CLIMATEgate: Climate Change Hoax, NWO Cabal and the Archons

“We must save the planet by eating our babies!” — Artwork by David Dees Volume 3

“Climate Change”:
Religion of the Anti-Terrestrial Overlords
of Earth’s Elite Psychopaths

by Shoshoni
October 7th 2019

There are parasitic creatures controlling the Elite of the planet who feed off of the negative energy that they create through their divide and conquer tactics against the human race. Their latest agenda is to infect the human population with the fear that the Planet cannot sustain them and it is their fault that they continue to breed, to eat, to drink or even to breathe. All of this affects Earth’s population, her living creatures and the planet herself in very negative ways.

Their most deadly weapon is deceit and their armies of Presstitutes who disseminate lies or omit the truth on a daily basis. This severely handicaps all human understanding and the true nature of our reality. While brainwashed acolytes announce that “the end is near” they urge current leaders of this “cult of Climate Change,” like House Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, to run their campaigns on the requirement that we save the planet by “eating our children!

These off-planet, parasitic creatures have been identified by many cultures down through the centuries as the Archons! More recently, they have appeared in the research of John Lash and in the books of Carlos Castaneda. Perhaps the most succinct identification of the Archons is discussed by the Gnostics in the Nag Hammadi texts that were discovered in the 1940s and identified as the lost books of the Bible.

The Archons have been discussed in the Koran and in other ancient and religious texts as well as in the myths and legends of every culture that exists or have ever existed on planet Earth throughout all of known human history. The results of their instigations of chaos are wars, disasters, tyranny, ignorance, fear, oppression, suffering, hatred, hunger, poverty, pain, homelessness, drug addiction, mental illness, disease, slavery and death.

The “minions” of the Archons are members of the power Elite of Planet Earth. They mirror the corruption, deceit, theft, violence, megalomania, depravity, and all of the deadly sins that the Archons inspire. There are very few people who can deny the results of the Archons and their anti-terrestrial influence! All human beings born on Earth have encountered the fruits of the Archons — anti-terrestrial endeavors — through the bitter-sweet tragedy of living on our paradoxical, paradise of a planet, we call “The Divine Tear.”

Today, the only way that the actions of the psychopaths in charge of the planet can be understood by normal intelligent, human beings, is that they have been created by these alien creatures as hybrids or their minion whose minds have been infested with megalomania and delusions of grandeur by the Archons in order to inspire their Archonic dirty work on planet Earth.

Why else would the Psychopaths in control, love to lord over us without an ounce of empathy! Why else would their criminally insane actions seem entirely alien to us as moral and peaceful human beings? Why else are they never prosecuted and punished for their monstrous crimes against the Planet and her various inhabitants? Why else would they be so interested in breeding only within their own bloodlines? Where else did the idea of the “divine right to rule” come from? Why else would the term “Blue Blood” become the universal moniker for “Aristocrat?”

The answer might be found in their affiliation with these “Alien” creatures. Moreover they are rewarded for working as their middle managers and henchmen. These Psychopaths are known collectively to us as “They” or the “The Powers That Be”. Their enforcers are the planetary “One World Intelligence Agency Umbrella” that was started in the confessional box at the Vatican centuries ago!

These “Powers That Be”, can be found amongst Kings, Queens, Popes, Politicians, CEOs, the Priest class of all faiths, Generals, Judges, Despots, Mafia heads, Oligarchs, Technocrats, as well as world-class arms, human and drug-trafficking Criminals including off-planet Slave Traders. It makes more sense, than not, when one examines the fruits of their labors. They have absolutely no allegiance to the human race on this planet, outside of their own family bloodlines.

If they are not hybrids, they have been able to use advanced technology that they have been given which has been denied to the rest of humanity. With it, they have set themselves up as physically superior, “demigods” to most human beings but at the expense of their spiritual connection to the divine.

Therefore, they have no use for honesty, integrity, empathy or love in their biological or spiritual makeup. They are bloodthirsty creatures who have no reason to be good for the sake of their producing good Karma! They don’t have “eternal” souls, or they have given them up, and are depending on parasitic, alien technology to make them immortal.

The Archons have cloaks of invisibility which are woven with threads of trickery, secrecy, deceit and distraction. They are sewn and fitted like suits of “narrative armor” by their bloodline tailors who are the minions of the Intelligence Networks, Fake News Orgs, False Flags Ops, Religious Cults and Technocratic Media Empires.

Other names given to the Archons down through history by the various cultures of the Planet are Shape-Shifters, Tricksters, Demons, Nephilim, Djinn, Fallen Angels, Vampires, Werewolves, Extraterrestrials, and Pharisees. My best description for them is Anti-Terrestrials because of their war on carbon which is the building block of life for the indigenous life forms on Planet Earth or Planet “Terra”.

The inspiration for their hive-minded, anti-human “New World Order,” seems utterly insane to any intelligent, normal thinking human being because it is Anti-Terrestrial-driven and Archon-inspired!

The Climate Change Agendas, Globalism and a One World Religion are the goals of something profoundly dishonest, malevolent and alien to this planet. These intruders only want one Chief to negotiate with once they show themselves to us as visitors. Just like the American Indians, this will not go well for the human race of this planet if it is allowed to happen!

Furthermore, they have made their presence unequivocal because they have been destroying the planet right under our noses by what they call “Terra-Forming”! Moreover, they are doing so in order to turn our world in to their version of home, which is a dried up, oxygen-depleted, desert-covered hellhole! This is just one of hundreds of clues that identify them as intruders who do not belong here and should be routed out and sent packing at all costs, and as soon as possible.

The following excerpt by Crystal Clark gives us a stunning insight into how the planetary controllers and their Anti-Terrestrial-generated geoengineering is directly responsible for making our climate much worse and our environment more deadly. The effect of their interference goes far beyond the changing the natural cycles of our Planet and our Solar System.

“My core belief being that ignorance (of what it takes to create, regenerate and uphold life) is the greatest plague we have ever faced. I’m always looking for the antidote: proper knowledge of intelligent and creational/intelligent design systems, what I refer to as the Sacred Science.”

“James Horak has been an invaluable and exceptional resource in this regard, and those familiar with his insights will recall he was the first person in the “alternative” media to explain that our atmosphere is comprised of living microbes. These microbes are a necessary part of building and maintaining our planetary atmosphere and play a vital role in filtering out harmful radiation. He has further explained that technologies like HAARP, weather modification and chemtrails, are killing these microbes—this is why the sun appears whiter than normal and is a primary cause of the holes in the atmosphere.”

“Proper knowledge liberates the individual from psychological manipulation (religious, new age, technopathic, governmental and otherwise), and gives them the tools they need to move from believing to knowing. This transition is vital to the self-empowerment, restoration, and equalization of the individual and their environment, which again, is why so much work has gone into preventing it by those who seek to dominate and control others. With and through the application of proper knowledge the individual human being becomes more capable of self-determining their own future, owning their own mind (thoughts), and less apt to participate in their own demise out of ignorance and fear-based manipulation.”

“Human beings need to understand that the color the sun appears to us, is not the actual color of the sun—it is being viewed through the filter of our atmosphere. In other words, despite new age fairy tales of the sun turning white because the earth is “ascending to the 5th dimension,” it is not the sun that has changed, it is the filter through which we view it that has changed—our life-giving and protective atmosphere has become altered.”

“The quality of our atmosphere has not changed because of a natural cycle. There is nothing natural about a small handful of narcissistic and psychopathic power mongers trying to play God by weaponizing and controlling every natural system they decode the inner workings of. It is entirely unnatural and consummately detrimental to all living things to allow this type of power to remain in the hands of people who sought to decode these life support systems not to give life, but to take it—at will. Additionally, the larger the system they have control over, the more people (and other life forms) affected simultaneously, and aside from global water sources, the atmosphere of the planet is the largest overall system being manipulated.”

“The necessary role these microbes play in our creational design system is what protects living things on this planet from too much incoming radiation. The more their numbers decline, the whiter the sun looks (indicating over-exposure), and the more living species it affects. With this realization it would be wholly inaccurate to refer to the resulting damage as “sun disease” as the sun is not the cause of the problem. It would be far more accurate to call it “ignorance disease,” brought to us from a group of psychopathic and out-of-control elitists living out their version of a God Complex.”

“Because proper knowledge really is liberating, where the microbes are concerned, I feel compelled to reiterate just how important that one small spec of knowledge (pun intended!) is. It can and should immediately dispel the following dis-empowering pseudo-science, rumors and speculation.”

The following are the lies of the “Cultish Religion of Climate Change;

• Artificial geo-engineering in the form of “global dimming” is necessary to protect us from the sun
• Excessive green-house gasses and carbon emissions are responsible for destroying our atmosphere
• Genetically modified or cybernetic organisms capable of withstanding the damage must be created and released to replace the natural species that are consequently dying off
• Suspending gold particles in an atmosphere can fix it (space alien mythos and psyop-psience)

“Creational design systems [Sacred Science(s)] have endless co-creative connections, interrelations and feed-back loops, many of which are still not well understood, even by those who seek to control them all. The macrocosmic world (stellar radiations) and the microcosmic world (microbial) are also working together, something science (aerobiology) has recently discovered more about where the atmospherical microbes are concerned:”

“The necessary function of microbes in the design also goes beyond the atmosphere, affecting our oceans and soil as well:”

The above was taken from Crystal Clark’s Website:

There is all kinds of evidence which point to the existence and influence of the Archons, especially through their many efforts related to cultural and social engineering. The most pervasive Myth that they tell us is the one about “Climate Change” which is based upon one lie after another. The first lie that is told about climate change is that carbon dioxide is the same as carbon monoxide which is destroying the ozone layer that is supposed to protect the planet from solar radiation.

However, most of the air pollution which has been blamed on the automobiles of the 20th century was not caused by burning gasoline but by lacing it with lead in order to make it look like it was the fault of burning gasoline or what they have been calling “fossil fuel.”

Moreover, carbon is the building block of life on Planet Earth. Carbon is what every plant, animal or creature that ever existed on planet Earth is made of. These world-class con artists continually try to control the narrative by insisting that Carbon Dioxide or CO2 is Carbon Monoxide! Carbon Monoxide is the actual product of the burning of oil which they say is derived from fossils, which is another big lie!

It was proven by the disaster in the Gulf, that oil is “abiotic” which means it is derived from the Earth as a naturally occurring lubricant which is created deep in the lower magma layers of the Planet. This allows the tectonic plates to move more easily without creating Earthquakes and other disasters. That’s why modern oil and gas extraction is causing earthquakes in and around the extraction sites.

Furthermore, the electromagnetic field is more important for the protection of the planet from solar radiation than the ozone layer. We are entering a Solar Minimum which is triggered by the reversal of the magnetic fields of our Sun and all of the planets in our solar system.

As the solar system travels around the Galaxy it periodically dips below the Galactic equator. This causes a magnetic reversal just like the land below the Earth’s equator has a counter-clockwise rotating magnetic field. The Earth is also expanding, while the Sun’s rays are becoming more destructive and intense.

Much of this is part of Earth’s natural cycle which will eventually lead to the next mini ice age. The last one recorded was called the “Maunder Minimum.” Each one of these cold cycles comes around every 200 years and lasts for around 11 to 22 years. Each is preceded by a cycle of very bad weather as well as an increase in cosmic rays or unhealthy radiation which causes the ozone layer to weaken. Without interference from outside sources like the Planet’s elite and evil Technocrats, other natural systems like living microbes in the atmosphere and volcanic eruptions would create a natural shield to make up for these natural changes in the Sun.

The Solar Minimum, which causes the electromagnetic field to shift and to become less protective, contributes to making the environment increasingly unstable. Meanwhile, those who hide their presence in our midst use this knowledge and their superior technology to make these naturally occurring Earth changes much worse. They also use propaganda to create fear in order to herd the human race into areas that will not sustain us in the future.

Therefore, the focus has been on the warmer, food-growing areas of the planet. The idea is to make it harder for humans to exist in the warmest and most temperate areas of the world because they will be the only habitable zones once the ice age becomes more intense. Hence, we are now observing geopolitical and climactic upheavals being deliberately created to trigger mass human migrations out of the temperate areas of the world and into the colder climates. These temperate areas include regions close to the equator such Central America, and along the coast lines. They also include the Middle East, and many areas of Africa.

Those who know what is coming want areas in the United States like the Gulf States, California and Florida all for themselves. As a consequence, the Gulf States and those states north of Florida on the Eastern Seaboard are getting hurricanes that intensify year after year. Moreover, California has become the victim of election fraud, political and geo-engineered drought, non-stop arson and “sanctuary statehood” by California’s Globalist Political Party.

These Anti-Terrestrials have also taken advantage of our compromised, genetically altered, shortened life spans which they are responsible for manipulating. This plan, which may have spanned a century or more, and which is behind today’s geopolitical and climatic upheavals, is almost incomprehensible to us because of the length of time we must deal with and understand.

The ultimate purpose for the shortness of human incarnations on our planet is to deprive us of the wisdom that is needed to protect ourselves from these Archons and their treacherous, corrupt, genocidal minions within humanity.

The Archons have also inspired the murders and misdirection of our geneticists, virologists, scientists, archeologists and historians in order to confuse our history and to destroy, control, conceal or steal our scientific discoveries. Because of the expanding consciousness of the human race, which is connected to the expansion of our planet, all of their efforts to hide their presence in our midst are now starting to fail!

Anyone who paid attention during 6th grade science class can explain that carbon dioxide is what biological living creatures such as humans and animals exhale after breathing in oxygen, which is created by plants that breathe in Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and exhale oxygen as the circle of life continues.

The more CO2 available, the more lush the environment is for plants on the planet. The more plants that are breathing out and creating more oxygen, the healthier, the more intelligent, the longer-lived, and more “resilient” become the oxygen breathers like human beings!

So, why would CO2 be the enemy of those who control the narrative? Because they have anaerobic metabolisms! What kind of biology thrives in an “anaerobic or low oxygen” environment? Disease cells like cancer as well as Reptiles. Ask the Nazis where they got their superior technology from as well as their racist, genocidal “New World Order” with its tyrannical government and totalitarian philosophy and you will discover the Archons!

Climate Change, Globalism, the perversion of Science and cover-up of Earth’s history all fall within the purview of these draconian Anti-Terrestrials! They control the planet through control of the narrative, divide and conquer tactics, myths of overpopulation and the lack of resources, the lack of abundance, the lack of potable water, and the inability to create clean energy technology, cure diseases or explore other parts of the universe.

They also use resource and economic theft, wars, human sacrifice and pedophilia, black mail and extortion, unhealthy, intrusive technology that spies on humanity 24/7, the poisoning and destruction of the environment, weather warfare, bioweapons, rape, sexual slavery and sexual oppression, terror, torture and deceit!

Furthermore, they are entrenched in all of the authoritarian institutions on our planet! They are especially neurotic about exerting autocratic control. Monsters like Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot are their offspring! It is likely that many of the current “crop” of world leaders are the hidden children of these psychopathic bloodlines. “You will know them by their poisonous fruits”!

The “Climate Change scenario” is merely their latest Religion and all of its lies part and parcel of this ongoing invasion, and latest Anti Terrestrial Psyop. We — HUMANITY — are certainly not the cause of climate change and the continuing extinction of the planet’s diverse and endangered species. We have very little control over those who have the power and the responsibility for creating the majority of the Planet’s problems through their tyrannical, oppressive social engineering and secret, genocidal alien technology.

To put it simply:
Humans breathe Oxygen and exhale Carbon Dioxide. Plants breathe Carbon Dioxide and exhale Oxygen. Do not allow those who rely on human ignorance to steal our planet, annihilate our children, and destroy all of our planet’s indigenous plants and animals who thrive in Earth’s carbon dioxide and oxygen rich environment!”


George Soros, Archon Minion Psychopath #1, and the fruits of his poisonous labors!


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