Is this the Craig Sawyer who just helped take down patriot Field McConnell?

Craig “Shillman” Sawyer and Operation Backyard Brawl


The Timeline Begins

May 29th, 2018
VOP and allies discover child sex trafficking camp on abandoned Cemex property in south Tucson area.

-Evidence found initially and after days of citizen investigation due to no investigation being conducted by authorities after 2 days of begging by the group.

Underground, unventilated, child holding bunker with children’s items, chain to throw out to have small children pulled out. Second bunker for more trafficked abducted children was under construction.
Human trafficking location, safe areas, and waypoint map.
Blueprints for holding facilities.
Payout Books for cash payments for the abduction/trafficking operations for the pedophiles.
Toys, Children items like a night stands to keep the kids quiet while illegally detained in brutal conditions outdoors.
Bloody children’s clothes.
Bloody Knife discovered by a trusted member of the VOP team.
Hair Dye for light haired individuals.
Comb with blonde children’s hair.
Sexual lubricant condoms.
Along with more evidence yet to be revealed. of events.
Site Found.

VOP, 3%, Oathkeepers, local organizations and local resident witness the aftermath and the physical trafficking site.

Craig Sawer through a 3rd Party was contacted concerning the site, he traveled, viewed it once, came back with media. Did not present most of the hard evidence discovered. Met the one time cops came outwith VOP and police not at the site but a gas station his own words.

Sources (Videos are being scrubbed archive and screencap)

“Craig Sawyer” former bodyguard for Clinton, Negroponte, Bush, and many other high profile members of “Government” started a shady NGO “Vets4ChildRescue” that has accomplished nothing except a mass media campaign in the recent past.

Claims they have Tier 1 assets(CIA), they claim to be involved in arrests of people(no evidence of this but Sawyer’s claims). “Sawyer” injects himself saying third party other than VOP contacted him, advised to make a big social media campaign to group, ignored and did not report on massive evidence found although initially saying he called FBI he was so disturbed by what was found. Craig Sawyer also was a “Flight Marshall” on 9/11. For 15 months has produced of value to fighting trafficking. Has a deal with Soros owned Netlifx(amongs other “people”) to produce a “documentary”. His claims 3,000 arrests and 160 “children saved” are totally unsubstantiated. His daughter’s name is Stephanie Elaine Lehmann. Maiden name Sawyer. No evidence she was ever trafficked.

(falsely copyright struck video to silence truth, video by brave patriot Timothy Homseth)He has since scrubbed his initial video although the Hagmann video remains. He also said fingerprints, DNA and other test should be done on the underground concealed child trafficking bunker. Police never showed up at scene he admits this as in his interview the road officers when initially contacted met the parties at a gas station, also no detectives or forensic experts ever once laid foot on the site. 2 days approx later VOP begins based on LEO refusal to investigate properly a massive campaign of public awareness, with the full backing of the so called “alt media”(mostly shills).

On June 2nd VOP finally recevied a “case number” in other words a road officer coming out and initially reporting something. Not a real investigation nothing legit.

VOP ends up drawing out a Cowboy/”tranny guy” who try to delude the investigation, dozens of witness and video attests to the bungled Cartel-Government run on the ground disinfo operation as “Cowboy” Guy sends his kid to tell them one thing but ends up messing up.

Stories change, they admit to building the sex trafficking site, then change story to why, whole family tells different stories from housing illegals to “place to stay”, to denying having built it. All of this is documented with many witnesses. Michael Lewis-Arthur Meyer takes to tower to bring public attention by peaceful demonstration eyes on the situation. Bloody Knife is found buried by VOP woman. Cops after days of inaction come to harass group falsely arrest 2, they are later released. Teams have been collecting evidence since DHS, FBI, local corrupt LEOS refuse to do their job due to orders by the higher ups not to investigate but false statements are issued claiming by unreliable and illegitimate media sources with no evidence to back their claims that it was “abandoned” a “homeless camp” and silly nonsense lacking sources for their fake information.

VOP after 5 days with agreement of TPD to have cadaver dog search the camp leaves with all the evidence, camp bulldozed over. Still no real investigation promised or delivered. No DNA tests, no fingerprint tests, no digging, no detailed forensic investigation violating all protocols and public trust.

Independent Profession source OathKepper, and 30 year experience OTG former LEO and real veteran Ron Thompson who was present for much of the early affair describes what he saw and experienced.VOP mobilizes with others and starts hitting trafficking site live feeding a small portion of what was found in subsequent days. Initial plants and shills who tied themselves to the operation start slowly changing their story, scrubbing articles, ignoring the facts the day of the discovery and events that followed. They knew of the Cemex operation and were ordered to attach, disrupt, and then “disavow” all the while not the telling about events, evidence, and who contacted who…trying to gain trust to betray those patriots on the ground exposing a massive child porn, sex slavery operation conducted at the behest of government, through a mega corporation with intel agency ties named Cemex, owned by organized Zionist crime lords Soros, Bronfman, Rothschild, in league with the Clinton Global initiative and NXVIM ties all around, along with the Mexican Government, and the corrupt state of Arizona, counties, cities, and towns.

Operation “Burning Phoenix” is started by Former Marine Intel and Counter Intelligence as well as other “special groups” online and on the ground, while telegraphing false moves everywhere. JIDF, Shareblue, and online discords targeted with fake mixed background check information intentionally planted in the “enemy camps”. Information admitted false to participants but backgrounds intentionally confused by online “activists” and assured to political operatives and paid shills truth community will not pay attention and closely observe the facts. Shill orgs run with it on the Chans and other social medium. Meyer points it out many times in his videos. They call him a “sex offender” among other things. Think Trump Dossier. Online shills and corrupt media outlets expose themselves by their repugnant actions shilling on Tucson Trafficking General Chan threads. More to revealed minus sources and methods at later date.

Old news stories proving in fact Meyer’s political courage, strong veteran advocacy, and peaceful activities distorted. A situation at the Bundy Ranch and old shill disinformation dug up while not showing you the videos fully and witness statements as well as LEO testimony showing the story a nothing burger, a dust up with a do-gooder mission based on previous friendship and wanting to give non lethal supplies as admitted by LEO’s to the Bundy Oregon group.

“Gandhi Meyer” they invert into “FBI provocateur” even though he was unarmed, mild mannered, and spoke of peaceful resolution opposing the militancy and tactics of some in the group in Oregon. A personal matter and giving of aid is distorted and blown up out of proportion. Who gave them that idea?

Back in Tucson over the next few days along the map trafficking site locations many sites are found. Child skull is found in late decomposing state by a VOP team, Meyer droves to site taking roughly 30 minutes to get there. Previous article concerning the “fires” lit simultaneously in the wet riverbed on a clear sunny day in different ares touches the aftermath. Many fires have been lit to destroy the trafficking sites and dump off points where evidence is piled up. Hat Tip Goat Anon, local Tucson resident.



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