California Blackout, Martial Law and 3 Million Californians Targeted for Removal

by Shoshone

For years the “Climate Change Agenda” has driven the Globalist narrative. Saving the planet has been used as the excuse for their intended removal of the majority of all human beings from the face of the planet by the year 2030. To repeat a quote by Hillary Clinton, “We are behind schedule now, but we hope to have it done by the year 2030!”

The original goal behind “Agenda 21” was for the removal of the majority of humans, to be completed by the year 2000. However, the awakened, the dissenters and nationalist leaders like Trump, Putin and others, have of late begun to put the brakes on this Globalist-driven genocidal insanity.

However, human efforts have only slowed this insidious process which has continued to be secretly and now more blatantly implemented across the planet and the Americas over the past century! Moreover, there are places like California where nothing has seemed to slow this rotten cabal from implementing its treacherous agenda, until now! Hopefully, these blackouts will finally give the people of California a chance to take back our state and help to save our country.

Therefore, the people of California have begun the process of recalling Governor Gavin Newsom for his crimes against the people of California. The website where California’s registered voters can download the Petition To Recall California’s Governor and instructions on how to get it back to the State are here;

I am urging all Californians to step up and get these petitions signed by yourselves, your friends, your family and your neighbors. This may be the only time that being a legally registered voter will count in any kind of election in California! We have only three to four months to get it done to save ourselves! Please watch the video and make this go viral! – YouTube

On October 10th 2019, Chinese control was removed from the California Port of Long Beach by the Trump administration. The Port had been under a long-term lease negotiated by the Obama administration with the Chinese Communist government. The Chinese company, which is one of the largest freight companies to imports goods into the U.S., was in control of the second-busiest container port in the United States. In an unreported Trump administration victory, the Chinese Communists are out after a drawn-out national security review forced a unit of China-based COSCO Shipping Holdings Co. (Orient Overseas Container Line—OOCL) to sell the cherished container terminal business located at the Port of Long Beach.

Timed with the removal of the Communist Chinese at The Port of Long Beach, authorities in control of California decided to shut the power off to almost three million people with the flimsiest excuse that “uncontrollable winds might start a fire?”

Is this retaliation being taken out on California’s citizens by California Democrats such as lDianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi and her family members, and many others in Hollywood who have made treasonous deals with the Chinese behind the backs of the American people?

Is this is just the beginning of more planned insanity that is being wielded by the monsters amongst us? The blackout, with its curfews and forced removal of people, is “Martial Law” predicated upon lies to consolidate Globalist Democrat control through draconian, means! If their past actions are any indication in predicting the future, there will be fires burning in California for months to come!

Could there be another diabolical plan afoot that will turn more Californians into collateral damage? This seems to be just the latest and most blatant threat to the citizens of California from those who have failed as our leaders! This group that inhabits “Sacramento’s Globalist Swamp” has been using geo-engineering, water diversion into the ocean, forest mismanagement and arson as a “weapon system” for over twenty years against the people of California!

For years, Californians watched the Democrat-instigated destruction of the Central Valley food bowl, the promotion of urban decay through theft and mismanagement in the cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles, and Democrat open border policies which kept them in control while California and its citizens have suffered!

Because of this Democrat, Globalist stranglehold through election fraud and intentional mismanagement of the northern and inland territories of California, a large majority of Californians living in those places wanted to secede from the corrupt politicians in the coastal cities and in Sacramento. Many of the areas that were Conservative strongholds were targeted by fires in 2018.

The irony of the California secessionist movement is that it is the secessionists who want to remain with the United States. For them, the only solution left was to divorce the Democrats in control of California who they had rightly perceived had already left the United States when they became Globalist shills and privateers for the Oligarchs of the New World Order!

This “Sacramento Swamp cabal” has remained in the union in name only! They have done so in order to legitimize the war that they have been waging in secret against the people of California and the Constitution of the United States! The election of Donald Trump in 2016 finally forced them to come out in Open Warfare and it’s not a pretty sight!

The Democrats of California are nothing more than a den of Pirates, flying a false flag, from within a Trojan horse! This is always the case with the Globalists! They hide behind corrupt Judges, State secrets, illegitimate governing bodies and offices, and media propagandists to do their evil deeds, such as false flags, acts of sabotage and genocide! Moreover, their intentions are usually hidden behind a veil of lies and masks of sanity!

In November of 2018, the Democrat “Control Freaks” in Sacramento answered the secessionist movement that had its headquarters in Paradise California by burning tens of thousands of the residents of Paradise into unrecognizable cinders as they tried to escape in their cars during election week on November 8th. They did so with directed energy weapons and with the help of PG&E smart meters.

Then the profoundly evil and corrupt Democrat-run political machine of Hollywood, the Mockingbird Media, Silicon Valley Tech Goolag, and Tammany Hall Sacramento Corruptocrats proceeded to “cover up its 2018 Election crimes” perpetrated against California’s citizens. Governor Jerry Brown then unilaterally passed a law putting the costs of California’s 2018 fires on to the backs of California’s taxpayers.

However, there are still lawsuits pending against PG&E for their part in the fires of 2018. Now PG&E is retaliating for the lawsuits that were filed against them. There is a chilling parallel in every case where the Globalists use “Disaster Fascism” in order to steal the land from its rightful owners.

What happened is quite similar to the case of the inhabitants living around and victims of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, which seems to be in the process of happening again with PG&E! In the case of the lawsuit against British Petroleum, the defendant, with Obama’s and Halliburton’s help, managed to poison the plaintiffs with Corexit, stall the lawsuits and wait until many of them died in order to avoid paying damages.

There has been little compensation from the Federal money that was given to Governor Gavin Newsom for the California fire victims of 2018. State efforts to help the survivors of the 2018 fires or information about the actual body count of murdered citizens from the State of California has been suspect at best. California’s corrupt Democrat Politicians are too busy allocating that money to legal defense funds for non citizens, illegally entering and “occupying” the State of California!

The naked aggression behind the attacks on conservative red areas and those who wanted to secede from “Communist run California” and more closely align themselves with the rest of the of the United States during the 2018 election was unprecedented in its viciousness.

The use of directed energy weapon technology that the California version of the “Swamp” now wields has the ability, through Rothschild’s PG&E, smart meter grid, to target, individuals that they want to remove permanently.

The result of this kind of treachery has been seen before in all of its hideous destruction. The first time similar devastation was seen was on the “Highway of Death” during the first Gulf War. It seems that similar weapons of mass destruction were used by George H. W. Bush on members of the Iraqi army after they had already surrendered!

The pictures of these victims of this “highway of death and destruction” from 1991 stunned the world and outraged the international community. There is nothing that’s more symbolic than the horror of these pictures of disintegrated bodies melted together with the metal of vehicles that became their victim’s crematorium instead of their last refuge. Today, scenes of “DEW” damage to vehicles and people can be seen all over America especially in the aftermath of 9/11.

That image, which has now been repeated many more times in California’s fires, should be the symbol and the shame of these creatures who call themselves Globalists. The hideous picture of the melted remains of a Paradise California School Bus, which had been incinerated along with the children that were its occupants, should be a Warningto the people of California and to all Americans to “WAKE THE HELL UP!”

The Bush family has been a major player in the implementation of the policies of this genocidal cult of Globalism, as well as a charter member of the “Psychopaths Club” that is in charge of the New World Order! The Hague should have a lot to say about what these monsters did to the human rights of the fire victims of the 2018 California Election which was stolen by the Democrats through Genocide, Distraction and Fraud!

Where there is land and resources that are coveted by the Globalists, you will find maps that cover those areas which have been planned for destruction. Moreover, you will find theft and despicable mismanagement by entities like Sacramento’s” Tammany Hall Political Machine”! This machine is committed to only one thing, which is raping and pillaging California’s resources as well as the unlawful confiscation of other people’s land through “Scorched Earth,” fraud and genocide.

Their plans are clear from the fire maps and from the experience of the fires of 2018 where they plan to strike next. Under Democrat-dominated city councils, and Mayors like Gavin Newsom and Antonio Villaraigosa, the foundations of California’s largest cities, including San Francisco and Los Angeles, have been eaten away. Both of these cities were once iconic tourist destinations which have now become rat-infested, plague-ridden, feces-covered “Encampments” for homeless Californians. Evidence of Chinese importation of the killer opioid Fentanyl and Democrat “Open Border” policies are contributing factors to the homelessness crisis in California is irrefutable.

While California’s legal citizens are ignored, “Sanctuary State” and open border policies are being used to virtue signal by the Democrats about their compassion and humanity and to cover up the real reasons for the Democrat’s backing of these destructive policies. Many Californians have seen through this ploy as just another Democrat-driven agenda to win and to stay in power, no matter what the cost. Their ultimate goal is to grab the land for the Globalist’s agenda.

Jerry Brown, his successor and the California Democrats have spent twenty years in power through theft, sedition, libel, extortion, blackmail, propaganda, genocide, ecocide, election fraud, censorship and the list goes on. The Democrats and their Sanctuary policies are nothing but hypocrisy fueled by greed, theft, Globalism and genocide. Moreover, the RINO Party of California has done little, over the last twenty years, except to enable the Democrat and to help them to entrench themselves and extend their dominance!

Twenty years of election fraud and too many years of control of the California government by Jerry Brown and the Democrats has almost destroyed the State of California. The information above about California’s Globalist land grab gives us important insight as to how the disease of Globalism can infect and slowly kill a State or a Country. That is what has happened to what was once a jewel in the crown of the Nation of America! Moreover the information above allows us to examine evidence of the hideous motives behind the turning of California from the Golden State into the Communist Grey State that it is today.

These fires and the California Blackout are just part of an ongoing criminal land grab in California, most of which was accomplished with the help of the Obama regime. Obama used the Sustainable Development narrative and saving the endangered species fraud to convert the Central Valley Food Bowl into a Dust Bowl by diverting California’s Central Valley water supply into the ocean for eight long years.

This was done to remove the legitimate food-growing farmers of the Central Valley and in order for the rich to buy up their land for pennies on the dollar. They then converted the Central Valley into vineyards owned and controlled by the cartels and the rich.

On my last trip up the coast through San Luis Obispo, I noticed, what were once verdant, rolling fields created by flower and food growers, which I remembered from my College days at Cal Poly is now an endless vista of vineyards and little else. I also saw massive compounds connected to some of those vineyards with Mexican and South American flags flying over them.

The planet is now heading into a solar minimum that will cause massive food shortages throughout the world in the coming years. The one place in the country that will be the least or last affected by this natural change in climate is California’s Central Valley. However, there is little land left for food growing, thanks to Jerry Brown and the Obama regime. The genocidal intentions behind this conversion from food growing to vineyards are patently obvious.

What happened under those two insidious Globalists was done intentionally to make those food shortages worse in the coming years. Nothing that the Democrats are connected to is done for the ultimate purpose of helping humanity. This latest assault on California is just another Psyop!

The main reason that the rich continue to steal the land from California’s citizens and are trying to burn them out, drive them out, tax them out, and regulate them out of the Golden State is because it will be one of the few places left in the United States to live comfortably once the climate of the planet cools to the point of not being habitable.

Their primary weapon of mass destruction is the Democrat Party which has created crazy laws involving energy use, building requirements for single family homes, ridiculous regulations and unsustainable taxation of business, especially small businesses.

Both sectors are saddled with laws that are so time-consuming and expensive that they are unfeasible to comply with. Then there are the ridiculous gasoline taxes that were first imposed through fraud by the California legislature, which promised that the money would be used to fix California’s roads and highways.

When the people of California revolted over the most expensive gasoline prices in the country in their oil-rich State, the Democrats used fraud by tricking the voters into voting no when they should have voted yes to have the gas tax repealed in the election of 2018. California continues to have the worst roads in the Country and the only money that has been spent on roads has been to put into unused bike lanes and United Nation’s blue painted bicycles on every street corner for people to rent by the hour.

When you look at the usual suspects, you see the bloodlines of “Blue Bloods” all over their plan for Global genocide, dominance and the control of land and resources. During the Obama regime, a number of very destructive oil spills inside of the boundaries of and off the coasts of the U.S. that British Petroleum was responsible for were covered up. The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, coupled with poisoning it with Corexit by a Halliburton-connected company, was one of the most monstrous acts of treason, espionage, eco-terrorism and genocide ever committed in the U.S.

These acts should wake people up to who is actually behind the purposeful destruction of the United States and the Planet.”“Problem, Reaction, Solution” gives these monsters the basis for blaming the problem that they created on the people who they want to remove as the solution. “The Anglo Saxon Mission”, which is the British version of the Nazi’s “Final Solution,” is now being practiced on innocent unsuspecting Americans. The maps and outline of their plans for the overthrow of America can be found in chilling detail here:

The culprits are members of the British aristocracy and their American counterparts. Their weapons of choice are ec0-terrorism, weather warfare and disaster fascism! Worst of all, this is all being done with the help and collusion of the Democrats and their robber baron backers like George Soros, who expect their climate change lies and their fear-mongering to cover up or excuse their crimes.

Today, where you see land grabs that they have already been implemented in areas of the United States, you see areas dominated by the corruption of the Democrat Party, their “Political Proxies” and “Blue” as in “Blue State control grids!”

The current, crop of Democrat political proxies such as Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Gavin Newsom, Jerrold Nadler, Chuck Schumer and Bill De Blasio, and their warped policies give us terrifying insight into the profound insanity of these “Globalist, Psychopaths and their genocidal Agenda for destroying the world! ”That’s why they worship the “Phoenix rising from the ashes” and progressives are all about destruction of the status quo!

America’s Green New Deal that is being pushed by the Democrat puppets and proxies of the New World Order will be horrible for America. However, what is happening right now in the State of California is already much, much worse.

California is in extreme danger and none of the despicable Mainstream Media has an honest word to say about it! If this virus is not addressed at its source, it is only a matter of time before it will become a pandemic that will spread across America.

Right now, California is in a state of quarantine, where the authorities in charge can intentionally murder thousands of citizens in order to steal their property under the cover of darkness” without ever being held accountable.

This Globalist machine that has taken over California is victimizing millions of people and destroying their lives and property, and yet it is being ignored. The authorities have now targeted one to three million Californians ’with this blackout!

How many more American residents of California must be victims before there will be too many to ignore?!

The “Hegemony Horribillus” of Globalism has become the plague of our time! It will destroy the entire planet if it’s allowed to become a pandemic! Therefore, it is way past time to remove our consent.

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