Serious Problems with a Tulsi Gabbard’s Candidacy

First Tulsi Gabbard is totally for gun control and against the Second Amendment.

Photo of Tulsi Gabbard form her Wikipedia page with her fellow Democrats demanding new gun control measures.

Secondly, Gabbard is a bona fide member of the treasonous Council on Foreign Relations

Thirdly, Gabbard has become a liberal maverick now pushing the LGBT agenda. She supports gay marriage as well as the recent murderous abortion laws passed in Democrat-controlled states.

Fourth, Gabbard has even mysteriously morphed into an advocate for illegal immigration.  How in the world did she serve in the U.S. Armed Forces protecting the borders of foreign countries but does not respect American borders?!

Fifth, “Gabbard said she was “conflicted” about the report published that week on CIA use of torture in interrogations”.  Wow!  Her traditional Hindu religious community would not be pleased with this state of affairs.

Lastly, Tulsi Gabbard was a strong supporter of socialist Bernie Sanders, who isn’t even a real socialist.  That Tulsi was such an enthusiastic booster of Sanders reflects her extremely poor judgment.  This lapse alone indicates a highly compromised politician who will expediently switch her political positions.

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