Sensitive Google Searches Now Blocking ALL Alt Media Content

RED ALERT: Google Censorship Is Destroying the Truth Movement

Google Must Be Completely Taken Over
Operated as a Public Utility

New AI-Driven Google Algorithms Have Blocked All Alternative Websites and Truth Content for Sensitive Searches

State of the Nation

Google has finally done it.

The massive censorship search engine has completely shut out the Alternative Media from the most politically sensitive areas of the Internet space.

Deep insiders and Internet users alike have confirmed that Google’s most recent alteration of their search algorithms has blocked out the search results for virtually every Alt Media website on the Internet for specific searches.

Here, try for yourself.

First, Google “chemtrails” or “geoengineering”. Or click on the following links to conduct those searches.

Chemtrails search:…1.0..0.78.638.10……0….1..gws-wiz…..6..0i71j0i67j0i131.rPX0srxNrXk

Geoengineering search:

Now, look at the first page of results.

Then scan the second and third pages. Next, see the sixth and seventh pages, etc.

That’s right — not a single Alt Media Google search item can be found when there are literally thousands upon thousands of posts that had previously shown up in similar Google searches for either “chemtrails” or “geoengineering”.

Now, click on the 10th page of results at the bottom of the Google page. And then keep clicking on the last page of results shown at the bottom of the Google page. You’ll quickly realize that Google has greatly reduced the number of websites and posts compared to what they used to provide. And only Mainstream Media (MSM) sources are returned in the results.

What used to appear predominantly in these Google searches were the many Alt Media websites, articles and posts that were dedicated to the topics of chemtrails and geoengineering (e.g. Currently, there are virtually no search results delivered that contain an alternative or truthful viewpoint—NONE!

In other words, Google is totally silencing the Truth Movement.

This single development spells disaster for the Alt Media, and especially for the entire Fifth Estate. The reasons for this rapidly evolving First Amendment crisis are well explained in the following exposé.

The Fifth Estate Casts Its Shadow Like a Massive Mothership

Draining the swamp put on hold

Quite unfortunately, President Trump appears to be powerless to reverse this dire situation.

He is surrounded by the Swamp, and they will not permit him to rectify anything having to do with the outright and unlawful censorship of the Alt Media. After all, Trump won 2016 because of the Alt Media efforts and TPTB* know that the Truth Movement must be shut down if the Deep State Democrats are to successfully steal the 2020 elections.

*The Powers That Be

There’s simply no other way out for the Democrats; they’re backed into a corner and Deep State is using Google (and Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, etc) to shut down all Internet dissent.

Which means that the next 17 months will see an ever-shrinking conservative voice on the Internet. Come November 3, 2020, it will be a veritable desert for the Right where it concerns freedom of speech.

This situation must be fixed post-haste.

This predicament has greatly intensified because TPTB control the MSM and the younger generations still listen to that garbage and watch that trash on their smartphones—24/7.

Isn’t that why they memed it the “S M A R T P H O N E “ ? !

Whoever is glued to their smartphone is ‘guaranteed’ to be so smart, yet full of nothing of MSM-generated disinformation, misinformation and false information.

In other words, every smartphone user is being stealthily set up as an originating vector of dissemination of utter propaganda, transparent falsehoods and serial deception. WOW ! ! !

Class Action Lawsuit

One prong of our multi-prong strategy is to compel Google to stop violating the First Amendment through threat of immense compensatory and punitive damages that a successful class action lawsuit can produce. As follows:

Alphabet’s Google Being Sued for Censoring Conservative Content as Corporate Policy

It’s critical to understand that Google is a fundamentally criminal corporation.

Alphabet, it’s corporate parent, is also in serious and constant violation of the First Amendment.

In point of fact, were a highly directed U.S. Attorney General to put Google in their sites, they could be shut down YESTERDAY. Google has injured so many parties and harmed so many businesses on the Internet it’s scary. That Alphabet is still a viable corporation is even scarier.

Short of an Executive Order, the quickest way to alter Google’s behavior is through an injunction that threatens the very operation of the DARPA-developed, CIA-controlled Big Tech company.

Action Plan

Certainly, the very best way to take down the Google beast is to starve it to death.

That means we boycott it … with an implacable vengeance … until it’s dead and buried.

Then, We the People can raise it back to life as a public utility under the supervision of a truly non-political oversight board.

However, it looks like Google will first have to be collapsed via a global boycott, aggressive taxation, restrictive regulation and criminal prosecution.

A few multi-billion awards issued by the courts ought to have a chilling effect on Google’s serial criminality. Incarcerating Google’s top executive would also have a coercive impact. However, an enduring worldwide boycott would produce the quickest and most damaging consequences as it would hit them in their pocketbook by turning off their Fortune 1000 advertisers.

Now, let’s get busy taking down the Google beast!

State of the Nation
June 7, 2019

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