5G Roll-out: A Special Message to the American People


A Special Message to our Loyal Audience

State of the Nation

The last featured article recently published by SOTN concerns the rapidly occurring 5G roll-out across the USA.

Here’s the link and how the post appears for those who have not seen it.

5G ROLL-OUT: An Ongoing National Emergency that Requires an Immediate Shutdown by the American People

A Special Report on the Dangers of
Fifth Generation Cellular Mobile Communication Networks


State of the Nation


So, this is what happened at the SOTN office in Florida.

First, we saw how little interest this critical article generated, especially compared to topics of far less importance.

Before that happened, we quickly realized just how fast the 5G roll-out is happening— across the country.

And, while deep researching the whole 5G covert stealth operation we saw that it’s the final part of a highly organized plan to lock down planet Earth. When we say lock down, we mean that our lives will no longer be under our control (as if they are right now, right?).

Simply put, 5G allows THE POWERS THAT BE (TPTB) to implement all the remaining components of “The Matrix” — the long-planned global control mechanism which allows them the openly establish a One World Government.

However, that’s not the immediate problem for humanity.

The real problem is that wherever 5G is implemented, those cities and locales instantly become electronic and digital prisons—even dangerous and deadly for some folks.

For those who have EMF sensitivity or EMR hyper-reactivity or intolerance to various types of electro-pollution, living in these places will simply become intolerable. Many fragile people will succumb to these frequency assaults and microwave radiation. Who knows how many will die from the over-exposure!

Advocacy for 2019

As we researched and wrote the aforementioned piece, we quickly realized that this is the single most important issue of 2019—for everyone in the United States of America.

Not only that, but that the 5G roll-out will effectively change everything, as in EVERYTHING!

Because of the startling lack of interest in 5G from our readership, the current level of awareness about this rapidly unfolding catastrophe is considerably lower than we thought. After all, ours is truly the smartest audience on the Internet, bar none. So we knew we had a MAJOR awareness and education challenge right before our eyes.

As a direct result, we soon became aware that our main mission for 2019 is to prevent the 5G roll-out right here in Florida.

Our thinking is that if we can stop it here, other states will take notice. A Florida statewide success can then be used as a model of how to stop 5G in the other 49.

The demands of this type of health advocacy work and environmental activism require a massive commitment of time, energy and other resources.

SOTN is spread so thin already that we have no choice but to shift our focus to stopping 5G…at the expense of maintaining our normal news feed.

Since so few people really get it, if the few of us who do don’t take up this exceedingly urgent cause with great determination, there’s no hope in terminating 5G anywhere.

Distraction 2019

One last crucial point: So essential is the 5G roll-out for the New World Order globalist cabal that we firmly believe that they have manufactured and maintained the government shutdown as a means of distracting the American people.

For those who want to read more about their “5G distraction strategy”, please go to this previously posted link. 5G ROLL-OUT: An Ongoing National Emergency that Requires an Immediate Shutdown by the American People.

If the perps will go so far as to stage a government shutdown to divert everyone’s attention from the 5G roll-out, what won’t they do?!

Well, such a cynical scheme demands that We the People rise to the occasion … … … before it’s too late.

Once 5G becomes implemented nationwide, there’s no getting rid of it. The extraordinary speed of Internet service, as well as the perceived ‘modern miracle’ known as the Internet of Things, will keep enough people from acknowledging and/or admitting to the extreme health hazards associated with it. In other words, the people who fall in love 5G will far outnumber those who reject it.

And that’s all TPTB need to keep 5G firmly in place for the foreseeable future.

SOTN status

We will still be posting, but much less. What we do post will be very significant to our current mission, of course.

There is also a HUGE 2020 election matter, which has escaped everyone’s attention, that we will soon address.

What does appear at SOTN in the future will be primarily extended essays which have been in progress for months and even years. The power elite has kept us so preoccupied with so many false flag operations worldwide that these important pieces were never completed. Now it’s time to bring these necessary subjects out into the open, some for the first time in modern history.

We sincerely appreciate the loyalty of our many great followers over the years. We saw a true patriot community form that we never imagined. So, thank you all for your dedication to the restoration of the American Republic.

Please continue to visit us as you never know when the next SOTN “RED ALERT” will be posted.

With every good wish!

SOTN Staff
January 11, 2019

Downloadable FLYER for mass dissemination

FLYER: http://stateofthenation2012.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/WHAT-IS-5G.pdf

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