AMA wants children to override their parent’s decision against vaccination

American Medical Association: Let minors override parents’ vaccination refusal

By Javonte Anderson, Chicago Tribune

CHICAGO – Members of the American Medical Association voted this week to support state policies that would allow minors to override their parents’ objections to vaccinations.

Moving forward, the AMA will encourage state lawmakers to institute comprehensive vaccine and minor consent policies, according to a news release. The policy recommendation came Monday during the group’s annual meeting in Chicago.

This decision comes as the anti-vaccination movement gains strength nationwide and public health officials blame outbreaks in diseases including measles on fewer people getting vaccinated.

“The prevalence of unvaccinated pediatric patients is troubling to physicians,” AMA board member Dr. S. Bobby Mukkamala said in the release. “Many children go unvaccinated as anti-vaccine-related messages and advertisements target parents with misinformation. Allowing mature minors to provide informed consent to vaccinations will ensure these patients can access this type of preventive care.”

During Monday’s session, the AMA also voted to adopt a plan to bring national attention to violence against the transgender community, especially transgender people of color. The group also encouraged doctors to play a more active role in reporting and preventing human trafficking.


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