A Californian’s Urgent Plea to the POTUS


Dear President Trump,

Since California is attacking conservatives for the 3rd straight year, wouldn’t now be a good time to send in the U.S. Military ….”to keep the peace”?

This is an opportunity to get boots on the ground.  The CA Governor won’t like it, but he has declared a state of emergency. He does this to get Federal Money, but what if we send helping hands instead (the US Military)?

Much of the state has no power……that means thefts galore. Rapes galore. Murders galore. Elderly trapped in their homes, with no way to request help, cuz all phones are dead, Internet is dead, cell phones are dead, stores are closed….no one to go door to door to see if people are okay or if they need help.

The police can’t handle it, especially with no phones.

This is the perfect opportunity for the US Military to come into CA to manage traffic where traffic lights are out, to patrol streets for the safety of Americans who no longer can use their Brinks security systems (etc), AND the US Military can AID PG&E in assessing the damage (none) to power lines, to expedite the restoration of power to the state of CA.

YOU will be a hero, Mr President.

Don’t take no for answer. INSIST. If CA is in an emergency and demanding money, send them physical aid as part of the deal. CA wants more federal money; it comes with strings attached … the US Military needs to be called in to help citizens; maybe even to help put out the fires….they can definitely help restore power.

Meanwhile, having the US Military all over this state should put a damper on the CA gov’t starting any more fires and stop the geoengineered weather with hurricane level winds which are totally unprecedented….and expedite the restoration of electricity.

It’s a win-win for you.

Meanwhile you’ve got the US Military on site, in preparation for when they are needed for civil unrest ….or possibly a deterrent to civil unrest.

Think about it: turn the tables on these criminally insane psychopaths, and use their own shenanigans to cause CA to come under Martial Law. The CA gov’t has no one to blame but themselves if they don’t like it.

Make this mandatory going forward, too, for all future power cuts. It might make them think twice before plunging their citizens into darkness, and then deliberately starting fires.

A state of emergency has been declared; CA and its American Citizens need help. (Houses are being robbed left and right due to power outages, citizens being raped and murdered, the elderly suffering health problems, but can’t call for help. Traffic signals not working…..etc, etc., etc.)

A state of emergency has been declared, CA’s American Citizens needs help now. SEND HELP!

Opportunity is knocking……and it doesn’t knock twice.

Respectfully submitted,
A Concerned Californian

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