Oberlin College Falsely Accused Local Vendor of Racism, Now It’s Time to Pay the $36,000,000 Bond

Judge Orders Oberlin To Post $36 Million Bond Since It Refuses To Pay Defamed Bakery

The College Fix

College has suggested it can’t pay judgment plus interest

Oberlin College refuses to take responsibility for its own administrators’ defaming and retaliating against a bakery whose race-neutral anti-shoplifting policy enraged Oberlin students.

Following a judgment of $25 million in damages and $6.5 million in attorney’s fees and expenses, the judge has agreed to stay the execution of his judgment – but it will cost Oberlin.

Judge John Miraldi ordered the Ohio liberal arts college to post a bond of more than $36 million to cover the judgment plus interest while Oberlin appeals. Without explaining his reasoning, he approved the exact amount the Gibson’s Bakery plaintiffs had asked Oberlin to pay in lieu of letting them collect on the judgment immediately.

The bond will remain in place until Aug. 19, though it will be extended until Sept. 9 if the college “timely” files its post-trial motions on or before Aug. 19, Miraldi wrote. He’ll rule on its motions by Sept. 9.

According to Legal Insurrection, which closely covered the trial and subsequent legal wrangling, the bond includes three years of interest.


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