Why and how is Vindman even still there?!?!

‘Still there’: Vindman not removed from National Security Council despite alarm over vengeful firing

by Daniel Chaitin  |  Washington Examiner

Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman expects to serve out the remainder of his time on the National Security Council, according to his attorney.

Multiple reports Sunday claimed Vindman, who gave sworn testimony for the House impeachment effort against President Trump, would be removed from the National Security Council.

These reports hinged on a Face the Nation interview on CBS in which national security adviser Robert O’Brien was asked if Vindman would remain on the National Security Council after testifying against the president. O’Brien said, “Everyone who’s detailed at the NSC, people are going … back to their own departments, and we’ll bring in new folks.”

Afterward, the Twitter account for Face the Nation blared, “VINDMAN OUT AT NSC: After testifying on the Hill, NSA O’Brien says Alexander Vindman will be removed from the National Security Council.” Other outlets followed suit with similar reports, and verified Twitter users with hundreds of thousands of followers announced that Vindman had been fired.

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