Jews in the Shanghai Ghetto and it stands to reason that she would have kept records of what was distributed and to whom.  These records have never been discussed or disclosed anywhere.  The ‘official’ numbers for both Shanghai and Hong Kong was approximately 20,000 in each community, but as is the case with most Zionist history, actual documentation has either been obfuscated or destroyed.

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