PICAZIOgate: Judge who unlawfully slapped Holmseth with injunction removed from office

TRANSCRIPT of Timothy Holmseth interview – Serious Findings Disclosed

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TRANSCRIPT [partially edited – key points highlighted]

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Welcome to Business Game-changers. I’m Sara Westall [SW].

Today I am giving an update on the Timothy Holmseth case. He was arrested, put in jail overnight and let out without bail. They didn’t prosecute him further. He had a phone call from the International Judicial Commission. Timothy is an official witness now on their list, looking into child trafficking and sex crimes against children. An official representative called the jail on his behalf and shared with him that Timothy is a witness for them, which helped move the case along. The judge didn’t see an issue.

Background on what happened previous to that:

Timothy Holmseth was in a fight for his life for a long time, and had a restraining order put on him in Minnesota against the characters he has been investigating for many years. What recently happened is, Timothy submitted an affidavit with a lot of information that the judge got to read and view personally, and after the judge was able to review that information, which is all on public record now his whole case against them was vacated. Here is the official document from court.

Timothy Holmseth’s Affidavit used in the case that was VACATED by MN Judge Tamara Yon December 2017

SW: You can see they lifted his inability to continue his research and investigation because the research and investigation he’s been doing was on a very public case, and he’s been coming up with very, very important information. I believe the judge saw that, and anybody that puts any real effort into it will be see that as well. Besides the restraining order he had in Minnesota, he also had a domestic violence

injunction put on him in Putnam County, Florida, which I have been told by many people, listeners and other sources that those kind of injunctions are fraudulent. You can look at it yourself. It’s a domestic violence injunction on a journalist reporting and looking into a high-profile case, on a high-profile person. I don’t understand where the domestic violence comes in on this case, and I’ll continue with that a little more but she [Kim Picazio] called me and wanted to emphatically let me know that Tim Holmseth was crazy and that he was making things up, lying, he’s a conspiracy theorist, he’s taking advantage of a high-profile case to make a name for himself. I thought okay. I cannot in good conscience continue unless I know 100% for sure that Timothy is legit, and that what he’s doing is legit, and there’s something really serious here. I’ve interviewed him a couple times, I’ve looked into the information, I thought it was legit but I didn’t do the background work to make sure 100% for myself that it’s legit. So I said, you know what I need to do to clear my conscience, know there aren’t other victims here that are being put up on a stake, and so I set forth to do that without any interference from anybody. I wanted to read and understand the affidavit, which I got. I got the affidavit he submitted to court and then I got the evidence that was in that affidavit saying, showing documents, and audio calls on the case.

SW: What I learned without a doubt, 100% confidence, is that this has really serious issues behind it, there are crimes behind it, there’s a lot of lying and backstabbing. I think the characters involved were all turning on each other trying to protect themselves, and putting dirt on others so the others couldn’t attack them. The more I watched it, the more I realized there’s a lot of craziness in this case but nonetheless it’s there and there’s some real facts here. So, that’s what I learned. I’m gonna go through some of that with you so you understand what Timothy Holmseth has been going through, and what this information really is, and what it is pointing to. One thing I want to tell you, before I get into more information, is that he had 2 domestic violence injunctions against him. One was in Putnam County, and the judge that put that injunction against him has been removed from his duty. He has a Commission that is doing inquires into him and you can see here from this newspaper article, and also the letter from the Commission that for the sake of public confidence he was removed from his duties. It shows there’s more than likely corruption in this judge, in how he conducts business. I’ve been hearing it from a lot of sources that these domestic violence injunctions are used as a weapon against people. I don’t know how it could possibly be used against a journalist but nonetheless they did it here.

SW: Upon looking at Tim Holmseth’s affidavit, you can see he has a lot listed here. First, I want to look at the affidavit that was put forth by Cobra. He’s called William Eugene Staubs. In the media he’s known as Cobra the Bounty Hunter. He’s 54 years old and a proud father of five at the time of this affidavit. This was reported Oct 3, 2011. I’m gonna point out some things that are pretty interesting that he says and there’s quite a bit here.

William “Cobra” Staubs [private investigator] Affidavit:

06:27 mins
In March 2009 I was involved with the search for a missing child from Florida named HaLeigh Cummings.

SW: So he was intimately involved with this case as well.

In 2009, he had a working professional relationship with an attorney named Kim Picazio, he also had a professional relationship with the media agent named Art Harris – to which he hired and paid for his services.

In April of 2009, he contacted Timothy Charles Holmseth after he [Cobra] listened to a song Timothy had written that inspired him. After some research Cobra learned that Timothy Holmseth was a former newspaper reporter and magazine writer, and believed he may provide some exposure to the HaLeigh Cummings case. We spoke and discussed the possibility of him writing a freelance magazine feature for Christian Magazine regarding the missing little girl. We began a working relationship.

Mr. Harris told Cobra that Mr. Holmes is a pedophile. He started smearing his name. He also told him that Timothy Holmseth was mentally unstable and dangerous, and ridiculed him and mocked him for talking to Mr. Holmseth. He referenced my record-making arrests as a bondsman, noting I had arrested several hundred child molesters. He questioned why would I dedicate myself to taking pedophiles off the street and then help one? He wanted me to assist in ‘exposing’ Mr. Holmseth and further stated he was a threat to his own child. Within a few days after Mr. Harris’ brutal attacked on my character, Kim Picazio and her husband Michael Picazio told me Mr. Holmseth [tinfoil Tim] as they referred to him, was a child molester, mentally unstable, and dangerous.

They wanted him to talk to other people. They told him that Timothy likely molested his kid, and he was going to kill his kid, and that he is mentally unstable and dangerous. Further, Kim said she was terrified of Tim.

I later learned, rather found that Mr. Holmseth is not a pedophile, and he is not dangerous but rather had become a victim of an all-out attack on his character.

SW: So he’s been a victim of an all-out attack by Kim Picazio, her husband and this Art Harris character. He goes on to say.

I further believe Art Harris and Kim Picazio are deeply involved with each other and attempting to keep something nefarious hidden. He believes Mr. Holmseth possesses media that incriminates Kim Picazio and Art Harris.

SW: I agree with this as well the more I looked into it.

I have eye-witnessed Kim Picazio use her law license and experience and family law to unethically orchestrate changes of custody by and between a young mother, and who I believe the father to be a convicted felon. Further I believe Kim Picazio makes a practice of using the custody status of a person’s child as a tool and weapon against that person. For example I witnessed Kim Picazio trick a young indigent female girl into surrendering her custodial rights of her young daughter over to the child’s father, a person twice her age. I also believe Kim Picazio did this to gain leverage over the young girl regarding testimony she desired from the girl in the HaLeigh Cummings case, which almost caused a young mother to commit suicide, and without my immediate intervention I believe she would have.

In 2009, Kim Picazio asked me to help her frame a black man named Gregory Lewis Paige, and young white girl named Misty Jeannette Croslin as being responsible for the murder of HaLeigh Cummings.

SW: So he’s saying in an affidavit in court that she [Kim Picazio] was framing someone to be the murderer of HaLeigh Cummings. He refused to do that.

I told Mr. Holmseth. He advised me he was going to alert authorities and I told him I wanted him to do that. I told Mr. Holmseth to report to authorities I would submit to a polygraph test and sodium pentothal if necessary to prove my truthfulness. I have observed her behavior since that time to be irresponsible and self-serving.

I have witnessed Kim Picazio’s husband Michael Picazio remove a mini-14 carbine assault rifle from its hidden location in his home. He kept it hidden because he is convicted felon. He’s not supposed to possess a firearm. He told me he was gonna kill Timothy Holmseth or have somebody do it for Him. Kim Picazio was present on one occasion as Michel Picazio brandished the weapon and spoke of murdering Mr. Holmseth.

I conducted several interviews assessing the personal welfare and potential threats in advance of Timothy Holmseth tentative travels to Broward County, Florida to attend a court hearing motion by Kim Picazio. It was my finding that a real threat existed and Mr. Holmseth’s life was in danger if he traveled to Fort Lauderdale for the court hearing. For the safety of my informants I will only provide the witness’ names and statements to law enforcement.

SW: Okay, I believe Mr. Holmseth has been viciously slandered and defamed by Kim Picazio, Michael Picazio, Art Harris and Rhonda Callahan, and I believe Mr. Holmseth’s life is in danger. So when you look at this affidavit it appears to me that the person whose life is in danger, and the violence, the domestic violence if it even is applicable in anything like this, should be against Picazio and others not against Timothy Holmseth. I think there should be a restraining order put against them to leave him alone, and I think there needs to be authorities coming into this case to further protect him. That being said I’m gonna share a little more I found going through his affidavit. This is just the tip of the iceberg. He has hundreds and hundreds of hours of audio and many documents. I spent two days looking through this and my jaw dropped to the floor on the type of evidence he actually has. Anybody who will put some effort into this will see clearly that there’s something here. Now I’m gonna play some audio from Wayanne Kruger explaining the baby sales and how that happens.

12:51 mins
SW: It starts out talking about how they’re using the church as an easy way to do this, and then she goes on and explains it in more detail. Of course this isn’t a full dunk case just because you have somebody on audio but when you look at all the different evidence you go okay there is ton of smoke here, and for anybody not to investigate this further is really sad, and the fact that his information has been shut down for almost a decade, and people aren’t investigating it is a shame because in that time think of how many people have been hurt by other crimes these people are committing. Okay, here’s an audio of Wayanne Kruger [WK].

I didn’t even think of that you know, like what a perfect way to do this is to go through the church and have them adopt out with the dossier.

I can’t believe I didn’t even think about that. I mean that is the simplest thing in the world to do because any church you’re a member of they can draft a legal final record for a birth certificate. You don’t have to go through the state. All you have to do is say you’re from [?], say that the girl blah, blah, blah, had her baby while she was at this blah, blah institution or this church and we [?]

Question: What were you saying about Kim Picazio paying for a dossier?

WK: In 2001, right around there, she had paid for a dossier that was to help get this littler girl into a different country.

Question: Who told you this? What little girl?

WK: Let me get it. They were funding, I think, adoption.

Question: Kim Picazio was?

WK: Yeah!

Question: And who told you this?

WK: It was one of the ladies that had written me probably 9-10 months ago, and then she had written me again when we started grabbing all of our shit and going to the hospital. Like I said I thought I was having a heart attack it was crazy. I mean what a perfect way for a lawyer to get away with it. I mean she’s actually a baby seller. She’s a broker. She’s selling babies and kids to couples and she doesn’t care who they are just give me your money.  [Unable to clarify]

SW: Okay, so I think that is pretty strong evidence that maybe something is here. There is another piece of evidence. I’m not going to play the audio but it’s public record now so people should be able to get hold of it. It is audio by Donald Knobs and it is verification that Kim Picazio had pornographic pictures of little HaLeigh Cummings’ vagina that was torn apart. She was in pornographic type pictures and they showed close-ups of that. There is indication that maybe it was used to frame somebody for what happened to her. It also points that maybe she was alive and they knew where she was beforehand. Again, professionals need to look at this in more detail.

SW: Other things people need to be aware of is Timothy Holmseth has been getting numerous death threats, and as Cobra attested to in his affidavit, Timothy’s life is in danger. He’s afraid to go to Florida, where he’ll probably be killed. He’s had multiple death threats, 2 of which have been reported to authorities, which are public record, and what they said to him “I’m gonna kill you” type of threats.

SW: After I reviewed all this information it became crystal clear to me that there are problems here, there are many, many, more documents and many more things I saw. A lot of factual Information, audios and documents show that Kim Picazio lies on a regular basis. I heard one audio where she had an affair with a young man, and one audio where she is emphatically talking about how much she cares about him, and that

relationship meant something, and then right up there I heard another audio of her talking about how that never happened.  She’s talking to her husband and others how he’s an effen liar, and this never happened, and he’s crazy. He told her very personal information about being sexually molested by his father and she went on to use that against him; as he was crazy and mentally unstable. Sounds a lot like what she says about  Timothy Holmseth, although she said it in context on that audio.

SW: So when you hear somebody talk exactly like she does against Timothy Holmseth, and you know for a fact she’s lying, it makes you question

everything she says. That was only one thing I saw her lying about, there’s many, it’s a pattern of stuff that she lies about. Again if anybody wants to spend time going through this you will see very clearly that she lies on a regular basis. After I went through all this information I contacted Timothy Holmseth and asked him where he has this stuff stored, is it safe? This information is now in the hands of 3 people, it’s safe, it will not go away no matter what you do to Timothy Holmseth. If you try to kill him your problem is still going to be there. It creates a safety net for him.

Holmseth has also been advised to stay out of the public eye until the case gets more defined. He’s working with a team of legal experts and people with the International Justice Tribunal Commission to frame this case and bring it forward. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered, who’s all involved, how deep does this go, and we want to keep him safe while he’s working on that with his team of attorneys. That’s what he’s focusing on now.

I’m sure listeners will hear from him when the information is more put together and ready to go to trial. The other thing I wanted to mention is that this is really serious, and it talks to how important a case like this is and how hard it is to take somebody like this to court.

Kim Picazio is very well-connected. She is connected in Broward County and around the country. She personally knows Sheriff Israel who is running the Florida shooting case, she also is located in the same district that is Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s district, and she was an attorney for Obama. This woman is very connected. They also were involved in hundreds of million of dollars case that was recently shut down for violations, and there’s a lot of legal issues behind that. She was one of the ones that orchestrated the case. It was in her husband’s business name but there’s a lot of smoke there too. There’s something about that that could come out of this. To me that is secondary to the trafficking and the children who are hurt in this case.

In closing I want to say, it’s very important that professionals take it from here. Anyone who is going to spend time and effort, have the patience, and actually put the effort into it because I think a lot of people here gloss over, they look at Timothy Holmseth and don’t take him seriously, they look at Kim Picazio who’s well connected, looks very professional and take her more seriously. Look at the data. Realize that Timothy is telling the truth. I haven’t found a lie yet from him according the documents and what he said, whereas I found lie after lie after lie coming from Kim Picazio.

Just because somebody represents themselves a certain way does not mean they’re not lying. Authorities need to look at this very carefully, have a little patience and you will find. I found this in two days of looking through it, and I was 100% convinced there’s something here. For professionals to look through this it won’t take you as long and you will find much more there.

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I want to close out with a written statement from Robert David Steele on behalf of the International Judicial Commission:

Timothy Holmseth, has been registered as an official witness for the International Judicial Commission of inquiry into human trafficking and child sex abuse. I want to extend a professional salute to the manager of the Polk County Jail. As soon as they were appraised of both his status and the fact that the local judge had been lied to, the Minnesota restraining order was vacated. A federal lawsuit will elevate the Florida matter and crush that as well. Mr. Holmseth was released. We are helping Mr. Holmseth file a federal lawsuit against individuals who have been defaming him and crowd stocking him. If and when conspiracy is proven in a court of law, they will not only lose all their legal and related licenses, they will be liable for triple damages and Mr. Holmseth and his family will enjoy a multi-million dollar payback.

Thank you very much for listening. I hope you have a really great day.


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