Here’s why the U.S. will get crushed by China in the trade war.

Comment submitted by Deda Cvetko

No, America will not lose the trade war because globalists want that to happen (although, yes, it is a rather important factor). It will lose the trade war for a variety of various other interlocking reasons.

– Firstly, we have no real manufacturing and service sectors left to speak of. Decades of outsourcing and NAFTA-lization of America have essentially destroyed the American industrial base. Yes, technically it would be possible to recover, but most certainly not in time for the 2020 presidential election, by which time Donald Trump will be groveling at Xi’s feet, begging for his presidential endorsement and praising the wise Chinese leadership to high heaven. No doubt he will do the same with Kim Jong-un and kissing his big, fat slipper in public if his election polls go limp.

– Secondly, the Chinese have a YUGE advantage over the Americans in that they run a hybrid (market/command) economy and can switch between the two modes at will and whim. We have no such luxury. We are stuck in an 18th century neoliberal mindset from hell which is dragging us to the bottom at hypersonic speed.

– Thirdly, the nature of the populations is different: the Chinese are not individualists; they live and die as a collective in which an individual’s purpose dovetails with that of a society as a whole. As a result, the threshold of pain on part of the average Chinese citizen is significantly higher than that of an average American. Essentially, the Americans are spoiled-rotten, while the Chinese are not. You just don’t go to war with a bunch of J.A.P.’s bitching and moaning about their broken nails and their split ends.

– Thirdly, the Chinese can be, if they want to be, self-sufficient. They are significantly larger than United States in both area and population and their internal market has a critical mass to sustain itself even in a trade vacuum (that Yuan is now essentially a co-equal to dollar global reserve currency is of great help, too). United States, on the other hand, would perish in three months or less if the external trade links were cut off. Donald Trump and Steve Bannon know this, but they are bluffing BIGLY. Alas, their Hollywood slapstick is so poorly scripted, the whole world is laughing, but for all the wrong reasons.

– Fourthly, the Chinese have a significantly more high-quality and better educated population. While the typical Chinese has an average of at least 2-3 years of undergraduate education, an average American has a high school lunch break as his highest academic accomplishment.

– Fifth: while the Chinese have been re-investing their profit into technology, infrastructure, education, small business and standard of living, we have been investing in Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli territorial expansion. Whomever gave our president investment advice should be summarily fired and then sued for fraud.

Finally, China has a significant propaganda advantage: while it has cultivated good and friendly and constructive relations with the rest of the world, culminating in ‘One Road, One Belt” project, successive American regimes were busy planting false flags, scheming colored revolutions (Ukraine) and fascist putsches (Venezuela) and doing a little ethnic cleansing (Kosovo, Syria, Yemen, Iraq) on the side. Not a very brilliant idea if you are engaged in a popularity contest.

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