Epstein/Barr/Koch Syndrome of Decadence and Corruption!

Burlington, WA
August 24, 2019

by Rich Scheck

There’s never a dull moment anymore in the tainted oligarchy that is contemporary America!

A rare form of the Epstein/Barr virus has been isolated with the Koch family attached to it via Jeff’s Little Black Book.

We already know about Bill and The Donald; Prince Andrew; Charlie Rose, Kevin (Outer) Spacey; The Dersh; Steven Hawkings; Andrew Cuomo (?); and so many more interesting folks who got to take the Lolita Express, hang out on St. James Island or visit Epstein at his Manhattan mansion for good talk, great views of the beach and perhaps some healing “massages” to boot.

Every day more and more crap gets shoveled unto this dung heap of corruption to reveal layers and layers of decadence at the heart of the political establishment and global elite.

The Amazing Mr. Epstein sure got around. Besides being a member of the prestigious Council On Foreign Relations (attention Tulsi Gabbard!), he apparently was involved in Iran-Contra and the Vanunu kidnapping via his links to Robert Maxwell and the Mossad.

This narcissist supremo thought so much of himself that he wanted to have his penis frozen for future sexual escapades. Like Gordon Duff loves to say: “You can’t make this stuff up!”

Expecting AG Bill Barr to transcend his own conflicts of interest in this case is delusional. Besides his long history as a CIA fixer, his dad, former OSS operative Donald Barr, is the guy who may have given Boy Wonder Epstein his started at the Dalton School in 1974.

There are so many unanswered questions swirling around this mysterious libertine that we are literally left “hanging” in confusion as to the true story of his past, his apparent suicide……and his possible future since he may be still alive.

The Epstein/Barr/Koch illness is the latest disease to emerge from the DC swamp following only a few years after its sister sickness, Child Satanic Abuse Syndrome, surfaced among those dining on pizza at certain exclusive eating venues in the greater Washington area.

There is a sure cure for all that ails our invidious political culture with its different strains of malignancy. The country needs to start over with a Second American Revolution and/or the formation of new political arrangements that dispatch the remnants of the vermin inhabiting our Capitol.

These foul creatures devour our capital (wealth) while the public is immiserated working for them or dying in their contrived Orwellian wars.

With the 2020 presidential election fast approaching, the Trillion dollar question is: Who will play Doctor to lead us away from these diseased elitists and return the Republic to good health?

Our clever President Trump gives the appearance of being a savior of sorts. But his selection of Bill Barr to replace the ineffective Jeff Sessions as AG is a sure sign that once again his real agenda is self-preservation rather than true service to those who elected him.


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