Hillary Clinton accurately called out as ‘Warmongering’, ‘Corrupt’, ‘Cowardly’, ‘Afraid’, ‘Personification of the rot’ and Pathologically Deceitful

Gabbard Calls Out Clinton ‘Warmongering,’ Treason Smear

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By Cathy Burke

Military veteran and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, tore into ‘warmongering’ Hillary Clinton on Friday night, saying the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee’s veiled podcast smear of her as a Russian “asset” was a thinly veiled treason accusation.

In a fiery interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Gabbard, who is the backfield of a crowded Democratic presidential candidate field, said the startling Clinton charge illustrated the 2020 race was between her “corruption” and Gabbard’s platform.

“This is about Hillary Clinton sending a very strong message saying that because I am and have long been calling for an end to our country’s foreign policy… from regime change to regime change… and because I’m calling for an end to this new cold war and nuclear arms race, that I’m a Russian asset and a traitor to the nation,” she said.

“For her to come out and actually speak for herself, come out from behind the curtain and stop using these proxies… it will again be clear that this is a race between Hillary Clinton and myself,” Gabbard added.

“Voters will be given a very clear choice,” Gabbard said, “between choosing Hillary Clinton and all that she represents and continuing these warmongering regime-change policies and corruption, or supporting me and my candidacy and the leadership I seek to bring as a Democrat.”

In an earlier interview on CNN, commentator Van Jones warned that Clinton was “playing a very dangerous game” with the not-so-veiled attack on Gabbard.

“There is a backstory and there are two sides to every story. Let’s not forget, Tulsi Gabbard was picked out by the Democratic Party and put at the top of the DNC” ahead of the 2016 election, Jones said.

“They thought she was going to be their golden girl and she got that position and she looked around and saw [former DNC chair] Debbie Wasserman Schulz and other people, Clinton allies, doing stuff they shouldn’t be doing in the primary and Tulsi publicly quit and endorsed Bernie Sanders and it’s been payback hell ever since.”


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