SPECIAL: Licensed to Kill — False Flag in El Paso, Texas — Evidence of 3-4 Shooters in Black — Zionist Strike 45 UPDATE 1 Fox is Compromised — Condemning White Nationalists

Robert David Steele
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Watch it fast, Twitter is dishonest and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) that controls its censorship and digital assassination will certainly want this taken down. The Zionists want to overturn the Second Amendment and this is how they inspire fear. This was a false flag operation, no question at all.

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Natural News: NARRATIVE CONTROL: Multiple reports, witnesses claim that there were “three or four” shooters at El Paso Walmart, but police only claim one

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Be vigilant.
See something.
Say something.
Know your surroundings at all times.

ROBERT STEELE: I ran a false flag for the CIA (no one died in mine) and I have published on the topic of false flags, some of which (9/11 particularly) are totally owned by the Zionists, the underbelly of the Deep State. What I am seeing here is the Deep State and Shadow Government (yes, elements of CIA and FBI do wicked illegal shit all the time) seeking to incite violence in Texas between patriots (generally white but also black and red) and the fat slobs called ANTIFA who are so stupid they are easily manipulated. The right needs to HOLD THE LINE and maintain discipline. The truth about this false flag event — 3-4 shooters dressed in black not the police — will come out eventually.

I continue to believe that our President cannot delay fulfillment of his promise with respect to 9/11 disclosure. Full disclosure of 9/11 will do two things: begin the long overdue process of expelling the Zionist parasite from America; and begin the process of challenging every false flag to date, all of which have been part of an anti-gun agenda that is unconstitutional.  As I said to thousands attending Rolling Thunder, you cannot defend  the Second Amendment without challenging the true nature of all of these false flag events.

It bears mention that the Deep State and its Zionist underbelly have been trying to disarm whites of European descent in the USA for a long time. This is half their agenda. The other half is open borders and multiculturalism (something Zionist Israel uses to hollow out target countries while forbidding in its own invented country stolen from Palestine). The United States of America is at war with Zionist Israel and Great Britain, as well as  the Vatican and the Chabad cult that considers all of us sub-human. The Rothschilds may or may not have surrendered — there are signs they have — but as this latest false flag event illuminates, there are still guerrilla factions out there that believe the US public is stupid enough to be fooled by a false flag event.

Every reader should take note of how the Jeffrey Epstein story is being censored. There is not a single mainstream media or social media or alternative media outlet willing to outline, as I have with great precision, the nine veils of evil that make the Epstein operation not just a Zionist Mossad operation, but the model for similar operations across the country, all covered up by local sheriffs, prosecutors, judges, and media managers, all either pedophiles themselves, or on the payroll.  The depth of Zionist bribery and blackmail is best understood by looking at how 9/11 was covered up — not a single case went to federal court and hence discovery — and how 27 state legislatures and governors were so intimidates, so bribed, so blackmailed, that they passed unconstitutional laws making it a felony to practice free speech on the subject of boycotting the invented genocidal, apartheid, criminal state of Zionist Israel. Every single person who voted for those laws should run out of town on a rail — certainly removed from office — and their specific blackmailers hunted down and killed.  Truth & Reconcilation for the US citizens, death for the agents of a foreign power who subborned them.

See Especially:

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UPDATE 1 Fox is Compromised — Condemning White Nationalists

ROBERT STEELE: I am sick to my stomach as I reflect on the piss-ants at Fox that I have just turned off. these people are COMPROMISED, including particularly the little white shit with no life experience pontificating about how we need to call this for what it is, “white nationalism.” It is not white nationalism you ignorant little fuck, it is Zionist/Deep State false flag atrocities intended to create fear and confusion.  Mind-controlled patsy and 3-4 contractor shooters who then vanish. Fox is COMPROMISED.  We need a Christian Conservative News Channel with brains and balls, not these anemic eunuchs who read from teleprompters (Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingram excepted).  Fox is SICK. Fox is DEAD. Fox is not the President’s friend.  And if the President is stupid enough to talk about gun control tomorrow, he will lose another 20% of his base that is already sick to death of him sucking up to the Zionists. What he should be doing is calling on every American to bear arms openly (with concealment as a right not a permit, none of us want to scare the latte-sucking shitheads on the left).  In my neighborhood, three guys dressed in black will be killed on sight.  That’s how it should be across the country.  And it must be said, the local police are COMPLICIT.  These are national drills where all participants are  told they must lie or go to jail.  Argh.  Enough already.


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