The CAFRs Prove Organized Crime on an Epic Scale…

…Perpetrated by the U.S. Federal Government

Picture from “The Political Art of David Dees Volume I~ 2006-2013”

Follow the money and America’s journey from freedom to fascism

By Shoshoni  |  June 6th, 2019

Economic reform first requires an understanding of the disease which is ailing America, as a country, and then human civilization as a whole. Its first cause is the 20 trillion-dollar lie that is being told about “America’s Debt Crisis” by the Fascist State to the American people.

The “Corporate Government” of the United States has used “the American People’s Trust Fund,” to buy up the entire planet while denying the American people the benefits of what they have paid for via their taxes. Moreover they have been disclosing this information through public records for decades! Unfortunately, because the majority of the American people refuse to look at anything unless it’s fed to them by the “fake news,” they are completely unaware of the facts of the matter asserted. 

Is our ongoing economic crisis just another symptom of the class warfare being played out across the planet and waged by those in control upon those who actually produce the world’s wealth, which the world’s controllers take for granted as being theirs exclusively?

Who controls the world’s riches, land, resources, and infrastructure, and by default, all of humanity? Moreover, how did they manage to pay for it all?

The answer might surprise you. If you are an American taxpayer the answer will likely enrage you as well. However, it would behoove you to first pay attention to how many times people in Congress and others in power have said about America’s Internal Revenue System that: “income taxes are voluntary!”

The controllers of the world would also be the entities that own and control the world’s investment capital, which has been stolen mainly from the most productive tax payers in the world, “the American people.” They would also be the entities that own and control the world’s debt!

This has not been truthfully reported by the Mainstream Media since they are owned and paid for, by those who are making a killing through the blind trust and ignorance of the American people.

Like everything else that the Mainstream Media lies about, “America’s Massive National Debt”, has at its roots the biggest con game ever played upon an unsuspecting and trusting public. The purpose of this con is that those who are its perpetrators can say that it is imperative to disarm the American people and force our Republic into Socialism in order to “save the country”!

If there were no poor people, Socialism and Communism would be meaningless. Therefore, those who control the narrative, and the world’s power and resources, cannot allow the American people or any of the so-called “common people” to prosper. Thus, they continue to lie, cheat and steal from the people of America and from the people of the world.

Furthermore, the “Oligarchs” who use Government-owned Corporations to hide the money that they have stolen and control use the best investment advisors that money can buy. Their actual title is the “Government Investment Officers Association” or G.O.I.A. of the United States and Canada. Oh, and who pays them? You guessed it, the hardworking taxpayers of America!

The story that the people who have any awareness of the theft that is going on right under their noses are told, is that, supposedly, these investment officers, are rarely able to balance Federal, State, County, and City connected corporate budgets!

However, when it comes to making investments with “idle dollars” or “discreetly reported component units”, these investment officers are making the most lucrative investments of all time! They are also making those investments at the expense of the other investors in the stock market! Furthermore, they are using money that belongs to the American people without their knowledge or consent; and not for their benefit!

The investment officers at GOIA bring “insider trading” to stratospheric levels of criminal violations of the Sarbanes Oxley Act and SEC rules.” Moreover these undisclosed investment dollars are from slush funds created from taxpayers’ money, which has been left over from the preceding year for every one of the over two hundred and thirty thousand corporations of the U.S. Federal Government, its connected agencies, and the State and associated governmental entities including the connected Universities of all 50 states.

All of these entities have countless reasons to dumb down and mislead the public into thinking that America is broke, in debt and ready to collapse economically. No wonder the University system of America is so intent on censoring any thought outside of its maniacal, social justice box, lest someone start to question their wealth, integrity and influence via the mind-controlled generations of American college students.

The employees of GOIA have been brilliant at investing America’s tax dollars for themselves and their bosses. Their bosses are the globalist fascist, criminals who continue to feed at the trough provided primarily by North America’s and China’s labor forces. They need to be stopped from stealing any more money from the people of America, and from the people of the world!

America’s Veterans end up homeless or dead from lack of medical care. Our children starve, or go into a lifetime full of debt, paying for their own dumbing down. The border wall remains unfunded and our infrastructure, electrical grid and roads continue to crumble into disrepair.

Virtually every single problem on Earth, including pollution and climate change could be solved! Clean, free energy and perfect health and abundance for everyone would be available and war could become a thing of the past. Yet these bastards demand more and more money but never use what they already have to fix the problems. This con job is full of their lies and excuses for why all of the above are unaffordable! Media non-disclosure, governmental hubris and public ignorance are the reasons that “We the American People” are complicit in letting them continue to get away with stealing the riches and abundance of the world from the rest of the world’s inhabitants.

Those who control majority stock ownership are using it to also control these corporations and to finance the candidates of their choice to control the political process and cover up their financial crimes. They are also using politicians to cover-up violations of all kinds of corporate laws, including, conflicts of interest, ultra-virus acts and violations of campaign finance laws.

Finally, the constitutional issues and abuse of the judicial process can be understood, when Congress gives corporations like Monsanto a free pass and the FDA has become the most dangerous corporate entity to the health of those it was supposed to protect. Instead, they invest in lucrative pharmaceutical stock with tax payer’s dollars. Those drugs that they invest in which kills Americans make “them” money in the stock market because they are the key players in controlling how valuable that stock becomes.

When the courts fine the pharmaceutical giants for gross negligence, they are fined by the State and that fine comes out of the right pocket of Big Pharma Corp. and into the left pocket of the State and Federal Government Corporation. That’s because they are the majority stock holders of Big Pharma corporate stock. What is even worse is, yet again, the consumer is also fleeced, with price hikes to cover the court costs, damages and fines!

Insider-trading information that is used by government employees and politicians, is not even acknowledged as a misdemeanor since all of the players are major stockholders in companies like Monsanto, DuPont, and Merck. Furthermore, insider trading goes far beyond just making money on stock tips! What is actually being created by government intervention and by using the power of government is the destruction of Capitalism, which is supposed to be based upon; freedom of choice, freedom of information, and the fair and untainted competition of the marketplace!

Instead of making sure our air, lands, food, water, and medicines are safe, the FDA, EPA, Department of Agriculture ensure just the opposite.  These are just three examples where the corporate cabal has hijacked government agencies and turned them into gangs of jackbooted thugs who rob Amish Farmers of their raw milk and who deny terminal cancer patients proven safe and effective cancer, as well as other health related therapies such as vitamins and medicinal substances in plants like hemp. Moreover, instead of cleaning up the environment, they create planet-killing scenarios such as Fukushima, the BP Gulf oil spill, the poisoning of Colorado’s Animas River, and the failure to clean up California’s Rocket Dyne remediation site in order to start the Woolsey fire.

This is happening while the criminal justice system and the corrupt judiciary hold major stock interest in America’s for profit prison system. This prison system has more of its own citizens imprisoned in slave labor camps for the use of a plant like hemp than any other country in the history of the planet.

How does one find the information on who owns the world’s material wealth represented by stocks, bonds, mutual funds, trusts, land, infrastructure, natural resources and every other form of investment in the material wealth and intellectual properties of the world?

Finding the evidence is actually easy. However, that it is right there in plain sight, albeit “discreetly”, thanks to the Fake News and the Educational System which covers it up, the massive amounts involved and its ultimate use is almost impossible to fathom!

Moreover, the laws of the United States have codified in the Sarbanes Oxley Act and the rules of the Security and Exchange Commission, the requirement of the publishing an annual financial statement by all Corporations who make investments in public stock offerings in the United States of America. That report is called a “Comprehensive Annual Financial Report”, or CAFR.

All of the information on how wealthy one of these governmental corporations is can be found by searching for the CAFR of the governmental corporation that one is interested in. Once you find the document, go to the enterprise funds accounts, usually in the last third of what amounts to three to five hundred pages of information. This will show you what these governmental corporate entities are worth through their investments and profit and loss statements. 

When you go to the bottom of the page to calculate how much they have netted for that year, be sure to add times one thousand and sometimes times one million to the equation. You will see up in the left hand corner of that page the instruction to multiply the net figures on the bottom of the profit and loss statement. Indeed, the profit numbers involved would be too unwieldy for a balance sheet if all of the zeros needed were added to the page.

To clarify the amount of wealth that we are talking about, it is in the tens of trillions of dollars. Therefore, rather than being in debt, the U.S. government and those who profit from the con it is playing on the American people have used “the American People’s Trust Fund” to buy up the planet, without giving the American taxpayer any of the benefits that they have paid for!

CAFRS provide the ultimate truth that will finally sets us free; however, it is our job to look at what is disclosed in the public record every single year.

Those who continue to refuse to look at what is right in front of them are consenting to their own enslavement. That consent is affecting the rest of us and it should not be tolerated by those who know the truth!

Therefore, to make it easy for the American people to understand, four very talented individuals have summed C.A.F.R.S. up in a nutshell. Please read the quote below, and the information on the following pages and then watch the movie “From Freedom to Fascism” by Aaron Russo on You Tube.

Every man is equally entitled to protection by law. But when the laws undertake to add… artificial distinctions, to grant titles, gratuities, and exclusive privileges—to make the rich richer and the potent more powerful— the humble members of society—the farmers, mechanics, and laborers, who have neither the time nor the means of securing like favors to themselves, have a right to complain of the injustice of their government.

— President Andrew Jackson

The following information is from a 2011 article by brilliant blogger, Clint Richardson, which was inspired by a news story on CNBC entitled “Who holds the U.S. “debt” and research done by Walter Burien at

“The 10 Biggest Holders of U.S. Debt” as of 2011

Listed as the #1 holder of government debt, just as Walter Burien of has been proclaiming for 20 years… is the U.S. Government! Here listed as:

1. Federal Reserve and Intergovernmental Holdings

Total U.S. debt holdings: $6.328 trillion

“That’s right, the biggest single holder of U.S. government debt is the Federal Reserve. The Fed’s system of banks and other U.S. intergovernmental holdings accounted for a stunning $6.328 trillion in U.S. Treasury debt in September 2011 (the most recent number available). The amount is an all-time high as the Federal Reserve continues to expand its balance sheet, partially to purchase U.S. government debt securities.”

“About a decade ago, the total government holdings were “only” $2.5 trillion.”

So, the U.S. Government is in debt primarily to… .. … itself!

Walter Burien has been trying to bring forward this sobering truth to the American and international people for many years. And, many people are just beginning to wake up to Walter Burien’s tireless work at exposing the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) system of general accounting for all corporations, including the over 230,000 individual government accounts listed within the April 1, 2000 government census report, this fact is quite verifiable, as the CAFR is the audit of the government.

But wait, can a government really be in debt to itself?

Well, can you? Can you tell the IRS, for instance, that you borrowed money from your checking account and placed it into your savings account and therefore have no money available to pay the IRS because your checking account balance is at a negative balance because you owe your savings account money from your checking account (while gaining interest on that savings account in the meantime)?  No, you can’t….

But the question is, can government be in debt to itself?

Of course it can. For government makes its own rules. That’s the golden rule after all… “He who holds the gold, makes the rules”.   And in this case, those who make the rules certainly hold most of the gold.

In fact, as shown in the 2010 CAFR for the Federal Reserve (fiscal year ending December 31, 2009), over $47 billion dollars was collected from the American people that year, every cent of which was placed into the accounts of the United States Treasury. And over the life of the Federal Reserve, over $687.6 billion dollars has been paid by the Federal Reserve to the U.S. Treasury in the form of “interest on Federal Reserve notes”. Would you have ever guessed that the U.S. Treasury is holding over 261 million troy ounces of gold – which is listed as “collateral” for Federal Reserve Notes in the Federal reserve CAFR?

You can only find this type of information in the audit of government – the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

I mention this mostly to dispel the popular fallacy that the Federal Reserve is somehow an autonomous agency without any ties to the Federal Government. This simply is not true. It is federal law that all government agencies file a CAFR each year, of which the Federal Reserve has been filing since this laws’ inception. The Audit of the Federal Reserve System can be found here:

Audit (CAFR) of the Federal Reserve Board Of Governors – Link:

Audit (CAFR) of each individual Federal Reserve Branch Bank – Link:

The term intergovernmental is a term used to describe the investment fund structure of all of these over 230,000 corporate government accounts—city, state, and federal corporate governments. As a standard of practice, these local, county, and district governments place their taxpayer money into what is called the State Treasurer’s Investment Funds (commingled funds), which are generally managed by the State Treasurer as trustee of those funds. The average daily balance of those funds is then invested into the bonded indebtedness of the United States governmental structure, called the U.S. Debt. These funds generally invest into such things as federal securities, commercial paper, national/international banking institutions, municipal and federal bonds and warrants, and other forms of indebtedness, gaining interest and dividends from those investments. States hold these funds with the permission of the federal U.S. Code, and one government makes a profit from another government via interest payments on these bonds, which is paid via the taxation of the American people.

3. Other Investors/Savings Bonds

U.S. debt holdings $1.107 trillion

(From the article)

“With the most recent numbers from June 2011, this extremely diverse group includes individuals, government-sponsored enterprises, brokers and dealers, bank personal trusts, estates, savings bonds, corporate and non-corporate businesses, for a total of $1.107 trillion.”

“Although the level of debt held in U.S. savings bonds has remained basically constant since 2000, the broad category of “other” investors has nearly quadrupled since reaching a four-year low in December 2007.”

Note here that this group includes “government-sponsored enterprises”. Of course, this report doesn’t tell you that the vast majority of investment wealth that sits in these other funds like “individuals (corporate persons), brokers and dealers, bank personal trusts, and corporate and non-corporate businesses” is funded by government taxpayer money.

With the corporations/businesses that are listed here, when we understand that collectively the over 230,000 governments hold together majority stock ownership in all major corporations in the world through pension and other trust fund investments, and are the main investors in savings bonds and other debt, this “category” is a very deceiving. Look into who actually holds, and more importantly controls, these savings bonds and investors through “corporate governance”.

5. Pension Funds

U.S. debt holdings: $842.2 billion

(From the article)

Pension funds control large amounts of money, reserved for personal retirements, and thus are obligated to make relatively safe investments. This group, which includes private and local government pension funds, holds $842.2 billion in U.S. debt. The private pension fund category also includes U.S. Treasury securities held by the Federal Employees Retirement System Thrift Savings Plan G Fund.”

Because pension funds are mostly government controlled, and because the private/publicly traded corporations that have pension funds are held by government stock investment as their majority stake holders and vote through proxy shareholder voting rights on all that happens within these “private” and “public” corporations, government once again is in reality the holder of its own debt.

6. Mutual Funds

U.S. debt holdings: $653.5 billion

(From the article)

“According to the Federal Reserve, mutual funds hold the sixth-largest amount of U.S. debt compared to any other group, although mutual fund holdings have diminished by more than $105 billion since December 2008, including money market funds, mutual funds and closed-end funds, this group of investments managed about $653.5 billion in U.S. Treasury securities as of June 2011, which are the most recent numbers available.”

Here again, as with U.S. Savings Bonds, we find that the main holder of investments in mutual funds is indeed the government pension fund system listed above. Funds like BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street Corporation are always in the top holdings of government, especially in the pension system. (See: The Great Pension Fund Hoax for sources).

7. State and Local Governments

U.S. debt holdings: $484.4 billion

(From the article)

“U.S. state and local governments have nearly a half-trillion dollars invested in American debt, according to the Federal Reserve. The level of investment has remained stable since 2006, moving within the range of $484 billion and $576 billion. The current debt holdings, however, represent the lowest aggregate level for state and local governments since December 2005, when they stood at $481.4 billion.”

To reinforce the fact that government is the main shareholder of U.S. debt securities, CNBC adds State and Local governments to the list. Again, through the commingled funds discussed earlier and as listed within all of the CAFR reports of local and state governments, we see that these government/municipal corporations are indeed the holder of vast amounts of public debt.

Remember, government charges the taxpayers with the responsibility for this debt, while it uses that wealth to purchase everything in sight! So government is in truth collecting interest and capital gains (tax free, of course) as well as dividends on the money that it borrows… from itself!!! The people pay their taxes in order to pay this interest, which is in reality a “profit” for the so-called “non-profit” government. It’s really a win-win situation for government investment funds, based on a fraud upon the people.

9. Depository Institutions

U.S. debt holdings: $284.5 billion

(From the article)

“As of June 2011 (the most recent numbers available), the Federal Reserve Board of Governors lists depository institutions as holding about $284.5 billion in U.S. debt.”“This group includes commercial banks, savings banks and credit unions. In 2011, its holdings more than tripled from the 2008 low of $105 billion. Between June and September 2011, holdings for depository institutions fell by nearly $44 billion.”

10. Insurance Companies

U.S. debt holdings: $250.1 billion

(From the article)

According to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, insurance companies hold $250.1 billion in Treasury securities. This group includes property-casualty and life insurance firms.”

CNBC reports that – according to the Federal Reserve System – banks, financial institutions and insurance companies are majority shareholder of U.S. government debt instruments and securities.

Once again, we must realize that the main stockholder of these publicly traded banks and insurance corporations is, in fact, the government itself through its pension fund and other trust and investment funds.

For example, as of March 31, 2010, just the “New York State and Local Retirement System” pension fund held the following shares in banks and investment corporations:

Company                                      Shares of Stock           Market Value

Morgan Stanley                              4,301,770                   97,951,303
Goldman Sachs Group Inc. /the   1,961,585                207,967,242
Goldman Sachs Ssga Em Mrkts 8,934,287                102,501,423
Wells Fargo & Company             16,257,120                 231,501,389
Bank of America Corp                 23,819,237                 162,447,196
Citigroup Inc.                                 18,601,505                  47,061,808
Citigroup Inc. Depository Shares    199,368                    3,046,343
American Express Company       4,249,664                  57,922,920
American Financial Group Inc.       492,854                    7,910,307
Visa Inc. – Class A                              390,400                 21,706,240
MasterCard Inc. – Class A                 306,830                 51,387,888
Zions BanCorp                                   558,029                   5,485,425
Fifth Third Bancorp                       2,678,672                    7,821,722
Fannie Mae                                             6,000                           4,200
Freddie Mac                                            6,100                            4,636
Hartford Financ Serv Grp Inc.      1,099,070                   8,627,700
Hudson City Bancorp Inc.             2,946,851                 34,448,688
Western Union Company             2,656,147                  33,387,768
Siemens AG                                         757,252                  43,473,647
Experian Group Ltd                        1,034,174                    6,474,091
Equifax Inc.                                           626,161                  15,309,636
Equinox Inc.                                             13,800                       774,870
State Street Corp                             1,867,120                  57,469,954
People’s United Financial Inc.      1,234,207                  22,178,700
Fidelity Nat Financial Inc. – CIA 839,867                  16,385,805
Fidelity Nat Info Services Inc.          657,748                   11,971,014
Westpac Banking Corp                     298,305                   3,956,638
Axis Bank Ltd                                      191,458                     1,565,891
Discover Financial Services          1,874,548                  11,828,398
Softbank Corp                                 3,664,300                 46,596,748
Solera Holdings Inc.                           556,652                  13,793,837
Signature Bank                                   210,333                    5,937,701
HSBC Holdings plc                        8,349,382                  47,271,967
HSBC Holdings plc                        1,389,200                    7,645,081
HSBC Holdings plc – Rights            893,766                   1,806,322
Royal Bank of Canada                       169,300                   4,949,214
Royal Bank of Scotland                 6,330,271                   2,223,006
Royal Bank of Scotland, Rights   6,427,941                                 -0-
Allied Irish Banks                            1,216,447                      969,046
National Australia Bank                1,406,252                 19,638,984
Aust & New Zealand Bank Group   701,045                    7,671,606
Commonwealth Bank of Australia    19,794                       477,637
National Bank of Canada                  161,300                    5,161,497
National Bank of Greece                  102,386                     1,551,051
Deutsche Bank AG – ADR                    9,800                      398,370
Deutsche Bank AG – Registered     654,969                26,888,105
Credit Suisse Group                        1,174,244                 35,793,762
Credit Suisse Group – Spons ADR         300                           9,147
Bank Montreal Quebec                     428,291                  11,230,235
Bank Mutual Corp                               94,860                       859,432
Bank of Baroda                                   542,734                   2,506,942
Bank of Communications             1,376,000                       955,210
Bank of Cyprus Ltd                              51,909                        157,826
Bank of East Asia                           2,605,019                    5,028,527
Bank of Hawaii Corp                         192,499                    6,348,617
Bank of India                                      934,270                   4,040,186
Bank of New York Mellon Corp  4,420,585                124,881,526
Credit Agricole S.A.                            311,625                    3,439,044
Credit Saison Company                       14,918                        144,241
Bank of Nova Scotia                          149,900                     3,701,779
First Bancorp Puerto Rico                143,010                       609,223
Bank Yokohama Ltd Japan Ord     903,100                    3,821,968
Hiroshima Bank Ltd/The                   13,000                         49,357
Bank of Kyoto Ltd/The                       73,000                       614,924
Osaka Gas Company Ltd               2,035,146                   6,346,309
Bank of China Ltd – H                   8,527,000                   2,827,663
Ind Comm Bank of China Ltd      4,464,000                   2,321,280
China Citic Bank – H                        484,000                       182,983
China Construction Bank – H      4,331,000                   2,458,890
China Merchants Bank – H             283,000                      494,428
Shizuoka Bank                                    183,000                    1,637,866
Shinsei Bank Ltd                             1,450,154                     1,453,531
Chiba Bank                                          176,500                       866,685
Cheung Kong (Holdings)              3,376,000                  29,077,161
Hang Seng Bank Ltd                         328,500                    3,308,313
Hanmi Financial Corp                        55,300                           71,890
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Grp     6,409,847                 30,890,829
Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Fin Co Ltd    1,600                          33,370
Bangkok Bank                                    554,400                      1,172,424
Bangkok Bank Public Co Ltd          446,200                         937,316
Siam Comm Bank Public Co Ltd    376,900                         579,192
Malayan Banking Berhad                802,525                         849,745
Malayan Banking Berhad – Rights  361,136                                 -0-
Blackrock Inc.                                           7,135                         927,835
Blackstone Group LP/the             1,289,215                     9,346,809
Zurich Financial Services                      9,387                     1,486,829
Aetna Inc.                                           1,881,924                   45,787,211
Cincinnati Financial Corp                 736,150                   16,835,751
First American Corp                           496,770                  13,169,373
First Bancorp Puerto Rico                 143,010                       609,223
First Cash Financial Services Inc.      48,800                       728,096
First Commonwealth Finan Corp   394,940                     3,503,118
First Financial – 144A GDR                 48,113                       444,083
First Financial Bancorp                        62,100                       591,813
First Financial Bankshares Inc.           54,475                    2,624,061
First Financial Holding Company   978,455                        451,546
First Financial Holdings Inc.               23,950                       183,218
First Horizon National Corp              766,191                  8,228,888
First Mercury Financial Corp            213,900                  3,088,716
First Midwest Bancorp Inc.                280,825                   2,412,287
First Niagara Financial Group Inc.   414,400                   4,516,960
First Potomac Realty Trust                  75,284                      553,337
First Quantum Minerals Ltd                 6,400                      180,583
First Solar Inc.                                        39,400                   5,228,380
Discover Financial Services            1,874,548                 11,828,398

–For a closer look at this fund, go here:


And this is just one single pension fund! There are thousands of these investment funds out there, all controlled and used collectively to control the financial markets of the world.

Do you still believe that government is a non-profit public entity, or are you starting to understand that government is in fact organized crime to the extreme?

And that leads us to the other listed holders of United States debt.

Here, CNBC lists its most deceiving holder of debt:

2. China

U.S. debt holdings: $1.132 trillion

(From the article)

“The largest foreign holder of U.S. Treasury securities, China currently has $1.132 trillion in American debt, although it is down from all-time highs of $1.173 trillion in July 2011….”

4. Japan

U.S. debt holdings: $1.038 trillion

(From the article)

“One of the U.S.’s largest trade partners, Japan is also one of the U.S.’s largest debt holders, currently owning $1.038 trillion in Treasury securities.”

Now, the biggest and most often portrayed fallacy in the MSM is that China holds U.S. Debt. But is this a true statement?

The answer to this question must be obtained by first asking a different question…

When CNBC refers to the abstract name of “China” as the 2nd largest holder of U.S. debt, is it referring to the government of China or to the geographical location of China? Ah… this is a very clever trick used to fool taxpayers into thinking that the country and government of China holds American debt. But here is the reality of the situation:

Over many years, American corporations (majority held by government investment in their stock) have been moving to China and setting up their manufacturing and investment corporations in that country, with the absolute permission of the Chinese government. With this build-up came trillions of dollars of investment capital from the U.S. government building up China’s infrastructure to that of a first world country. Walter Burien has recently estimated those investments to be over $14 trillion in value, meaning that the wellbeing of China’s global corporate manufacturing base is solely dependent on American and European investment capital.

In short, China houses American corporations, which sell their product back to America. And, without the pollution, health, as well as employment protections and regulations that are imposed upon these American corporations while operating in America.  The corporations are able to pay pennies to the Chinese workers and pollute the country with very few regulatory infringements.

If China were to suddenly threaten the United States in any way, American corporations would pull out of China to sufficiently destroy the economic prosperity that American corporations have allowed. In short, these $14 trillion in investments in China’s infrastructure and marketplace makes China all but a colony of the American/European Military-Iindustrial manufacturing complex. And the thought of “China” doing anything to change this, including demanding what little U.S. debt it might actually own, is patently ridiculous.

The U.S. debt that is listed here as held by “China” is held by the investment structure that has been built up by American interests.

So who really owns the corporations that are taking on American debt securities in these two countries?

Let’s go back to the New York Pension Fund and see what is happening here:

Company                                      Shares of Stock           Market Value

Banks and Investments

Bank Yokohama Ltd Japan Ord     903,100                    3,821,968
Hiroshima Bank Ltd/The                   13,000                         49,357
Bank of Kyoto Ltd/The                       73,000                       614,924
Osaka Gas Company Ltd               2,035,146                   6,346,309
Bank of China Ltd – H                   8,527,000                   2,827,663
Ind Comm Bank of China Ltd      4,464,000                   2,321,280
China Citi Bank – H                        484,000                       182,983
China Construction Bank – H      4,331,000                   2,458,890
China Merchants Bank – H             283,000                      494,428
Shizuoka Bank                                    183,000                    1,637,866
Shinsei Bank Ltd                             1,450,154                     1,453,531
Chiba Bank                                          176,500                       866,685
Cheung Kong (Holdings)              3,376,000                  29,077,161
Hang Seng Bank Ltd                         328,500                    3,308,313
Hanmi Financial Corp                        55,300                           71,890
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Grp     6,409,847                 30,890,829


Tokyo Electric Power Company         359,150                    8,945,115
Tokyo Electron Ltd                               363,650                  13,401,701
Tokyo Gas Company                         2,375,746                    8,298,394
China Petroleum Chemical             3,982,000                   2,548,480
China Power Int. Dvlp Ltd               6,012,000                     1,194,643
China Coal Energy Company             416,000                       307,035
China Oilfield Services                        212,000                        167,685
China Shenhua Energy Co                  341,000                       768,240
Chiyoda Chemical Engineering         935,400                    4,962,535
Chubu Electric Power Co Inc.              241,917                     5,314,973
Shanghai Electric Grp Co Ltd      12,052,000                    3,467,866
Shinsei Bank Ltd                               1,450,154                      1,453,531
Nissan Chemical Industries Ltd          41,500                        344,958
China Coal Energy Company – H     416,000                        307,035
Hong Kong & China Gas Co Ltd    5,485,330                     8,649,127
Hong Kong Electric Holds Ltd      3,200,500                   18,996,516
Mitsubishi Electric Corp                 3,036,548                   13,557,939
Mitsubishi Gas Chemical CO Inc.          4,000                          17,009


Toyota Motor Company                  1,764,412                    55,735,197
Toyota Industries Corp                       177,163                      3,757,786
Toyota Tsusho Corp                           143,200                       1,371,542
Honda Motor – ADR                         188,000                     4,455,600
Honda Motor Company                 1,297,926                    30,421,167
Mazda Motor Corp                             715,000                       1,187,203
Nissan Motors Japanese Ord       4,282,864                     15,176,697
Mitsubishi Corp                                  859,769                     11,185,615
Mitsubishi Motors Corp                    271,000                         342,969
Hyundai Motor Company Ltd           30,860                      1,238,193
Yamaha Corp                                         42,813                         414,823
Yamaha Motor Company Ltd          184,000                     1,630,050


Motorola Inc.                                          9,547,354             40,385,307
Qwest Communications Int. Inc.         4,735,734              16,196,210
Vodafone Group plc – Spons ADR        109,595                1,909,145
Vodafone Group plc New                 56,080,988            98,670,972
Samsung Electronics Company Ltd          4,489               1,843,305
Ericsson LM Tele Co – Spons ADR       126,820               1,025,974
Ericsson LM Tele Co – B Shares         7,402,571            60,439,750
Nokia Oyj                                               2,005,360             23,643,146
Nokia Oyj Corp – Sponsored ADR         151,200               1,764,504

These are some of the corporations that are holding U.S. debt. Again, we are seeing that the U.S. government is essentially borrowing money from its own investment held corporations. Then they are nationalizing that debt onto the backs of the American people, and using the profits of the bonded indebtedness of the people not for the people, but to further government ownership and control over the global corporate structure. Then it demonizes China and assigns a false power onto its government for “holding U.S. debt”.

Moreover, the people of America eat it up, because we can never imagine that we ourselves are the problem; that our ignorance of our government and our consent to its theft and deceit is really what’s wrong with the world. America’s creed has been to blame China, blame Iran, blame Iraq, and blame Afghanistan. Most of all blame Russia… but just disregard our own actions and inactions.

So, thanks CNBC… you almost told the truth!  Fortunately there are anomalies like Walter Burien and Clint Richardson to read between the lines and translate what the Fake News continually fails to mention.

But then, government owns the Mainstream Media, too, so what could we expect?


Walt Disney Company/the             7,975,404               144,833,337
News Corp – Class A                          7,746,798                 51,283,803
Time Warner Cable Inc.                     1,476,825                 36,625,251
Time Warner Inc.                               4,885,448                 94,289,152
CBS Corp – Class B                            3,518,760                 13,512,038
General Electric Company              39,551,471              399,865,372
Sony Corp                                                811,290                 16,411,435
Sony Financial Holdings Inc.                         24                       63,906
Vivendi Universal                               2,414,568               63,876,002
Viacom Inc. – Class B                         2,363,387                41,075,666
Discovery Commun Inc. – Series A       79,244                  1,269,489
Discovery Commun Inc. – Series C       78,831                   1,154,874
Marvel Entertainment Inc.                    175,800                 4,667,490
Comcast Corp – Class A                   10,473,672             142,860,886
Comcast Corp – Special Class A            20,259                     260,733
DreamWorks Anim SKG Inc. – A        285,700                  6,182,548
DISH Network Corp – Class A             475,200                 5,279,472
DIRECTV Group Inc./The                 2,048,939               46,695,320

In the end, of the over $15 trillion of U.S. debt that this report refers to, we can rest assured that approximately 70-80% of that debt is self-funded by the United States government, and the rest by government held investment corporations.

So, how will we ever pay ourselves?  Answer: We won’t.

However, as long as we the people do nothing, the government will continue to raise our taxes and destroy any chance of our recovery. The tyrannical government-corporate cabal that we falsely call “government” and its blatant usury will continue. Taxpayers will continue to pay the national debt plus interest simply to support this government investment fund con, and all other criminal enterprises like human and drug trafficking, money laundering, ecocide and war.   All of these crime sprees will be excused as necessary in order to maintain our dominance of planet Earth.

The government-owned media will continue to tell us that this thing is “too big to fail”, as if that is a good excuse to ignore the problem and continue to justify undeclared wars. It will all end in a Nazi-inspired, Fascist-Communist, UN-controlled Global Government where the rights of the individual are trumped by the rights of the collective.

Much of the above information and commentary is courtesy of blogger Clint Richardson and research from Walter Burien from

What all of this means is that the United States has become a “Fascist Country”! It was done with the help of the Fascist Jesuits and the Nazis from Operation Paperclip! Moreover, the aging population of America is considered little more than a collection of individual economic units that has become a depreciating asset as it ages.

Each economic unit matures upon the death of the individual. Therefore, retirement by the people of the United States, once they reach a certain age, is another total con. This con which makes us worth more dead than alive to those who believe that they own us, needs to be disclosed to every man, woman and child in this country!

The ball is in our court and we are arriving at the point of no return!

Therefore, we need to remove our consent and declare our sovereignty and our rights as the owners of our own individual selves, our country and of our resources.

How? Two words: DISCLOSE CAFRS!

That should be the meme we use, to call out every one of these Fascists, fake journalists and political hacks, who talk about “debt and unaffordability!” This is the ultimate truth that will finally set us free! Moreover, its purpose, which has been hidden, will have to be revealed….. but that is for another article, so stay tuned….

First, we need to follow the money in order to truly understand how to reform our financial system. Then, we need to go about building something that promotes all human evolution as creative, compassionate caretakers of our world rather than as horrified spectators of its final exploitation and violent demise. 

We were taught that free market economic activity and the individual’s relationship forged under our social contract with our government was underpinned by a just and moral rule of law. The Supreme Court, called it “the concept of ordered liberty”.  On that basis, we have relied upon the laws of contracts to justly order our economic activities, our world-view and the entrustment of the fruits of our labors.

For that we have asked our government to use our taxes to create a sacred trust from what we have built and endeavored to preserve for the American people and the freedom-loving future generations of our planet.

However, what if the contracts upon which we based the value of what “We the American People paid for”, and perceived to be no less than the opportunity to live in a FREE country, is all based upon fraud?

What if what we have really been paying for, in exchange for our perception of “ordered liberty”, what translates to more Military-Industrial Complex dollars and the spilled blood of more innocents killed in the pursuit of other people’s resources for the Corporate Empire? What if that Empire uses America’s people to hide behind and to commit atrocities in our name?

What if we are really funding our own slavery and ultimate demise with our tax dollars? What if we have been deprived of our birthright and collective rights that were articulated ed in a list of inalienable rights spelled out in our most sacred of constitutional documents?

What if the “legal detriment,” offered through lifetimes of labor, by untold millions of Americans, has been stolen through fraud and deceit; and that no contract has ever been “validly formed?”

My question is, “Did our economic system really ever muster the integrity that was needed to become the power which could effectively propel mankind forward in the ‘pursuit of happiness’, which was mandated by the Founding Fathers of our fledgling nation?”

“Will reform effectively empower future generations of Americans to fully realize the American Dream? Or, are we trying to fix a system that was never really just, moral, or could honestly work as a means to empower people in the first place?”

Economic reform needs to be based upon removing the government’s capacity to corrupt  money, especially when used it’s as an end to deceive, exploit, control and enslave humanity.

Time is of the essence, since the misplaced power of money continues to destroy our beautiful planet, every living thing upon it and the only home that we have!

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