Seth Rich, Robert Mueller and The Russian Collusion Hoax

by Patrick J. McShay

“Democrats Lied about Russia.  Mueller lied about Russia.  The destruction of Hillary Clinton wasn’t a Russian job. It was a DNC insider who witnessed Clinton’s corruption first hand against Bernie Sanders. He decided to expose Clinton’s corruption.  His name was Seth Rich.”

— Kim Dotcom, Internet Entrepreneur and Political Activist

The dopes on the Left hoped the Mueller Report hearing yesterday would finally put them over the impeachment hump and send Trump packing. Instead, it turned out to be an embarrassment to Mueller and every angry Trump hater in the room.

Not only was Mueller, the face of Andrew Weissmann’s Trump impeachment squad, ill-prepared for the questions thrown at him by the Republicans, but he appeared confused, mumbled and stumbled through his testimony, and seemed badly in need of a hearing aid, asking dozens of times for the questions to be repeated.

Mueller was exposed in this hearing as the figurehead of a Marxist group of Trump-hating, Clinton supporters that were allowed to harass a duly elected President for two and a half years. If the major players in this coup don’t see prison time, all trust in the FBI and the Department of Justice will be lost.

Aside from the shock of seeing this feeble old Deep State fixer have a series of senior moments on national television, the viewer saw that Mueller was so unfamiliar with the contents of the report that bears his name that when asked about Fusion GPS and owner Glenn Simpson, Mueller said he wasn’t familiar with either.

That seemed hard to believe since it was Glenn Simpson and Fusion GPS who hired former British Intelligence agent Christopher Steele to write the infamous Trump Dossier for the Clinton campaign and the DNC. Both are mentioned in his report.

Sadly no one was more surprised about what was in his report than Mr. Mueller.

The dossier was central to the case against Trump yet Mueller said that the subject was “beyond my purview.” He also testified that he never bothered to interview Glen Simpson, a key witness in the Trump Tower meeting with Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya who met with Simpson the day before the meeting with the Trump team and the day after. This certainly should have been in Mueller’s purview!

This, however, didn’t surprise me a bit. I wrote on May 17, 2017, after Mueller was named special counsel, in “Deep State Cover-ups, Conspiracies, And Lies”…

“If Comey had a mentor it would be Robert Mueller, they are cut from the same cloth. I don’t trust Robert Mueller to do much but take a long time to get little or nothing done. Mueller is considered a longtime deep state fixer involved in cover-ups at Waco, Ruby Ridge, the Oklahoma City Bombing and 911 to name just a few”.

The Democrats and Republicans continue to push the Russian hacking nonsense despite the fact that it has been revealed that “CrowdStrike,” the company hired by Hillary Clinton and the DNC that confirmed evidence of Russian hacking is funded by Trump-hating Google. Why are we just now hearing this?

Congressman Jerry Nadler held a press conference with a crowd of Trump haters today declaring that Russia “Attacked America” and Donald Trump “asked for and encouraged Russia’s help” in beating Hillary. All ridiculous lies.

This hyperbolic bloviating can’t change the fact that no matter how much you hate Trump the Russian collusion narrative has been thoroughly debunked! Is that why DNC staffer Seth Rich was murdered? Is that why Julian Assange is still tormented in an English prison?

It’s been three years since the so-called Russian hack on the DNC servers and only the DNC and CrowdStrike have seen the servers. How is this possible unless the FBI is involved in keeping the Russian hacking hoax alive? Why is that so important to so many people?

Julian Assange maintains that there was no hack at all and that he received the information on a thumb drive.

Kim Dotcom revealed over two years ago that he helped Seth Rich load the thumb drive and former British Ambassador Craig Murray has said he delivered it to Julian Assange, yet Mueller didn’t think it was important to interview either of these two very credible witnesses to history.

In his own case, Roger Stone and his attorneys forced Federal prosecutors to admit that neither Robert Mueller nor the FBI had ever investigated the servers that had supposedly been hacked by Russians.

Just this week Google engineer turned whistleblower Greg Coppola confirmed to “Project Veritas” that the company is politically biased, promotes liberal content, and is using algorithms to censor Conservative and Christian content. Google must be broken up and the censorship must stop!

The special counsel unbelievably relied on redacted reports from Google-funded Hillary Clinton hired CrowdStrike. Mueller’s investigation was a sham. You can’t make this up!

If William Barr is doing a real investigation, it should be a cakewalk with all of the low hanging fruit left by Mueller’s witch hunt.

FBI Director Wray is still not cooperating and turning over documents declassified by Trump months ago. The FBI is still compromised and Trump is doing nothing; hence, Wray must go!

Former Fox business commentator Ed Butowski filed suit against the DNC and their IT experts at CrowdStrike to provide records showing whether their servers were hacked and by whom. Attorneys for the DNC and CrowdStrike recently formally objected to subpoenas in the case. Why aren’t they being compelled to testify?

The FBI has also missed another of many deadlines failing to provide requested documents and records in the Seth Rich case. What are they hiding?

Butowski has also provided new information in a recent lawsuit filing revealing that the source that met with Julian Assange. This source informed him that it was Seth Rich and his brother Aaron that provided the Clinton e-mails to Assange and not a Russian hack. This new source was former Fox Commentator Ellen Ratner.

Ratner’s brother was Julian Assange’s attorney, and in 2016, shortly after Seth Rich was murdered, during a meeting at the Ecuadorian Embassy, Assange told her it was the Rich brothers who were the source of the thumb drive and that he wanted Ratner to get word to Rich’s parents in case it had something to do with their son’s murder.

Ratner apparently took this information to Bill Shine, the president of Fox News, but Fox sat on this vital information for over two years!

This should have been breaking news on Fox? Is Fox in on the “Russia did it” narrative too?

Former NSA executive William Binney was the brains behind the NSA’s surveillance system. At one time Binney was a regular on Fox News appearing on Hannity and Tucker, but since he went against the Russia-did-it narrative they no longer have him on. Is that why?

NSA Whistleblower William Binney has proven that there was no Russian hack and indicates that the government is keeping the Russian hack narrative going even though they know it’s bogus. Why?

The President needs to explain why Julian Assange is still in custody! He has won over 200 awards for his journalism and has a reputation for printing the truth. He needs to be freed! What is being done to him is un-American and wrong!

A country that persecutes whistleblowers is a country with too much to hide. Good leaders don’t conspire to lie and deceive their people.

What kind of leaders can we expect in the future with our new anti-American and anti-Christian attitudes being nurtured by our controllers? Is this how the worst dystopian societies begin their descent into chaos and depravity?

Aren’t we an economic meltdown away from that very thing? Most economists will tell you that is a very real possibility.

Why are people who hate America, mom’s apple pie and the girl next door allowed to indoctrinate our children?

Cities are hiring Transexuals to read to grade school children during “Drag Queen Story Hour” at libraries across the country. Parents protest to no avail.

Just who is behind this depravity? Writer Melissa Meszaros reported that this program is a Jewish invention used to indoctrinate children.

American children are being brainwashed to hate our country, our flag, our history, and our President.

The Global Warming hoax with all of the cooked and phony numbers is being used to brainwash trusting and unsuspecting children who, down the road, will be expected to pay a stiff new carbon tax that will be blamed on their parents and grandparents.

Patriotism is being replaced by multi-cultural globalism and kids are taught that national pride is wrong. They are being taught to find fault with America and encouraged to erase our history by Communists who plot to control America.

These people don’t understand that “1984” was both a cautionary tale and how-to manual.

According to a “Communications Task Force” at Colorado State University, it’s no longer acceptable to say “America” or “Americans” because those words are racist and non-exclusive. WTF?

Schools in America are training intolerant, ignorant, liberal, gender-fluid, know-it-alls.

This is the new programmed, dopey American citizen the “Common-Core” curriculum is turning out.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the new smart!

Our controllers must be pleased.

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