These unanswered questions prove the ‘whistleblower’ is a total fraud, Schiff is a seditious fraudster

Rep. Jim Jordan Asks 17 Awkward Questions About Pelosi’s “Impeachment Inquiry”

Rep. Jim Jordan has been among the most outspoken critics of the farce that is the Democrats’ “impeachment inquiry,” and tonight, in a series of tweets, the Ohio congressman asks the uncomfortable questions that the media seems unwilling to.

“There has been a lot of noise since Speaker Pelosi decided to call for impeachment before having the facts. Here are a few important questions:”

1. Why did the “whistleblower” write an 800+ word memo describing President Trump and President Zelensky’s call based on second-hand information gleaned from a conversation that lasted just a few minutes?

2. Why did the “whistleblower” wait 18 days to file the complaint after describing the call as “frightening” in their memo?

3. Why and when did the “whistleblower” communicate with Rep Adam Schiff’s staff before filing the complaint?

4. Why did the “whistleblower” hide from the ICIG that they met with Rep Adam Schiff’s staff by not checking the box on the whistleblower form indicating they had spoken to Congress?

5. Why didn’t Rep Adam Schiff tell us his staff had met with the “whistleblower?”

6. Why didn’t the “whistleblower” just give his memo to the Inspector General, instead of a seven page complaint dressed up with extraneous citations and media references?

7. Why is Rep Adam Schiff holding hearings, depositions, and interviews behind closed doors?

8. Why won’t Rep Adam Schiff release the transcripts of these interviews, instead of leaking cherry-picked information that fits his narrative?

9. Why won’t Rep Adam Schiff take questions from the press after these interviews, like Republicans have done?

10. Why does Speaker Pelosi think we need to “strike while the iron is hot,” instead of taking time for serious and thorough investigative fact-finding?

11. Why is Speaker Pelosi scared to have a vote to open an official impeachment inquiry like it’s been done every other time?

12. Why do Democrats keep making up the rules as they go along, instead of following a fair process?

13. What work did the “whistleblower” do with a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate?

14. Why do Democrats and the media keep falsely claiming President Trump pressured Ukraine? President Zelensky has repeatedly said that he wasn’t pushed.

15. Why don’t Democrats trust the American people to choose the President? The election is less than 13 months away.

16. Why won’t Democrats focus on helping the country, instead of attacking the President with this unfair and partisan process?

And finally, and perhaps most importantly…

17. Why won’t the media ask these questions to Rep Adam Schiff or Speaker Pelosi?

And no, these are not rhetorical questions!


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