The comprehensive guide to and history of the ‘Russiagate’ hoax

Ian Shilling
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The first thing to say is that Russiagate has nothing whatsoever to do with any Russia meddling in the US or any other election, or “subverting American democracy”.

It’s about money and power – isn’t it always?


Russia and China refuse to become vassal states of the US Empire. They conduct their own independent Foreign and Financial policy as Sovereign countries.

This is not acceptable in the eyes of the Neocon Globalists.

Attacking China directly would cause a massive financial collapse and a worldwide depression.
The US does hundreds of billions a year of trade with China, but hardly any with Russia. So the Neocons targeted Russia for Regime Change. It is also much easier to stir up public hate against boogeyman Russia, than it is against China. Its an historical legacy from the 40 year Cold War against the USSR. As we have seen amply demonstrated in America & Europe over the last 18 plus months.

Obama and the Neocons openly declared war on Russia in 2013.

This came after the plot to conduct a massive bombing campaign against Assad to turn Syria into a Failed State for US backed al-Qaeda terrorists (see Libya) was thwarted, after the UK Parliament refused to go along with it and a massive public outcry in America resulted in thousands of calls to Congress to prevent it. The pretext to bomb Assad was a #FalseFlag Sarin Gas terror attack carried out by the US & UK backed al-Qaeda terrorists in Damascus (see MIT’s chemical weapons expert Theodore Postol, Seymour Hersh and other reports on it.)

Putin then offered Obama a face saving get out in September 2013, with an agreement to destroy Syria’s chemical weapon stockpiles under UN supervision, which was done by 2014. This pissed off the Neocons like John McCain something crazy.

Meanwhile China and Russia had been pursuing plans to bypass the US Dollar in international trade since 2011 to make it far more difficult for the US to wage economic war on them with sanctions etc. Non US Dollar trade deals have now been made with over 100 countries (including some in Europe).

The medium term aim (20 plus years) of China and Russia, is to collaborate with the Brics and the non-aligned countries in Central Asia, Africa and South America to build a non US Dollar Trading Bloc and to pursue China’s One Belt One Road (aka New Silk Road) of transport and economic infrastructure across Asia to Europe. The ultimate aim is to replace the US Dollar as Global Reserve Currency and to build replacements or alternatives to the current US financial system (Swift payment system, the World Bank and the IMF etc.) – the building of these systems is already in progress.

The Neocon Globalists do NOT like these developments AT ALL.

Obama and Neocon Victoria Nuland (wife of PNAC co-founder Robert Kagan) carried out the illegal Coup D’Etat in Kiev in February 2014 using Neo Nazi snipers to murder both protesters and police. The aim of the Coup was to start a civil war, turn Ukraine into an economically collapsed Failed State, stop Russian gas exports to the EU via Ukraine’s gas pipelines, and to to cause trouble for Russia with open warfare on her doorstep – where she could be easily (and falsely) accused of all manner of dastardly things. This.was the first obvious sign to most of the world that the US was turning the heat up in the Cold War on Russia.

Then Russia entered the US/UK initiated Syrian War on September 30th 2015 to put paid to the Neocon plans of turning Syria into a Failed State with Regime Change, using their al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorist proxies. The Neocon Globalists did NOT like this AT ALL.

Hillary during her election campaign promised to re-escalate the Syria War, bomb the shit out of Assad, rearm Obamas terrorist proxies – which Hillary had helped arm in 2011 and 2012, and declare hot war on Russia, starting WW3. The Neocons wanted Hillary to win the US election – not Trump.

And so we come to Russiagate:-

A Brief History of Russiagate

The Hillary campaign knew from its earliest days in 2015, that Hillary taking millions of dollars in bribes from Canadian Oligarchs in ~2010 to approve the sale of 20% of America’s uranium reserves to Russia with the Uranium One deal was a major vulnerability for Hillary. See Wikileaks Hillary Campaign emails from April and mid 2015 about this.

So in Standard Operating Procedure the Hillary campaign, from mid 2015, set out on a strategy to project Hillary’s guilt onto her opponents and smear them with “being soft on Russia” or worse.

The alleged DNC “hack”. When the DNC emails were published by Wikileaks in July 2016 at the start of the Philly Convention, the DNC immediately blamed Russia to try and deflect from the accurate CONTENTS of the emails.

The DNC and Hillary operatives also told countless lies about some of the emails being false when they have all been verified as being TRUE. The Clinton cronies finally had to retract these false allegations many weeks or months later, but only in a low key way, after the damage had already been done and the idea of fakes had been transfixed into the non-functioning minds of the gullible.

The DNC knew (or at least strongly suspected) the DNC leaks were coming, because Wikileaks had announced they would be publishing a major release a few weeks earlier.

The DNC had already hired Crowdstrike, a highly disreputable company with massive conflicts of interest who had already lied about the attribution of the Sony hack (actually done by Sony insiders in 2013), and accusing Russia of hacking Ukrainian artillery in 2014 (no hack actually happened and Crowdstrike later had to retract this allegation). Crowdstrike are owned and run by an anti Putin Russian ex-pat who is a Senior Fellow at the Neocon Warmongering (and lying) Atlantic Council and a Deep State former senior FBI agent.

Crowdstrike produced a totally fictitious and laughable “hacking report” making up names such as “Cozy Bear” and “Fancy Bear” to make it sound extra Russian and extra scary. Crowdstrike’s report has been completely debunked by EVERY honest cyber security expert who has looked at the “evidence” Crowdstrike produced (see e.g. 30 year senior NSA Vet Bill Binney, Jeffrey Carr or more recently Adam Carter).

The DNC emails were actually LEAKED by a DNC Insider using their authorized access to the DNC network and a thumb drive or similar to extract the data. The leaker was no doubt a DNC staffer who was totally pissed off at Hillary and Debbie Wasserman Schultz totally rigging the DNC primaries against Bernie Sanders. The last DNC email extracted was dated in late May 2016.

There is an unproven theory that the DNC leaker was Seth Rich whose murder in Washington DC on July 10th 2016, still remains unsolved. (Or the people behind the murder thought Seth Rich was the leaker.)

Ask yourself:- Why did the DNC refuse to allow access by James Comey’s FBI, so FBI experts could perform a proper forensics analysis on the alleged hacked servers, to lend credibility to the DNC’s allegations?

Ask yourself:- Why did James Comey’s FBI, if they thought there was any credibility whatsoever to the DNC allegations of a hack on their servers and a threat on American democracy by a hostile foreign power, not subpoena access to the DNC servers to thwart or report the Foreign threat? That’s what the FBI have done in every other similar case where the owner of alleged hacked devices has refused access. The DNC narrative is that they were being hacked from mid 2015 – so where the heck was the FBI (and NSA) all this time examining the servers and the data traffic into and out of those servers?

Debbie Wasserman Schultz and 3 other senior DNC management were fired during the Philly convention, due to the outcry over their massive corruption and rigging the primaries.
Wasserman Schultz was then immediately hired by the Hillary Campaign as an ideal senior staffer (being totally corrupt, completely amoral and not giving any fucks whatsoever about the interests of ordinary Americans).

The mass media disinfo campaign, which raged for 9 to 12 months on the false allegations of a Russian hack, has now been dropped, because there has never been any evidence for it.

The next allegation was “Trump-Russia” collusion

This hinged on a 20 minute meeting between a Russian lawyer, Trump Jr, Manafort and Kushner in Trump Tower in July 2016. It was sold to Trump Jr by a New York publicist acquaintance as the Russian lawyer having dirt on Hillary Clinton. The meeting quickly broke up when it was apparent the lawyer didn’t have any info on Hillary. The Russian lawyer was actually acting as a lobbyist for a dubious Russian Oligarch who was trying to get the Maginsky Act repealed because it was affecting his profits.

The Russian lawyer had already over stayed her visa by 6 months without any problems and even managed to attend a Congressional hearing on Russian Affairs in front of the C-Span cameras – who gave her the ticket for the front row audience seat directly behind Michael McFaul?

The Russian lawyer met with Fusion GPS head Glenn Simpson immediately before and after the Trump Tower meeting. Fusion GPS were being paid at the time by the Hillary Campaign and the DNC to produce the Fake Christopher Steele Dossier, so it very much looks like this whole episode was a Dirty Tricks frame up by Fusion GPS, possibly in league with Obama’s DoJ or State Department who allowed the Russian lawyer to overstay her VISA by at least 6 months (it ended in January).

These allegations which raged in the Neoliberal #FakeNews Corporate media for several months disappeared when it was revealed in October 2016 that the DNC & Hillary were colluding with Foreign Nationals to try and dig up dirt on Trump from allegedly Russian sources in the Fake Steele Dossier.
Who the hell didn’t already know the Fake dossier was being paid for by Hillary and/or her surrogates?

The next allegation was the Christopher Steele Fake Dossier

This complete work of fiction was produced by “former” (ha-ha) MI6 spook Christopher Steele, who hadn’t been to Russia since the early 1990’s and had been banned from even traveling to Russia for years because he was a known National Security Threat (to Russia).

The only thing that is true in the Steele Dossier is that Carter Page traveled to Moscow in July 2016 to give a speech to a Russian Energy Conference. Carter Page is a Russian energy analyst and investment advisor and has regularly made trips to Russia in the normal course of his work for two decades. Carter Page’s trip was all above board and was openly and publicly available on the net – it wasn’t a secret.

The Steele Dossier is so amateurish that it got the wrong Michael Cohen visiting Prague in summer 2016 – it wasn’t Trump’s lawyer. There must be dozens if not hundreds of people called Michael Cohen living in New York / New England. Whoever produced this titbit in the Steele dossier didn’t bother to check which one it was who visited Prague (or maybe they didn’t care).

Despite Fusion GPS and Steele himself trying to hawk the Fake Dossier to multiple Neoliberal media outlets in September / October 2016, nobody would touch it with a barge pole because of the very significant risk of getting sued for printing libelous false information and smears.

In a hilarious recent turn of events, Buzzfeed ARE now being sued for libel by one of the Russians named in the Fake Dossier. Buzzfeed are in turn suing the DNC to provide “evidence” that the DNC servers were hacked by Russians. The DNC response will be something like “can’t help”. The DNC won’t be saying “we can’t help because the servers weren’t hacked – the emails were leaked” but we will all know what the DNC’s refusal to help out Buzzfeed really means. It would certainly be poetic justice if the lying, disnfo Neoliberal Corporate hacks at Buzzfeed went bankrupt over this.

There is no evidence whatsoever that Christopher Steele got any of his “info” from any Russians.
It is altogether more believable that Christopher Steele made all sorts of junk up himself, while being paid $160,000 to invent salacious Fairy Tales.
It is possible that Steele was fed at least some of his disinfo by John Brennan and the CIA.

Ask yourself:- Why would any Russian with “close links to the Kremlin” give any State Secrets whatsoever to a known enemy, a British spy, and thus put his career, his pension, his family and his freedom at risk forever? This would certainly be Treason and Espionage by a Russian citizen and be prosecuted by the Russian government as such.

NOBODY would be foolish enough to do this for any amount of money in bribes and Steele was only paid $160,000 so he had no significant amounts of money to bribe anyone important with.

If I was an affluent Russian working in some senior role for the government in the Kremlin, I wouldn’t be leaking important Russian State Secrets to a British spy for even $100m. Even if I fled the country I would have the Russian FSB breathing down my neck for the rest of my life. I would have to have plastic surgery, get a new identity, and put me and my family into hiding in a foreign country (like the FBI do in Witness Protection Prpgrams for people who put Mafia Godfathers in jail). That costs a whole lot more than a few thousand bucks.

The only slight possibility of Russian involvement is that some Russian (after gaining official approval from the Kremlin) fed Steele a completely laughable dollop of hogwash that was so ridiculous nobody in their right minds would believe it, and thus call into question what else Steele might have made up to put in his fabrication of a “Dossier”.

After a raging inferno of propaganda in the disinfo Neoliberal media for a year, things seem to have now quietened down and it seems with Buzzfeed being sued and the nefarious purposes (see next item) the Dossier was used for, that the Dossier allegations have now too been dropped in the Fake News media.

The FBI, CIA and John McCain’s hand in publishing the Fake Dossier

When the Neoliberal media outlets refused to publish Steele’s Fake Dossier near the end of 2016, John McCain sent one of his lackeys, David Kramer, to London to arrange delivery of a copy of the dossier to McCain. Kramer went through the former UK Ambassador to Moscow. Why did Kramer need to go through an ex-UK Ambassador to meet Steele? Why didn’t he just contact Steele’s office at Orbis and ask to meet?

McCain then personally handed the Dossier to James Comey in a personal one to one meeting and ordered Comey to get it published in the Neoliberal media. The FBI of course already had copies of all of the “Dossier” from just after Steele started producing his first report in June 2016 – so did John Brennan’s CIA.

The “Dossier” could very well be the “Insurance Policy” mentioned in text messages by the completely insane FBI conspirators and adulterous paramors Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.
What role, if any, did these and other FBI subversive conspirators play in supplying tidbits of disinfo to Steele? Steele was well known to the FBI from previous dealings. Bruce Ohr is known to have actually met Steele in a personal meeting about the Dossier.

The mechanism that Comey, Brennan and Clapper chose to publicize the “Dossier” was for Comey to stay on after one of the regular President-Elect intel briefing broke up and inform Trump about the existence of the Dossier in a private conversation.

Then Comey (or whoever) leaked to the media that Trump (and Obama) had been officially informed by US intel about the existence of the “Dossier” to give it a veneer of “Officialdom”. I think it was CNN who then published appetizers of what was in the Dossier and then Buzzfeed recklessly (and foolishly) went ahead and published the whole thing in January 2017 – which they are now being deservedly sued over for libel (see above).

John Brennan was the leading pusher of the Russiagate Hoax within Obama’s regime.
What role, if any, did Brennan play in feeding titbits of disinfo to Steele?

It is known that the FBI used the Hillary paid for Fake Dossier, to deceptively obtain a FISA Court Order to spy on Carter Page in October 2016. The Affidavit to the court merely stated that there were “political sources” for the information used in the application. It did NOT say that the source was am unreliable Dirty Tricks fake dossier fully paid for by Hillary’s Campaign lawyer in Seattle.

However John Brennan has never been one to take any notice of any limitations imposed by the Law – or even any Constitutional boundaries (see his illegal and Unconstitutional spying on the Senate Staffers producing the Torture Report in 2013/2014)

Brennan is a fully protected Deep State political insider – fully approved by the Globalist CFR.
Who the hell is going to prosecute Brennan? Whatever crimes he might choose to commit on behalf of the Deep State and the Globalists?


  • Approved of Bush era Torture and kidnappings (extraordinary rendition) to CIA Black Sites and Foreign Dungeons.
  • Instituted Obama’s Kill List and “Disposition Matrix” on American citizens.
  • Lied about and helped cover up who was actually behind 9/11.
  • Lied to push the disastrous 2003 Iraq invasion.
  • Lied about Unconstitutional and illegal spying on Senate Staffers.
  • Committed Treason by arming al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorists in Libya and Syria.
  • Lied about murdering hundreds of innocent women and children with robotic flying machines called Drones.

And this is the guy we are supposed to believe is a “Paragon of Virtue” who would never, ever, ever lie to us or do anything illegal? What kind of fools does the Establishment, the MIC, the Deep State and the Corporate media take us for? They must think we are ALL brainwashed mental retards – well SOME of us AREN’T. And some of us are still spreading the truth about Establishment Deep State liars – like John Brennan and his gang of treasonous scum.

Illegal and Unconstitutional spying on Trump – pah! Brennan wouldn’t stop for a moment before doing this.

Brennan probably used the full resources of the CIA and NSA to spy on Trump from around January 2016. Who needs a FISA Court Warrant when all of Trump’s electronic communications and those of all of his associates (and every other American) are already being collected by the NSA and stored on the NSA databases?

Brennan could easily plant some CIA spooks in Trump Tower and he probably bugged Trump’s offices and Conference Room to listen in on verbal communications.

How security conscious was the Trump Campaign? Did they get a security firm to do daily sweeps for bugs? Did they black out the windows, or use Faraday cages to prevent eaves dropping – bet they didn’t. The CIA can listen in on verbal conversations through windows through amplifying the vibrations of the sound waves hitting those windows. They can also “see” what’s on a computer screen from the microwaves being emitted. They just need a direct line of sight.

The propaganda inferno in the Fake News Neoliberal media about the Dossier also now seems to have been dropped, since no evidence to support the allegations in the Fake Dossier has ever been produced.

“The January 2017 Intelligence Report”

Twenty of the most biased, most insane Neocons, and most Warmongering anti-Russia crazy “analysts” were handpicked by Brennan, Clapper and Comey to make what ever they could out of the non-evidence of “Russian Meddling”, “Russian Hacking” or “Trump-Russia collusion”.

No evidence whatsoever is contained in this laughable fairy tale of a report of the above.

The report was only ever intended to:

  • Feed the fictions of the Neoliberal media
  • Fool the extremely gullible
  • Fool non Critical Thinkers who have ceased to possess a functioning brain
  • Fool those who have been driven into a form of Collective Madness and Hysteria that somehow, somewhere there was something showing the Russians “had stolen” the election from Hillary.

The January report specifically does NOT provide any evidence of any Russian hacking. In fact it doesn’t provide any evidence of any hacking by anyone at all. (No hard evidence was provided by the NSA of times, dates, places and extraction routes, which we know the NSA would have, if there had been any hack.)

The intel report contains a general description of how hacking is often carried out by thousands of commercial and government hackers all around the world. It provides ZERO evidence that the DNC or Podesta emails were sourced from a hack and not from a Washington DC Insider Leak (likely a DNC insider for the former and a member of US intel for the latter).

The “Intel Report” also contains “security tips” such as change your password!!!!!!
Something John Podesta failed to do. Which just goes to show what a bunch of jackass clowns the idiots on Hillary’s campaign were.

The “intel report” also contained an 8 page diatribe railing against RT and Sputnik for reporting on the US election (as every other media org all around the world was doing) and for daring to report (as mainstream media, including US) such things as the policies and platforms of Third Parties – the Shock and the Horror!

The New York Times (and all the other Fake News Neoliberal media) repeatedly that the intel report was the consensus assessment “of all 17 Intelligence Agencies”. This is a TOTAL falsehood which the NYT later had to retract. The laughable intel report was produced by the most biased hand picked circa 20 “analysts” from the CIA, FBI and NSA. And everyone knows if you hand pick the “analysts” you hand pick the conclusions.

Nothing has been heard for ages about Clapper’s and Brenan’s work of fictional propaganda, because there’s no actual evidence of any actual Russian meddling in it.

“Russian Troll Farms”

The latest set of false allegations revolve around “Russian Trolls”.

Originally the allegation was that these mysterious “Russian Trolls” were pushing out “disinformation” on Facebook and other Social Media which changed the outcome of the election. This ludicrous allegation has so laughable that even the leading Russiagate Hoaxers like Adam “Schifty” Schiff has now dropped it.

The allegation has now been transposed into “Russian Trolls affected US public opinion and caused diviseness”. Again the Establishment must think we are all brainwashed mentally retarded gullible fools.

The Mueller/Neoliberal/Neocon official narrative claims that a Commercial “Russian Troll Farm” run by 13 Russians with a $100,000 ad budget caused divisiveness in US public opinion, but $4bn of 2016 US campaign ads & 30 years of 24/7 365 days a year Cable News propaganda didn’t – huh???

The Spurious Mueller Indictments Are Purely Neocon/Neoliberal War Propaganda.
They will never see the light of day in a courtroom to be debunked by adversarial questioning

Mueller’s “Russian Troll Farm” is a for-profit click-bait Marketing Scheme for hire, originally set up by a St Petersburg Restaurant Owner to control the social media reviews of his Restaurant. It is NOT a Russian government operation.


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