Congress Fails Massively by Design to Stop Illegal Censorship of Conservatives

The Bitch Boys Liddle coup continues as Congress fails in its duty to stop the censorship of Conservatives in order to cover up their bigger crimes

November 1
st 2019

The Democrats in charge of the House of Representatives like Nancy Pelosi, and members of the House Intelligence Committee, like Schiff and Nadler, should be doing their jobs! That means, instead of holding a Star Chamber second impeachment proceeding, they need to be answering major questions involving the first impeachment attempt by the Democrats against President Trump. Instead, they are dragging the country into their coup while failing miserably to do their jobs.

If they were doing their jobs they would be demanding that Christopher Wray turn over the unredacted documents that are evidence which continues to be withheld by the FBI, and was supposed to be turned over to Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunez and Jim Jordan, as well as Judicial Watch, months ago!

That evidence outlines a plot to overthrow our sitting President and the people of the United States by the Obama regime, members of his cabinet, the CIA, FBI, DNC, Justice Dept. and British intelligence! That evidence should also include the DNC server which proves Trump’s innocence and implicates the DNC in a plot by the DNC to interfere with the Democratic primary in order to replace front runner Bernie Sanders with Hillary Clinton.

Obama’s Bitch Boys, his ladies in waiting,” and incumbents from his regime and his cabinet have left a legacy of non-stop unconstitutional, criminal acts, espionage and murder across the planet! Members of the House Intelligence Committee have continually abused their authority in order to line their pockets at the expense of “American Diplomacy” and the reputations of the American people!

There is nothing more despicable than their current abuse of authority to distract from their own culpability in their Obama era “pay-to-play” financial crimes which have endangered the security of the country and its people more than any foreign spy ever could. Even worse, they are continuing to blame and threaten to impeach our duly elected President, simply because they are trying to cover up their own culpability in these crimes. These crimes are far worse, than the ones that they have been investigating!

The laws of the United States are clear about those who abuse their “authority” under “color of title”, and who betray their “Oath of Office” to the Constitution of the United States. In the case of the Speaker of the House and certain members of the House Intelligence, House Judiciary, and Finance Committees, their authority should be removed immediately pending independent investigations.

The only reason that the guilty parties are making so much noise is so they can say that the President is going after them as a form of revenge for investigating “him!” Moreover, the profoundly vile and dishonest MSM provides cover with the “Coup Plotters’” talking points without fail!

These “Coup Plotters” must be investigated immediately before they destroy the country! Trump must delegate authority to someone who will absolutely do what is needed, based upon what the laws of the country and what the U.S. Constitution requires, and damn the mosquito’s who are buzzing from the draining swamp!

To make matters worse, Congress, which is too busy with trying to subvert the will of the people, of the country and the President, is failing to regulate media giants like Twitter, Facebook, Google, CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times and others who are blatantly interfering with American’s right to vote.

The tech giants and the mainstream media were responsible for the discrimination against the conservative candidates and their right to campaign on a fair and balanced playing field in 2018. They also interfered through the cover-up of massive election fraud in 2018, which took place with devastating results.

That’s how the latest House of Representatives came under the illegitimate dominion of the Pelosi-controlled Democrats. The security of the country is now being undermined by this rogue troupe of fraudulently elected California and New York Democrats. Moreover, the 2018 election fraud that took place in both New York and California was crucial for their current plan of subversion to be implemented.

Its main purpose was to steal the House of Representatives in order to stall exposure of the Russiagate coup, to cover up the “pay-to-play” crimes of Congress and to stop President Trump from discovering them via yet another impeachment sham and the latest “Star Chamber” underground proceedings.

Those who are controlling the House are controlling the cover up of the crimes of their members, as well as Obama’s appointees, former members of the FBI, CIA, Justice Department and an incredibly corrupt cabal of players who have leveraged their offices to raid the piggy banks of the American people and those of the rest of the world for decades.

Since the election of 2016, the House of Representatives has done little else but try to impeach our President and cheat in the interim elections. As a result, they have been criminally negligent and utterly incompetent in doing their jobs. Their main duty is to uphold their oaths of office to the Constitution of the United States. From that duty to the Constitution, all of their other duties are derived. 

The “Interstate Commerce Clause,” gives Congress plenary power to regulate commerce between the States. It is also “the first duty” of Congress to regulate interstate Commerce and to protect it from anything that interferes with the fair and uniform flow of commerce between the states and to protect those doing business in and between the States.

The Internet is the largest commercial platform ever created. It is the Internet where millions of users derive their incomes for their creative content. Therefore, the banning or demonetizing of conservatives by manipulating their stats, shadow-banning their comments or messages, and blocking their ability to communicate with their subscribers interferes with the right to contract and to derive an income from Internet platforms.

Because the Internet is one of the largest engines of commerce between the fifty states, media discrimination of certain people falls squarely within the duties of Congress to regulate, because these companies are blatantly interfering with interstate commerce across the Internet and on all of the media platforms.

This outrageous censorship is destroying the American people’s most fundamental constitutional rights. The most egregious being the interference with freedom of speech on the Internet and across all areas of access to communication networks.

Treating similarly endowed citizens differently based upon their viewpoints and political identity by removing their incomes violates their civil rights and the equal protection clause of the U.S. Constitution. Monster companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter et al. are actually taxpayer-subsidized communication monopolies like the phone companies. Hence, they fall squarely within the purview of Congressional regulation.

The U.S. Supreme Court has insisted throughout its history that making unbiased information available to the public is crucial to maintaining “the concept of ordered Liberty” in a free and open society. Therefore, Congress can and should remedy the war on free speech by invoking the Interstate Commerce Clause.

This discrimination also makes these media platforms prime targets for Class Action and Anti-Trust lawsuits. They are guilty of massive unconstitutional violations of freedom of speech, freedom of association, interference with contract and interference with prospective advantage.

Congress can save taxpayers and these large companies billions of dollars by simply invoking the interstate commerce clause and requesting a decree for a permanent injunction to be issued by a federal Judge. This would be the fastest way to prevent further violations of the equal protection clause and violations of the freedom of speech of American citizens based upon political content and political identity.

Therefore, it’s absolutely incumbent upon the current Congress to address monopolistic monsters like Google, Twitter, Facebook and others and to use their interstate commerce power to permanently enjoin them from discrimination against their user based upon their speech and opinions.

If Congress refuses to act, then there must be RICO and Anti-Trust Lawsuits filed against the Fake News Stations and the Tech Giants because they are monopolies who have gone way beyond conspiring to fix prices. They are also denying the American people the right to read, see, hear, speak, work and assemble unless they get to control every aspect of our lives. That is not Freedom but Tyranny!

Since President Trump and Melania moved into the White House, I have not seen a single picture or article on a magazine rack in any store that I have shopped in with their faces or their family on the cover. This absence does not reflect the needs or tastes or affiliations of the American people. “It is blatant evidence of the violation of Anti Trust laws by a handful of conspiring monopolies!”  It is also psychologically harmful to those who love and support their country and their President!

Furthermore, it is completely infuriating to still see the traitorous Obama’s on all of these magazine covers to this day! If the Fake News Media is not a monopoly which conspires with others of its kind to censor conservatives and our President, then there would be a variety of content other than globalist, leftist, Democrat propaganda for American consumers to choose from.

Nothing but this treasonous and dishonest narrative from the Left is available to the public-at-large and something must be done about it! There is evidence of censorship by these monopolies everywhere and there are Anti-Trust and RICO laws in place to prosecute and regulate monopolies in the United States.

It seems that the primary purpose of this current do-nothing Congress is to distract, dismiss, and divide and conquer the American people in order to obscure their past and present crimes, as well as to remove anything or anyone from impeding them from using their offices to commit future criminal acts against America and its citizens.

The current House of Representatives could care less about doing the imperative business of protecting the economy and the prosperity of the American people. Hence, many of them and a number of other members of the current political class should be considered a threat to our National Security and to the people of the United States.

Too many of them are part of the swamp cabal that helped Obama almost destroy the country. The reign of Obama caused the expatriation of the largest number of American citizens and American wealth out of the country in U.S. history.

The Obama Administration put in writing how much of a threat he and his minions are to the National Security of the United States and to the American people with his National Defense Authorization Act. This act allowed him to drone American Citizens on American soil.

Moreover, it is the Obama Administration and his outrageous additions to the National Defense Authorization Act that classified all American citizens as enemy combatants and, therefore, not legally protected by the Government.

This repugnant act by the Obama regime proclaimed that American citizens not only had no constitutional rights, but no civil rights or even human rights. Of course, since Obama made it legal for the Fake News Media to lie to the people, few Americans were aware of what was being done to them by his monstrously vile regime.

The Clinton and Obama regimes and the Democrats had continued what the Bush regime, 9/11 and the tyranny of the Patriot Act created. Obama’s NDAA gave the Government free reign to lie, cheat, steal,  mutilate, rape, kidnap, traffic, murder, incarcerate without due process, remove children from families, poison, forcefully vaccinate and chip, mind control, microwave, spy upon, unfairly audit conservative groups and confiscate any property held by any American citizen at will. Furthermore, what the Obama regime did to the military and its veterans is beyond deplorable!

Now those who have been the main instruments of America’s downfall are having hissy fits because they are not being allowed to oppress America’s citizens like the last three Presidents allowed and even conspired with them to do.

The Obama regime wasn’t happy with merely destroying the American people, they also destroyed the environment throughout the country, through mismanagement, weather warfare, industrial sabotage, nuclear waste dispersion, scorched earth policies and water diversion for eight long years.

The only thing that kept the Obama regime from completing its vile and evil agenda was American citizen’s refusal to give up their guns and the loss by Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election to Donald Trump.

Since 2016, the Obama regime and Obama himself are refusing to follow the Constitution and to remove himself and his cabinet from the affairs of the State. They are waging a civil war against the country and against the people, which is just an extension of what Obama and his regime of dirty Democrats and RINOs were doing to the country the entire time that Obama was in office.

It took someone as brash, fearless, and unpredictable as Donald Trump to alert the American people to the danger that we are really in. Americans who complain that Donald Trump is too outspoken are the same people who say that they want someone in office who is open and honest. Donald Trump is not a politician and he seems to be the most open and transparent President in modern history. If he could find a staff that he could trust, his administration would be so also.

Like him or hate him, Donald Trump is the one person with the drive, the discipline, the ability to succeed, the courage and the strength of character to deal with this incredibly dangerous pit of swamp creatures, since most politicians are notorious cowards  and gate-keepers who conspire in the dark and stab in the back.

Detractors call Trump an egotist; however, without a strong ego built on a lifetime of proven success, there isn’t another human being who could withstand the horrible treatment that President Trump and his family have had to endure at the hands of the media in all its terrible forms.

Perhaps the greatest clue to the strength of Donald Trump’s character is how his children have turned out. They have also handled the unfair treatment that they have received from the media with grace, discipline, honesty and courage.

Obama, the destructiveness of his influence and his evil actions throughout the country and across the planet have not stopped with his departure from the White House as he wages a guerilla war on American soil.

Thus, the American saga of “the Builder vs. the Destroyer” continues. Trump inspires our courage, and invites us to participate in the rebuilding and taking back of our country, our freedoms and our lives from those who wish us not only gone but permanently forgotten.

If Congress refuses to do its duty, then the laws that were put in place to protect the American people “must” be used for benefit the American people so that they can hold the criminals in Congress and the Oligarchs and Technocrats who control them accountable.

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