CHABAD LUBAVITCH: Putin’s Russia Rejects Pedophilia



Ed.’s note. Now we know why Russia under Vladimir Putin refuses to return to the Brooklyn, New York Chabad ghetto sect the archives of the Lubavitcher Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson. Vladimir Putin said it would “open up a Pandora’s box.” Schneerson’s predecessor, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneerson, owes his life to a half-Jewish Nazi officer acting under the direct order of the head of the Third Reich’s military intelligence (Zionism is Nazism) agency. Well, we aren’t going to wait around for a “Pandora’s box” (when the box opens a figure of Jeffrey Epstein pops out) to open, instead, we will provide evidence on the origin of Chabad Lubavitch and why it must be exposed before these Pseudo-Greek lunatics of chaos start WWIII.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if we lived in a Matriarchal civilization (mothers were responsible for teaching their children) before it was destroyed by these Psuedo-Greeks, instead of the present Patriarchal civilization (technology mostly created by men; war mongering and suppression of women), where technology would be today? “Chaos” is a pedophile male computer and software engineer designing “female” sex robots loaded with A.I. technology. Matriarchy has been destroyed where today, women turn to the state for protection. Matriarchy forbade pedophilia, human sacrifice, and slavery, as the most horrific karmic crimes.

Louis, how did the Pseudo-Greek conversion work out for you? Got blown off the back of your fishing boat did you? Karma Louis, karma.

Lord Mountbatten ‘was a homosexual with a lust for young boys’ claims secret FBI dossier compiled by agents seeking dirt on British statesmen during World War Two and the Suez Crisis

This is a Russian source too, so heaven forbid don’t go apoplectic and start screaming “Russian collusion.” It just isn’t working out for the Hebrews, so let’s try to find them a home. Maybe send them back to Russia where they can perhaps fix their karma starting with their pseudo-Greek Synagogues. “Synagogue” (Greek word) is “the House of Great King Set” in Hebrew. Set is Satan. Synagogues are where Set (Satan) is worshipped. If there are any questions, please refer them to Benjamin Netanyahu where his patrons are going to destroy Israel. Enjoy…before the ADL shuts us down for “hate speech.”

Putin refuses to return disputed Jewish archive to US


Source: Irene Caesar




August 26, 2018

Published in small installments every month in the issues of the SOCIALIST FACTOR Magazine (Lucknow & London) from October 2018 to August 2019


In order to escape World War Three, we need to find the Motherland of Hebrews.

There is a famous 12th century RAssian Christian Orthodox Church “Pokrova on Nerli” (the Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin; Nerli is a river) near the Ancient City of Vladimir in RAssia. The stone carving of King David is above the door. King David is accompanied by two Falcons and two Lions.

Church Pokrova on Nerli, near the City of Vladimir, RAssia, 12th century AD.

Falcon is “SAKol” in RAssian, abbreviated as “SAK”. The depiction of Falcon / SAKol designates RAssia and the RAssian-Aryan Tribe of the Fiery Falcon RAROG, Firebird, Phoenix, who is flying down to the Earth from the Absolute Light RA – Heavenly RAssia. Firebird is the central symbol of RAssian culture. The major RAssian River Volga was called RA in the Ancient times. The symbol of the Rurik (Rurikid) Royal dynasty of RAssia was the Fiery Falcon RAROG. Sak / Falcon Tribe was also known as “Scythian” or “Scyth” / “Skif” (pronounced with letter “k”) / “Skolot” / “Skloven” (“Sklavin”), since vowels were not written, and as “Sakaliba” (in Arab sources). We are the Tribe of the Fiery Falcon / SAKol.

King David with two Falcons and two Lions, Church “Pokrova on Nerli”, near the City of Vladimir, RAssia, 12th century AD.

In the 17th century Romanov-Koshkin, the Vatican and British spies, had poisoned with mercury all the representatives of the Rurik dynasty in RAssia, had usurped the RAssian throne, and had rewritten our historical manuscripts, in order to change the name of our people and deprive us of our glorious ancestral legacy. They had dropped the letter “k” from the word “Sklavin”, transforming us into “SLAV” (“slave”). “Slavs”, they say, got out of nowhere, in the 6th century AD. But, in reality, we, RAssians, are the same SAK, as Anglo-Sax and German Saxons, and they are the same RAssian, since the Fiery Falcon was called RAROG.

Church “Pokrova on Nerli”, near the City of Vladimir, RAssia, 12th century AD.

Falcon was also depicted on the Ancient “Shekel” of Hebrews. RAssian word “SAKol” and Hebrew word “SHEKEL” are one and the same word. “Sh” and “s” were interchangeable as in Sumer / Shumer. British say “Sumer”; and, we, RAssians say “Shumer”. The history of Hebrews is as strange as the history of RAssians. They got out of nowhere, and after disappearing for almost two millennia, had resurfaced as the people of the other skin color. Shekel / SAKol / Falcon will help us find the Motherland of Hebrews.

Falcons by the side of King David symbolize the Lower Egypt (Delta of the Nile River), which was civilized by RAssian-Aryans Scythian-SAK from Mother RAssia. Precisely RAssians from the Country ROSH had brought the Cult of RA / Absolute Light to India and Egypt down the major RAssian river RA (Volga).

Lions by the side of King David symbolize the Upper Egypt (Ethiopia and North Sudan), which had conquered the Lower Egypt. King David was the result of two Parts of Egypt united – the White Lower Egypt and the Black Upper Egypt – in the country Khemet (hemi = semi = half-white-half-black). The most important thing that we need to remember about Ancient Egypt / Khemet is that the Blacks from the Upper Egypt had submitted to the Rule of the White RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak Mother, who was ruling in the Lower Egypt. She is erroneously transliterated as “MAAT”, but, in reality, she was called by RAssian word “MAT’” (Mother). “ISIS” is the Egyptian word for “throne”, but the real name of “ISIS” is simply “MAT’”.

The RAssian Mother of Egypt was depicted as the RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak Fiery Falconess (Female Falcon) / Firebird / Phoenix, who is flying down to the Earth from the Absolute Light RA. Every word in RAssian language has gender. Firebird in RAssian language has female gender. No doubt, ISIS or MAT’ (Mother) of Egypt has RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak origin.

Isis / Maat, in reality, “MAT’” / the “Mother’ of Egypt, is a Fiery Falconess (female Falcon), who is flying to this dimension from RA = Absolute Light = Heavenly RAssia.

As we can see at the Metropolitan Museum in NYC, almost all black Pharaohs from the Upper Egypt had white RAssian wives. RAssian women are shown as the intellectual and moral authority for the black Pharaohs from the Upper Egypt.

There is also the Fiery Falconess ALLAT of Suria / Syria. “L” and “r” were interchangeable, so that “ALLA” and “ARYA” are one and the same thing. “RA” became “AR”, when writing had changed its direction from the direction from right to left, to the direction from left to right. On the Kola Peninsula, right by the Arctic Ocean and the North Pole, we, RAssians, have three rivers: ALLA, SURA and ARYAN. Rivers ALLA, SURA, and ARYAN cover the entire territory of RAssia. No doubt, ALLAT of Suria (Syria) has RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak origin. The Fiery Falconess ALLAT is the same as EL-LADA and LADA (RAssian goddess).

Allat is a Fiery Falconess of Suria (Syria) = Rusia.

These two RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak Fiery Falconesses / Firebirds, Egyptian and Syrian, prove that Great Scythia / Mother RAssia (1) was the global empire; (2) and, being the Motherland of RA and of the Fiery Falcon RAROG, RAssia is older than Egypt, and older than Israel; (3) so, since RAssia / Great Scythia was the global Empire, we need to seek for the origins of Hebrews in Great Scythia / Mother RAssia.

In this light, it is clear that SAKols / Falcons and Lions by the side of King David not only designate the reunification of the Lower Egypt and the Upper Egypt. They designate the Global Scythian-Sak RAssian-Aryan Empire.

Falcon (SAKol) RAROG by the side of King David symbolizes RA / Absolute Light / Heavenly RAssia, and the country ROSH / RAssia in the North, on river RA (Volga), which is the earthly manifestation of the Absolute Light RA / Heavenly RAssia. Lion symbolizes Africa. King David symbolizes the Union between RAssia and Africa. In King David, RAssia and Africa become ONE COUNTRY – the GLOBAL EMPIRE – OF THE ABSOLUTE LIGHT RA.


Does “David” belong only to Judaism? David and Dravid (Dravidian) and Druid and my mother’s name “Zinaida” all belong to the Early Iron, Scythian Age, when RAssian-Aryans Scythian-Sak were civilizing Negroid Africa and India. “Id” is a suffix-marker for that period. Suffixes “Id” and “ad” were inter-changeable, as in “David” and “Shabad” / “Chabad”. The interchangeability of suffixes is due to the fact that vowels were not written, as you can see also in how the name DAVID is written upon the Church “Pokrova on Nerli”. The name “David” is written as “DVD”. The suffix “id” / “ad” allows us to determine the historical period and location of origin for both “David” and “Shabad / Chabad”.

The Orthodox Jewish Chabad Sect from the NYC Brooklyn ghetto claims that the word “Chabad” should be pronounced as “HABAD”, not as “SHABAD”, and that it is a Hebrew acronym for the three intellectual faculties of “chochmah” — wisdom, “binah” – comprehension, and “da’at” — knowledge. I claim that this explanation is the pitiable attempt of the Pseudo-Jewish Nazi of RAssian blood to hide that “CHABAD” is “SHABAD”, which has the RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak origin.

The notion of “CHABAD” designates the core of the Jewish religious practice which is also called “SHABBAT” / “SABBAT”. “SABBAT” is “SUBBOTA”, RAssian word for Saturday — the time specifically given in the course of the week to the Jewish religious ritual. “Sh” and “s” were interchangeable, alike in pronouncing “Samuel” as “Shmuel”. “SHABAD” is the other transliteration of “SHABAT”. And “CHABAD” is the other, and erroneous, transliteration of “SHABAD” / “SHABAT”/ “SABBAT” / “SUBBOTA”. “CHABAD” is not a Hebrew “acronym”, but simply is a word that means “SATURDAY” in RAssian language.

The notion of “SHABAD” is misleadingly transliterated as “Habad” by the Zio-Nazi Sect in order to conceal the RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak origin of its name, since the RAssian-Aryan origin of SHABAD will not allow the Nazi sect of CHABAD any pretenses for intellectual superiority via racial superiority. But, according to the rules of Jewish transliteration, the sound “H” in Hebrew words is represented in French by the “SH” sound. This points to the fact that Sephardic Jews of France keep closer to their RAssian-Aryan origin, than Ashkenazi, who had converted into Judaism from Islam in the 10th century AD in RAssia.

Furthermore, one should just Google it to discover that the name “SHABAD” is widely spread among Jews. There was Zemach Shabad (1864–1935), Lithuanian Jewish doctor and political activist. There is Mark Shabad, Vice President of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress. I had also found the Gravestone of Myrtle and Theodore Shabad, Beloved and Only children of Henry and Fanny Shabad (in the proceedings of the Chicago Jewish Historical Society, Vol., 27, No. 1, Spring 2003), who died in 1903.

There is also the 17th century Jewish Pseudo-Moshiach Shabbetai Tzevi, who converted into Islam under a death threat. His name “SHABBETAI” was also spelled as “SABBATAI”. Clearly, the name SHABBETAI / “SABBATAIvis derived from the word ” HABBAT” / “ABBAT”, which originates in RAssian word ” UBBOTA” for Saturday. ” ABBATAI” and ” UBBOTA” (RAssian word for Saturday) are one and the same thing. And it is clear that the name “HABBETAI” is the same as ” HABAD”. In Wiki, we read that the name “habbetai” (also, “habtai”, “habbethai”, “habbatai”) is also transliterated as “abbatai” (also, Sabbathai), and is a Jewish name common in the Middle Ages for boys born on Shabbat, that is, on Saturday = “UBBOTA” in RAssian. There are Aharon Shabtai (born 1939), Israeli poet; Benny Shabtai, Israeli American businessman; and Yaakov Shabtai (1934–81), Israeli novelist, among many others who have the name “SHABAD” / “SHABAT” and its derivatives.

Subbota Seba / Sabetha Sebi / Shabbetai Tzevi is a Pseudo Moshiach. “Subbota” is “Saturday” in RAssian.

There is the City of “SHAM SHABAD” right in the middle of India (in Ranga Reddy district of the Indian state of Telangana). In fact, entire India is covered with cities ending with the suffix “ad”. Even more, the entire Central Eurasia, the Ancient Cradle of the RAssian-Aryans Scythian-Sak, from Caucasus to Tajiki-Stan, Turkmeni-Stan, Kyrgyz-Stan, Afghani-Stan, Paki-Stan and India (Indo-Stan) is covered with cities that have suffix “ad” / “at”. “Stan” is a marker-root for the Scythian-Sak cities, from RAssian word “stat” (“to stay”) to designate the place of stay. In fact, English word “to stay” is a derivative from this RAssian word. RAssian Cossak / Kas-Sak / Scythian-Sak in RAssia have preserved the notion “STAN” to the utmost degree, and even have the diminutive form for the “STAN” as “STANITZA” (small “STAN”).

“SHAM” in “SHAM-SHABAD” of India is analogous to the “HAMA” Province in Syria / Suria, in which the Jews never lived. RAssians pronounce the name of this province correctly, as “Hama”, while in the West, this name is corrupted as “Homs”. There is also the City of “HAMA” in the “HAMA” Province in Suria / Syria. Both the “HAMA” province in Suria / Syria, and the City of “SHAM” in India represent the same historical phenomenon of “HAM”, Noah’s son, in the Bible / Tanakh. And since the Bible refers to Egypt as the Land of Ham, this is the other proof that Egypt was civilized by the RAssian-Aryans Scythian-Sak from Suria / Syria (Samarra [Swastika] Culture, dated not later than 4,000 BC). These were the so-called “Hyksos”, but, in reality, “Gik-Sak” — “Mega Sak” or “Maha Sak” (“Maha” = “Great”) / “Kas-Sak” / Cossaks. They are also called SURA (Surian / Syrian) and ASURA / ASHURA (Assyrian), who are spoken of in the Vedas, describing the times of the Ancient Global RAssian-Aryan Empire that united all the continents, from Eurasia to Africa and Americas.

“HAM” in the Tanakh / Bible was the primitive attempt by the more recent, Jewish, culture, which was Patriarchal, to give its “take” on the much more ancient Global Empire of the RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak, which was Matriachal.

The notion of “HAM” is impossible to explain via reference only to Judaism. The conventional interpretation of “HAM” goes, in contradictory manner, from “servant” to “Majesty” to “Khemet” (Egypt as Hemitic / Semitic, half-black-half-white country). But, in reality, “HAM” or “SHAM” is “AMA” (RAssian-Aryan / Sanskrit word for “Mother”), the Matriarchal culture of the Great RAssian Mother. “H” or “sh” is a prefix of the times of Hellenism. We, RAssian-Aryans Scythian-Sak say, correctly, “ELLENS” / “ELLENES” (ALANS) from “ELLADA”, while Pseudo-Greeks say “Hellenes”. “H” is not even a letter; it is an apostrophe that Pseudo-Greeks put in front of our RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak words (Greek: Ἕλλην = [H]Ellen; pl. Ἕλληνες = [H]Ellenes).

So, “HAM” is not a notion designating race and skin color. But because RAssian Amazon AMA / SAR-MAT (Tzar Mothers) had married the black Pharaohs of the Upper Egypt, the Racist Pseudo-Greeks had interpreted the “HAM” Culture of African Matriarchy with RAssian roots as culture based upon the intermixture of races and the mixed race. Thus, the entire culture of the Great RAssian Mother in Africa as “Hemitic” [from RAssian-Aryan word “AMA” for Mother] was transformed by the Pseudo-Greeks in their history record into “Hemiic” / “Semitic”, as a racial marker.

This fact underlines the other fact: in the City of “HAMA”, in Samarra / Suria, there lived both the RAssian-Aryans from the Sura River by the Arctic ocean, who were white, and their relatives who were intermarried with the Blacks from Africa. But neither white, nor black of Syria / Suria had allowed for Racism of the Tanakh, as judged precisely by their intermarriages. Intermarriages were in fact the core RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak tradition. Scythians were traditionally giving away their daughters to marry into the other Tribes. When they could not marry their daughters into the other tribe, the Scythians were practicing the Ritual of Blood Brotherhood. They were cutting the veins on their own arms and the veins on the arms of their counterparts in the other tribe, and were putting one open vein together with the other open vein with words: “We are now Blood Brothers, you and me!”

This tradition of Global Brotherhood was the major Falcon Tradition — Falcon was freely flying all over the world; and each Falcon had brothers Falcons all over the world, independently of skin color and eye shape. This Ancient Falcon Tradition is in fact Christianity, [“H”]Aryanity, which was initially Matriarchal, and which predates Judaism. “SHABAD” / “SUBBOTA” is precisely this tradition of all-unity and all-love of the RAssian Great Mother of the World.

The word “SHABAD” in Sanskrit means a Sacred Hymn. “SHABD” is a Sanskrit root that designates the Sound Principle of God. In Sikhism, “SHABAD” is a sacred song chosen from the Scriptures of the Sikhism of Guru Grant Sahib. These Sikh scriptures have nothing in common with the Nazi teaching of Tanya. During their religious worship, the Sikhs of India perform Kirtana or the singing of sacred Shabad.

Since Hindu civilization is more ancient than Judaism for no less than a millennium, it is obvious that the “SHABAD” / “CHABAD” of Judaism is derived from the RAssian-Aryan culture of India, while both originate in Mother RAssia.

There is also a very common Indian name “KHAN SHABAD”, especially spread in the Northern India. Here we have both “KHAN” and “CHABAD”, pointing out that both “KHAN” and “CHABAD” are of RAssian-Aryan origin. This name is distributed in India as much as the name “RAVI” = SUN. Christ in the Gospels was called “RAVI”, meaning that Christ’s name originates in Sanskrit. “Rabbi” is transliterated in RAssia as “RAVVIN”. And, clearly, RAVVIN originates in “RAVI”, since Christ was called “RAVI”. The religious community of RAVVINS in RAssia is called RAVVINAT. I know at least one Swastika “RAVI[L]NAT” Temple to Siva in Arambol, North Goa, India / Indo-STAN.

So, the notion of “SHABAD” / “CHABAD” does not exclusively belong to Judaism. And claims to exclusivity and antiquity by the Nazi Chabad Sect from the NYC Brooklyn ghetto are simply laughable.

There is also the City of Shahbid in Afghanistan. “SHAHBID” is the variation of “SHABAD”, and the other example that suffixes “id” and “ad” were interchangeable.


“Kush” in Africa and “Kush” (Hindu KUSH) in Afghanistan (the country of Ancient RAssian-Aryans / Scythian-Sak) are ONE and the SAME thing. The Upper Egypt was in fact the Ancient Kingdom of KUSH. “KASHGAR” in Mongolia near Hindu Kush is also ONE and the SAME thing with “KUSH” in Africa and “KUSH” in Afghanistan. There is also the city “KASHGAR”, officially known as “KASHI” (Chinese: 喀什市, Uyghur: قەشقەر‎) in Xinjiang, People’s Republic of China.

The Kingdom of Kush in the Upper Egypt, Africa.
Hindu Kush in Afghanistan.

Lahore in present-day Pakistan is the SAME as Luxor in Egypt. This coincidence of names points to the fact that RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak Empire was a Global Empire. And it was the Matriarchal Empire. “LUXOR” is pronounced as “LU-KHOR” / “LA-KHOR”. “LA-KHOR” is “ALA-[KH]”OR”(=”AR”), that is, “ALA” “ARA” (ARYAN). “Kh” / “h” is the prefix as an apostrophe (upper comma) that the Pseudo-Greeks had added to our RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak words. “Khor” later became “Khorus” / “Horus”. “Us” is the suffix that the Pseudo-Greeks had added to our RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak words. In RAssian, we say “GOR”. So, “HORUS” is simply “AR” = “ARYAN”. “HORUS” means a RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak from Mother RAssia.

Luxor, in reality, “ALA[KH]OR/AR (ARYAN) in Egypt, the Kingdom of Kush.
Lahore, in reality, ALA[KH]OR/AR = ARYAN in Punjab, Pakistan.

The very name “Mongolia” is subversion by Pseudo-Greeks. In reality, “Mongolia” is “Maholia”, since two “g” were pronounced by the Pseudo-Greeks as “ng”. The notion of the “Mongoloid” “Mongolia” had emerged in the 3rd century BC, when the blonde blue-eyed RAssian-Aryans Scythian-Sak of the Pazyryk Culture of Altai had married Chinese wives after RAssians had conquered and civilized China giving to the Chinese the law, unified measurement, the first government, and the very foundations of culture.

KUSH and KASH-GAR originate from the RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak notion of “KASHI”. In “GAR”, “G”/”h” is not a letter, but an apostrophe of Pseudo-Greeks in front of our Ancient RAssian-Aryan words. So, “GAR” is simply “AR” = “ARYAN”. In the same way, the name “Hercules” is in fact the RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak name “Irakly”. “Es” is the suffix that the Pseudo-Greeks had added to our Ancient RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak words.

“KASH” (“KUSH”) is the phenomenon of the Matriarchal civilization, and designated “kasha” or “var”. Matriarchs / Babas were traditionally feeding the entire tribe with “var” (“varit’” = “to cook” in RAssian language). Matriarchs were serving “kasha” — a traditional RAssian meal, which is cooked from grains. Communal meal was served right after the Ritual of RA / Absolute Light / Heavenly RAssia. In the same way, women are feeding the entire tribe with “KASH(A)” after the religious ritual in the Matriarchal temples of the present-day India.

“KASHA” is in plural “KASHI”. That is why, the city “KASHGAR” in Xinjiang, People’s Republic of China is officially known as “KASHI”. The City “KASHI” in Xinjiang irrefutably proves that “KASHGAR” does indeed designate the Matriarchal Ritual of feeding the tribe with RAssian meal of “KASHA”.

Kashi (Kashgar), Xinjiang, People’s Republic of China.

“KUSH” in Africa; “KUSH” in the area of present-day Afghanistan; “KUSH” in the present-day Mongolia; and “KASHI” in the present-day China belonged to the global MATRIARCHAL Kingdom of “KUSH”. GLOBAL “KUSH” included Matriarchal civilization in the City of Samar-Kand (Kand / the City of Sama-RA / “itself RA”) (present-day Uzbeki-Stan); the Matriarchal civilization in the City of Sama-RA in RAssia on the river Sama-RA, which is flowing from Urals into the river RA / Volga; the Matriarchal civilization of the Amazon women / Sar-Mat (Tzar Mothers) on the river Sama-RA (“itself RA”) in the present-day Ukraine; the Matriarchal civilization on river Somme / Sama-RA in (g)Allia (France); the Matriarchal civilization on river RA / Volga in RAssia; the Matriarchal civilization in the city of Sama-RA as the epicenter of the so-called “Ancient Sumer” (but, in reality, “Sama-RA” = itself RA, RAssia); and the Matriarchal civilization of the Sama-RA (so-called “Samarra”) in Suria / Syria (dated not later than 4,000 BC); and the Matriarchal culture of Sama-RA as “Samaria” in Palestine. Both “Samara” and “Samaria” have female gender in RAssian language.

Please go to Irene Caesar to read all the material there.


Addendum (understand that all the prime ministers of Israel have come out of the Soviet Union or the Russian empire including Menachem Begin).

“The Palestinians are beasts walking on two legs.” – Menachem Begin, speech to the Knesset, quoted in Amnon Kapeliouk, “Begin and the Beasts”. New Statesman, 25 June 1982.

And to think there are US senators and congressional members who think there is “Russian collusion” when they are brought to Israel for their initiation:

The curse of the False Jewish Moshiach, Sabbetai Tzevi or Menachem Mendel Schneerson, both RAssian by blood, is defining the integrity of Jews from the very beginning of Judaism.
We won. Jews had themselves rejected the Fascism of Tanya (the Nazi Manifesto of Chabad Lubavitch).
Ronald S. Lauder (heir to the Estée Lauder Companies, and the president of the World Jewish Congress) has already made an announcement (on August 13, 2018, in the New York Times):, in his article “Israel, This is Not Who We Are“) that he will not tolerate the Nazism and Racism of Chabad. So let Berl Lazar pray hard to his RAssian Foremothers and his Russian Forefathers.
Not many people in the West understand that the Anti-Constitutional Coup d’Etat in Ukraine in 2014 (“Maidan”); the Civil War between the Ukro-Nazi with Israeli citizenship, on one side, and RAssians of Donbass and Lugansk areas (always RAssian territories), on the other side; and the return of Crimea to Russia are all caused by the covert Israeli invasion into Ukraine. The crypto colonization of Ukraine by Israel.
See how this cult has inverted everything including the Swastika? Zionism is Nazism. The Pseudo-Greeks defiled everything. The true Aryans, the Swastika is the symbol of the Universal Motherly Love, notwithstanding of race, caste, gender and initiation. And for the Pseudo-Greeks, Swastika is the Nazi symbol of their racial superiority.

What about that bread dipped in salt ritual?

Bizarro World: Ukraine’s Jewish President Welcomes Israeli PM With Slogan of Holocaust-Abetting Banderists



Chabad leader, Messiah Menachem Mendel Schneerson on his plans for destroying Ukraine and Russia (reprint) / Глава Хабада, Мессия Менахем-Мендл Шнеерсон о своих планах по разрушению Украины и России (репринт)

Ilhan Omar lays out Israel’s crimes


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