Intellectual Property Theft: Highly Organized, Coordinated And Global Conspiracy To Steal Literary And Artistic Works

Scientific Invention And Industrial Innovation Has Been Likewise Targeted

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The following ongoing saga is one that has replicated itself countless times, especially over the past century.  As long as there has been a “Patent Office” and “Copyright Office” there has been plenty of ‘opportunity’ for the abuse and misuse of the various governmental institutions set up to protect intellectual property.  Not only are literary and artistic works highly vulnerable, so too are scientific inventions and technological innovations.

"The USPTO has recently been criticized about fraud that is supposedly occurring within the examiner telework program."

“The USPTO has recently been criticized about fraud that is supposedly occurring within the examiner telework program.”

As an example, once an inventor applies for a patent, the design and inner workings of his invention have been revealed in the documents filed with the Patent Office.  Anyone who has pursued the process knows that such an application can languish in the “patent pending” phase for years.  Over that period of time there are limitless opportunities for the invention to be duplicated by another party.  There have been numerous cases reported by inventors whereby they have alleged that their invention was stolen from them, and then patented by an impostor.  In virtually all of these cases the only way such a theft could have occurred was from the complicated patent application paperwork submitted to the patent office.

In the field of publishing there are even more possibilities to become the victim of a literary property theft.  Every aspiring writer knows the deal quite well.  Just like J. K. Rowling they are encouraged to submit their writings to as many publishers as possible with the hope that they will eventually hit the jackpot.

“In 1995, Rowling finished her manuscript for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone on an old manual typewriter.  Upon the enthusiastic response of Bryony Evens, a reader who had been asked to review the book’s first three chapters, the Fulham-based Christopher Little Literary Agents agreed to represent Rowling in her quest for a publisher. The book was submitted to twelve publishing houses, all of which rejected the manuscript.
(Source: Wikipedia — J. K. Rowling)

If the best-selling book series of all times (Harry Potter sold between 400 and 450 million copies worldwide as of July of 2013) can be rejected 12 times before a publisher accepted it, it is certainly not very difficult to understand how many would-be authors get turned down every day of the week.

The catch here is that once the author’s book submission has been received by the publisher, it too can languish in the “system” being passed around from editor to editor. In this very common publishing-house practice these new submissions are often circulated among many editors and proofreaders and everyone in between.  In this way many people will ultimately review and/or read the the submitted draft.  In the case of Harry Potter, here’s what actually happened.

A year later she was finally given the green light (and a £1500 advance) by editor Barry Cunningham from Bloomsbury, a publishing house in London. The decision to publish Rowling’s book owes much to Alice Newton, the eight-year-old daughter of Bloomsbury’s chairman, who was given the first chapter to review by her father and immediately demanded the next.
(Source: Wikipedia — J. K. Rowling)

How easy is it for the content or theme, plot or narrative to be pilfered and then sent off to a real ‘ghostwriter’ who then publishes the book with stolen ideas?  Very easy!  This exact scenario happens all the time, except that the original writer rarely gets wind of it so the whole theft-of-intellectual-property episode goes undetected, and therefore unreported.

When did this practice of pilfering literary property begin?  The very same time that procedures for purloining artistic property started.  The historical records are clear that patents and copyrights became institutionalized both in Venice and London at about the same time.  However, it was in London — as usual — that this practice of systematic abuse also became institutionalized.

The English patent system evolved from its early medieval origins into the first modern patent system that recognized intellectual property in order to stimulate invention; this was the crucial legal foundation upon which the Industrial Revolution could emerge and flourish. By the 16th century, the English Crown would habitually abuse the granting of letters patent for monopolies.  After public outcry, James I of England was forced to revoke all existing monopolies and declare that they were only to be used for “projects of new invention”.
(Source: Wikipedia — Patent)


Which brings us to the present case of the SevenGate Lawsuit described in the article below.  Of course, London is the site of the legal repartee going on between the aggrieved party, Ms. Charles Seven, and the various collaborators in a “PSYOP syndicate” that has stolen her prime TV concepts.  Seven’s clearcut case against “the system” is representative of a veritable pandemic of intellectual property theft (IPT), perpetrated not by the little guy (or gal); rather, by the proverbial 800-pound gorilla who takes whatever he wants to.  The true size and strength of this ubiquitous gorilla is further delineated as follows.

The stealth MO, which is utilized with awesome precision and coordination between and among the Mainstream Media[1] and the colluding government offices, the courts and law enforcement, the secret services and intelligence agencies, as well as those many participating corporate law firms and rogue legal jackals, is quite impressive for its facility in effectively keeping the lid on this multi-century scam. What very few realize or understand is that this network of IPT co-conspirators is actually quite global in scope and operation.  Functioning as an almost monolithic, worldwide and clandestine structure, as it must seamlessly bridge the many and diverse intellectual property laws and statutes which are currently in force transnationally, its reach practically knows no boundaries.

[1] “The Mainstream Media (MSM) is actually a catchphrase for much more than just corporate-controlled print, TV and radio news outlets. The MSM also includes the corporate-controlled motion picture industry, music industry, book publishing, public and private educational systems, social network utilities, among many other literary and artistic platforms and venues.”

Whoever Controls The Media Controls The World
Who REALLY Controls The Mainstream Media?

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SevenGate Lawsuit exposes syndicate stealing prime TV & funding 7/7 false flags

SevenGate: UK Lawsuit exposes psyop syndicate stealing prime TV concepts & funding 7/7 false flags

By Alfred Lambremont Webre


This is the first in a series of interviews on SevenGate, the landmark exposé by UK creator  Seven through her self-represented lawsuit against a world-wide high-level law, media, and government psyop syndicate to target creators, steal lucrative media properties, and fund domestic state terror with the surplus revenues.

VANCOUVER, BC – Seven (Charles Seven), a musician and media creative Producer, has singlehandedly won one of the U.K.’s largest Intellectual Property theft cases against a psyops theft racketeering syndicate operating within major corporate law firms and media giants, including BBC, ITV, Virgin Media, Channel 4, Scottish TV, as well as major networks in 26 nations around the world showing programs that were stolen by the syndicate from Seven including the blockbuster and profit center “Dancing with Stars” on ABC-TV in the USA and CTV in Canada.

Status of SevenGate Law Case & Mysterious Death’s of Judge and Seven’s Parents in 2014

Seven won her case before Lord Justice Chadwick and Sir Peter Gibson in UK Court of Appeal on 2nd May 2006, and Seven before Justice Sir Nicholas Pumfrey in the Chancery Divison 12-14 June 2006.

The Courts ruled that Seven had a copyright cause against the defendants and ordered that costs and damages be assessed.‘s series of interviews with Seven are published as the late Justice Sir Nicholas Pumfrey died under mysterious circumstances,  most probably murdered by agents of the SevenGate syndicate.

Justice Pumfrey has been murdered to bury this case and prevent Seven, who represented herself in all proceedings against the syndicate defendants and their powerful (and corrupt) corporate law firms in High Court and Court of Appeals. The Justice remarked that Seven had the highest level of excellence in legal papers presented before the courts by a person representing themselves.

In her interviews, Seven reiterates, “After the defendant members of the syndicate were found guilty in court they used criminal means by way of domestic terrorism, extreme violence, serious frauds, foul play and a murder campaign to escape going to prison.”

Both Seven’s mother and father have died under similar mysterious circumstances in 2014, probably murdered by the psyops syndicate to keep their world-wide “Golden Goose” theft of television, fashion and other properties around “Seven’s” creative property and proprietary image and persona going after receiving huge television and ancillary profits over the course of 11 years since the original left in 2003 and diverting the surplus to fund a campaign of daily terror against Seven herself, and to fund the July 7, 2005 “7/7” false flag bombing campaign in London.

Seven states, “Ms. Seven is now owed ‘Trillions’ for the worldwide illegal racketeering operations with her stolen Intellectual property as well as breaches of contract, copyright and multiple damages for being subjected to a terrifyingly horrific 11 year domestic terror campaign resulting in the suspicious deaths of many people around the shows, two of her close friends on the same day May 2012 and both her parents this year 2014.  In all instances there has been no police intervention to protect her and the public at large from the BilderbergTerrorist IP crime mobsters, nor has there been any investigations into the suspicious deaths.. or any concern to protect the general public’s safety.”

Seven & Her Stolen TV Shows

Goals of Interview series with Seven

The goals of the interview series with Seven are:

1. Public awareness – To make the public aware of the scale of organized criminal syndicates systematically stealing creative properties from creators (writers, etc.), selling these stolen to syndicate contacts within major television networks in 26 countries worldwide, making huge profits, targeting the creative talent with diabolical psyops, making a profit center out of all aspects of their life and private proprietary persona, and channeling a portion of the surplus profits into domestic terrorism worldwide, such as the 7/7 London bombings false flag. The identified perpetrators carrying out the full mission of the syndicate include high-level corporate and individual players: BBC, ITV, Virgin Media, Channel 4, Scottish TV, Bindmans law firm, Sir Richard Branson, Elizabeth Windsor and her consort Prince Philip (Capstone psyops open carriage ride after the 7/7 Bombings). To give you an idea of the scale on which Seven has had to battle this syndicate on her own for 11 years, Tamsin Allen, the syndicate lawyer assigned to steal Seven’s properties, was subsequently rewarded with a Counsel position on the UK Leveson inquiry looking into hacking by the media so that she could represent the syndicate on the Inquiry.

2. Revive Seven’s lawsuit – Seven was awarded costs and damages by UK Court of Appeals Judge Sir Nicholas Pumfrey. Seven’s estimate of damages at 100 million Pounds ($156 million) considered to be too limited and was to have been re-evaluated upon remand to the lower High Court.’s interviews with Seven are intended to alert the attention of public interest law, paralegal, forensic accounting, public support and other resources to gather around SevenGate and successfully collect Seven’s court award. Seven has pledged the SevenGate court award will be donated to the public interest in taking down this crime syndicate and to projects for a positive future.

3. Providing emergency financial support to Seven – As of the last interview (filmed Dec. 18, 2014), Seven has had her access to her bank funds cut off by the psyops syndicate and its powerful targeting-hacking contacts in the banks, police, and government.

Tony Farrell, Principal Intelligence Analyst

Tony Farrell is a former UK police Principal Intelligence Analyst who has created The Farrell Report, an online archive of the legal documents in Seven’s case.

This is important, as the syndicate’s bent barristers have worked with Syndicate contacts inside the Court clerk’s office to “disappear” the transcripts of the proceedings awarding Seven her court victory.

Through an extraordinary effort, Seven was awarded possession of a copy of the tapes of the court proceedings where the Judge is heard make her the award of costs and damages.

The Farrell Report is a rich archive documenting the vastness of the syndicate involved in the theft of Seven’s Intellectual Property and proprietary identity and persona. The Farrell Report can be perused at:

The 240 page final report itself is at:

Tony Farrell himself wrote, “My name is Tony Farrell, I am a former Principal Intelligence Analyst within the police service and this website will provide an opportunity for viewers to download utterly damning information exposing what must be one of the most monstrous cover ups in the history of the British Judicial system. The case material freely on offer here concerns corruption and racketeering within the media and the entertainment industry extending into circles of the judiciary and the police service.

“Beneficiaries of this decade of racketeering include the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Virgin Media. Scottish TV and large international law firm such as Bindmans with its associated linkages to Terrorism and the Leveson Inquiry into phone hacking and the police media relationship. This case contains an extraordinary illustrative example of prolonged gang-stalking and a reign of domestic terror at its most blatant. Some of the down-loadable material has clear relevance to the London Bombings of 7th July 2005 and the assassination of Jean Charles De Menezes two weeks later.

“This material will shock, scare and infuriate, but it will also enlighten and encourage. This is a truly outrageous case. It involves MS SEVEN, MS CHARLES SEVEN – a Rosa Parks of our generation. The available material tells of her battle against some of the giants of the entertainment industry and against high profile individuals, corporations and controlling systems. It is a case that will strike at the treasonous corruption within our midst.”

Donations to expose SevenGate and Contact Email

From Seven: “Here is a PayPal for SevenGate Donations for anyone who wants to support:


“I have also set up a new email:

to post for anyone who would like to make contact in relation to the case. Thank you so much again for your kind support best wishes to you and yours ;-)”

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