Has Hillary not learned from her ‘work’ on the Watergate investigation?

Darrell Issa: Hillary Looking Like a ‘Modern Democratic Nixon’

By Courtney Coren

California Republican Rep. Darrell Issa says that the way former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is handling the email scandal from her tenure at the State Department is starting to make her look like former President Richard Nixon.

“The damage to Hillary Clinton if she doesn’t do an about face and become really forthcoming — allow a forensic analysis of all of her emails, an independent decision of what would be appropriate for the the government to have — the damage to her is she’s beginning to look like a modern Democratic Richard Nixon,” Issa said in an interview with CNN.

“And that’s not good for someone who aspires to be president,” he said.

He contends that if someone wants to be president, “you’ve got to be open and transparent as a candidate or no one’s going to believe you’re going to be open and transparent when you have the power of the presidency.”

“She needs to decide — is she going to be the open and transparent person, or is she going to be the reclusive paranoid,” he said.

“That’s her decision, but the American people are watching,” he added.

Issa is in Austin, Texas to participate in a panel at the SXSW Interactive to talk about ending the Electronics Communications Privacy Act (ECPA).

“I’m speaking on a panel about the need to reform a 1986 law that has become so out of date that most people don’t know that after 180 days, their email can be taken by the government en masse without a warrant,” Issa explained.

“All your emails for the last many years is there and can and likely is taken by the government, which is not what you think of as your right to privacy,” he added.

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