Vaccine Protester Olivia Hudok Graduates Valedictorian (Video)

Consider what Treaty of Peace 2020 offers those fighting forced vaccination.

Vaccine Protester Olivia Hudok Graduates Valedictorian – WBOY TV

West Virginia WBOY Channel 12 reports on the May 25, 2013 graduation of Pickens High School’s valedictorian, Olivia Hudok.

Because Olivia refused to comply with a newly passed policy of vaccine booster shot for all West Virginia 12th grade students, she was not permitted to attend classes with her peers.

However, a circuit court ruling ordered homebound instruction and she delivered her valedictorian address on May 25, 2013.

She was the only student in West Virginia to remain a public school student while refusing the vaccination. Update 10/18/2019!

A recent arbitration award won by Olivia’s father, Phillip Hudok, establishes a permanent exemption for all people in America who decide to exercise the free will granted in their birthright under the Creator.

In the contract established, an opt-in is extended to all Americans. Visit the dedicated website: It is your free will, it is your choice.

With no apologies…Phillip Hudok

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