One High School Student’s Valiant Fight Against the Super-Vaccination Agenda Who WON! (Video)

Treaty Of Peace 2020 – A Total Immunity Vaccination – Getting Yours?

“Is free will in your future? Treaty of Peace 2020 is the movement to claim your true birth-right and the Creator’s intended inheritance. An arbitration award in-hand confirms 573 points of claim and orders a corporate government to settle and honor your immunity. Website contains what you need to know to make an informed, intelligent and free will decision on opting into the settlement. The opt-in deadline is December 25th and settlement action will begin on January 7th in Washington D.C. This video and other videos and articles are intended to assist, but do not take the place of reading the documents. Free will is a gift from God. It requires responsibility. We are all ultimately responsible to the Creator for how we practice it. Free will without responsibility is a train wreck. A tyrannical government has grown up as a result of apathetic, irresponsible, and rebellious man. You can decide and take action to remedy the situation in your life, help others, and expose and provide incentive for resistance to the tyranny. God commands it and the children especially, deserve it.”   — by Phil Hudok

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